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AN EASY way to learn more about Islam is to listen to information on an MP3 player or iPod. And some of the most interesting things to listen to can be found on YouTube.

I just found a way to convert the audio track from a YouTube video to an MP3 or iTunes file, and I've enjoyed listening (on my iPod) to Robert Spencer debating with Islamic apologists, Geert Wilders being interviewed, and other great audio tracks of YouTube videos.

Not only do these videos have good information, but you will hear some good rebuttals you can use in your own conversations. Listen to these audio tracks many times, and these rebuttals will come to mind easily in your conversations. Think of this as a kind of citizen warrior training.

Here's how to convert YouTube videos to audio files: First, go to and download the "Converter Desktop Version" (BETA), which you will see on the lower right of the page. It's a small program and only takes a few minutes to download.

Once you have the Converter installed, open the program, find a YouTube video you want, copy the URL and paste it into the box, select what you want to convert the file to (choose MP3), and click "convert."

When it is done converting the file, open iTunes, click on "File," then click on "Add to Library" and choose the newly converted file. Bingo. It is now a "song" on iTunes, which you can then put on your iPod.

Here are some good YouTube videos to get you started:

This whole series by Robert Spencer
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam
Stealth Jihad
Robert Spencer vs Dinesh D'Souza
Islam's War on Freedom
No Mosque at Ground Zero


Anonymous 8:21 PM  

I just wanted to quickly take the chance and thank you for the work, time and effort you are putting in this site. Besides sharing the big amount of information with us it is a great inspiration and motivation to really go out and tell people about Islam. Thanks for the effort!

Citizen Warrior 11:09 PM  

I appreciate that!

You Who 12:42 PM  

These are great! I can listen as I surf the web. Thank you so much.

Tscottme 4:09 PM  

There are a few browser extensions for Firefox that allow you to download YouTube videos. I use one called Easy YouTube Video Downloader 6.8 that allows me to save a YT video to my PC. It also allows me to save it as video/audio or just audio.

Also, if you sign up for a free account you can then enter a YouTube video's URL and have it converted to audio, such as MP3.

Lastly, I've used TotalRecorder for years. It's a simple and powerful audio recorder. If you can't find a way to download a video or audio file you can record it as it streams. TR has an auto-stop feature. Start recording, start the audio stream, and then enter the duration or stop time for TR to end.

Citizen Warrior 4:24 PM  

Tscottme, THANK YOU. Very helpful.

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