Sacrifices in the War Effort


Every war has casualties. This war is no different. We are fighting for liberty and equality, and we are fighting against an enemy — Islamic supremacism — which seeks to take it away by imposing Shari'a law wherever it can find the opportunity.

Islamic supremacists will be stopped in their tracks and their progress will be reversed when enough non-Muslims are made aware of the existence and the methods of the third jihad.

Each of us who have committed ourselves to this war will make sacrifices. We will suffer casualties. Maybe not physical injuries because this is a different kind of war for us non-military citizen warriors, but casualties nonetheless. Below are a few comments I've gleaned from other web sites and from notes sent to me. They are comments by brave citizen warriors fighting the war on the front lines and suffering casualties for the good of us all.

The reason I'm bringing this up is to put our sufferings in context. Rather than comparing our trials and tribulations with a status quo of everything humming along smoothly with no conflict, I wanted to contrast our war with wars of the past. For example, World War II. The photo above is in Normandy, where British and American and German and French soldiers lost their lives.

Even women and men in the French Resistance lost their lives. The losses we suffer as citizen warriors — even the tough ones like losing someone's friendship or losing a job — are fairly minor in comparison. This is a perspective we should remind ourselves of from time to time.

But still, the people who wrote the comments listed below are voluntarily giving up a comfortable apathy and have thrown themselves into the one thing that needs to be done: Education of our fellow non-Muslims about Islamic supremacism. I salute and honor these brave women and men for their sacrifices. Here are their comments:

1. It is getting more and more difficult to reach people to get them to understand. Yes, I've made some small headway lately, but the numbers of the newly awakened are very, very few. I do know somebody in the school system who broached the subject carefully. She was working as a substitute and had an impeccable reputation as a superb teacher and years of experience with that particular school system.

I'm sure that you've already guessed the outcome. She is now training for a different career entirely. The phone calls to substitute have dropped off so far as to make a living impossible.

As you likely know, several of us counterjihadists tried terrestrial radio last summer and into the fall. The donations were few and far between. No sponsors were forthcoming. Any feedback was next to nothing for the size of that market.

On a personal level, I've lost most of my friends over the issues we discuss here. I've lost clients as well. I'm not whining, merely stating the facts.

I believe that any additional waking up will not come without a heavy price of lives — here in America or in the UK. Many Americans don't give a rat's ass about what happens in any European nation other than the UK. In addition, good old American optimism works against us: people have lulled themselves with "It's gonna be okay."

2. It only took 55 Founders — people of character...Most of my former 'friends' are not around — it's tough being a 'prophet' — the ones I have, I treasure. The others, well, I simply don't have time for their go-along-to-get-along attitude...

3. I'm with you on the lost friends and slow to wake people up. In fact, some that I had won over have started to slip back. All hopeychangeylike.

4. My sister understands but doesn't want to deal with all the hatred and prefers to live in an ignorant state while nurturing her grandchildren. My niece has Muslim acquaintances and thinks they are peaceful and the call to stop the Islamic agenda is premature.

My other niece thinks it is a crime to disparage any other religion and refuses to listen to anything out of her PC world, including the truth. I find that the PC people seem to outnumber all others and they refuse to even listen to anything but the lies from CAIR.

It is discouraging to go up against the well-coordinated Muslim taqiyya as people want to believe in the goodness of others and they block out the daily Islamic atrocities as being aberrations. That is why I was thinking more along the lines of aggressive behavior but you are right in that it does nothing to win the minds of the non-Muslims. Getting more people involved is the key. I've seen too many rallies where the Muslims outnumber the peaceful protesters 5 to 1.

5. Yup, big fan of ACT for America and I'm trying to educate as many as I can, but found out that I'm losing a lot of friends too, so that's why I need some balance in it.

6. I became a Muslim in college during my "seeking" years. I grew up Christian and am blessed to be back in the embrace of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My family did not "disown" me, but they didn't hide their true feelings. I have been freed from Islam for 15-16 yrs.

Most people I do talk with are Christians who "get it," they don't give me so much rebuttal and they're always interested to hear my experiences. The one "place" I can always go to stop an argument is, "Who are you to tell me my experiences?"

7. Most of the people I talk to don't have any knowledge of Islam or the Quran. In fact they don't want to hear about Islam due to the day-by-day relentless coverage of the barbaric acts of Muslims around the world. So the moment I use words like Muhammad, Quran, Islam or jihad, they turn off their minds and go into a state of selective deafness. Some just tell me that they don't want to hear about the hate and I should concentrate my attention on positive things like family and helping others. These are the same people that nod in agreement that Islam is a religion of peace and that Muslims should be given special status as they are always vilified by the Islamophobes.

I guess it helps to have a listener that is interested in hearing the truth but in my experience, the listeners I have talked to have already accepted the lies and deception of Islam.

It is a hard sell but you have to remain true to yourself and realize that for each willing listener, there are 10 who refuse to hear or learn anything about Islam.

8. I am in the UK, so some of the US-intended messages won't apply, but I am pretty sure that most of the content will apply, wherever I am. It's an international problem (can I say that? Problem? I don't know what else to call it.)

Yes, it has reared its ugly head quite recently, and in some very forceful ways. And yes, we (the West, the al) need to address it, as you say, now — leave it another year (bury your head in the sand...) and it will be 10 times worse.

The problems are many — I have no doubt that the whole Middle East will blame Israel, when all I see is them being attacked. To date, I don't think they have 'started' anything — and I am making a big distinction between throwing your military at some foe, and defending yourself. There are many who are caught by the Arab ace-in-the-hole, oil, and can't see past it. So they 'accommodate' things, in the hope that we can be neighborly for another year, maybe more...?

It's a huge problem, and to be fair to the general population, many can't work out what to do about it. I think this is where sites like yours, and others, are vital. I am one of those who has been trying to work out what to do, and I hope that I don't start making too many mistakes. But to stay silent, while this wave of hatred rises up, cannot go on. We, the people, must be heard, and ways like this, through FaceBook, and any means at our disposal, must continue.

9. My friends are generally between the age of 22 to 35, and they are usually either drunk or stoned...they are not scared, they are ignorant...not stupid. They are street smart, but they have no clue...the topic is way too serious for these types of people...they want freaky or funny. They like Obama because his message is empty and filled with fluffy soft cuddly statements about hope and bla bla, that is my true belief. My friends are not bad people, they are just lazy...sitting around playing damn video games, drinking. Makes me sick, I have lost many friends to drugs.

I have been barking up their tree for years. It has been frustrating to say the least. But let me tell you, I have seen a huge change even in the last weeks...they are waking up. I just hope its not too late.


Gormflaith The Banshee 1:11 PM  

Sacrifices. I was at a meeting of the Fairfax County Virginia Planning Commission recently. The Saudi Academy wants to enlarge it's school. The members of the planning commission spoke to the Muslims as if they were royalty and made snide remarks to the people who were there testifying against this outrage. People will not wake up until the next terrible thing happens. By then we may have to fight them in the street. I am disgusted with my fellow citizens
right now.

JW Whitten 5:07 PM  

Great article. I have begun trying to raise awareness among people I am exposed to. It is definitely not easy. I may get into trouble at work eventually over it but I would rather be remembered as one who tried to warn others than one of those who cowered in the face if evil.

I've begun posting more about Islam on my own site hoping I might reach a few who are not already zombiefied by Islamic Supremacists and there campaign of deceit and terror.

Thanks for the site and your courage in the midst of our ever weakening society.


Citizen Warrior 9:00 PM  

Gormflaith, even if it would take a terrible event to wake people up, the groundwork needs to be laid for that awakening to go in the right direction. After 9/11, people didn't know what to make of it, so no real awakening happened.

The main thing we need to focus on is educating our fellow non-Muslims so that catastrophe or no catastrophe, they are informed about the basic teachings of Islam.

Citizen Warrior 9:11 PM  

JW, my impression is that more people are becoming aware of the principles and goals of Islamic supremacism. It is entering the mainstream. People with this message are gaining larger and larger audiences.

So, although in some ways it is accurate to characterize our society as "ever weakening," it is a way of thinking and talking about the situation that could very well kill motivation, and that is something we should all avoid.

In the effort to get through to people, I think most of us have made the mistake of describing the situation as hopeless or past the point of no return.

Let us all make a firm commitment now to stop that. Determination is what we need. Not fear. Not panic. Not overwhelm.

If I sound like I am lecturing from "on high," I apologize. I am not perfect about this at all when I am talking to people. I often resort to telling people something scary and dire so they will sit up and take notice. But this has to be immediately followed by "here's what YOU can DO about it" or it makes them turn away from even thinking about it.

JW Whitten 9:30 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I agree with you that the goal should be to awaken people to the reality of Islam. I didn't really mean to imply that the situation is hopeless. I mean to imply that the task at hand is difficult and requires that those of us who recognize what is happening need to be steadfast and stay focused on our goal.

I get a lot of good ideas from this site. I'm happy to read your response to my post and appreciate your feedback.


Citizen Warrior 10:20 PM  

Thank you, JW. I admit, I am overly-sensitive to anything that smacks of defeatism. Thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes are contagious, and I try to curb cynicism, defeatism, and pessimism wherever I find it.

YOU, however, clearly have a fighting spirit. You are welcome to contagiously spread that all over my site!

Gormflaith The Banshee 10:55 AM  

Fox News is doing coverage on the Jihadist camps in America so people should know about it. Also
Atlas Shrugs blog is doing a great job. I do whatever I can whenever I can.

Anonymous 1:17 PM  

I've lost some friends for dealing in reality, too, but I've also gained a ton online. I prefer my online friends to my 'real-life' friends anyway. The quotes around 'real-life' are because they may be physically present in a way that my Internet friends aren't, but they're not living in reality so calling them 'real-life' friends is a complete misnomer. They're in an alternate universe.

I learned to appreciate simple intellect and respect on. I'm a woman named Justin, so as a little kid people, teachers even, would hassle me. I learned to like the ones who didn't, who didn't ask me whether it was my real name, and who just accepted it and didn't harass a small child over what he parents named her. I still don't have time for idiots.

With the jihad threat, I don't have a lot of tolerance for people who excuse or deny it. It's willful ignorance, which has got to be a mental disorder. What's worse are the leftards I'm around who are aware of everything Islam stands for and who excuse it, having no moral compass or even any logical faculties, apparently, since they love producing tu quoque logical fallacies, usually poorly fabricated ones, regarding Christianity.

Screw 'em. They'll be the first ones taken out, not just because leftards are more hated by jihadists, but because they're not willing to defend themselves, their way of life, their culture, or anything of any value. "It's all relative" to them. I'm a bull-headed pathological objectivist and I won't give an inch. Remember what happened to the moonbats in 'Independence Day' on top of the skyscraper with the 'Beam Me Up, Scotty' signs? Darwinism happened to them.

Now I have Coptic friends, Serbian friends, Israeli friends, Hindu friends in India and Britain, Italian friends, Sikh friends, etc... Sure, my rl Jewish friends can't stand me (hardcore dhimmis), but I have plenty online. One of the cooler things about the anti-jihad movement, I find, is how friendly everyone is. It mkes it seem smaller than it is. You can just drop Robert Spencer or Ali Sina or Dave Gaubatz or Andrew Bostom a line and they'll write you right back. That never ceases to amaze me.

I consider my marginalization within my 'real life' to be an upgrade, quite frankly.

Also, there's a growing movement online of patriots whoo are mobilizing and gathering. Patriotism is, as Michele Malkin says, the new counterculture.

Check out The Patriotic Resistance and Constitutional Emergency. They're not blogs; they're huge social networks and you're all invited. Come check out my schweet new blog, too: Patriots Against Jihad. There are groups for every state. On both networks. Get in on it!

Citizen Warrior 11:57 PM  

Someone recently sent me this comment and asked me to post it here:

I thought I was reading one of my own opinions with losing friends and family being ignorant and just not caring enough to learn about this disease called islam. With all the links and emails I have sent to people with articles etc, I have rarely gotten a reply, I am sure they just trash it. A few have told me I am paranoid, racist, and gotten carried away and that I listen to too many conspiracy theories. Or I am told not to send that sort of shit again as they don't have time to be reading that sort of crap. I have been in work places where it is so PC that the workers are not allowed to wear a t-shirt with logo of political party, and where they employ numerous muslims. So I keep learning as much as I can and I am part of a network of very knowledgable people who keep me in the loop. When the time comes I will get great satisfaction of being able to say... Told Ya So. I will make my preparations and they will want help then, but stiff. I am so sick and tired of the level of ignorance I see in people who should know better. Let them fend for themselves. Seems harsh eh. Well I think it's harsh of them to put me down without even bothering to learn a little bit of it all for themselves.

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