"Isn't This Bigotry?"


THIS IS another in our series, Answers to Objections. When you say anything negative about Islamic doctrine, one of the responses you'll typically get is an implication that you are a bigot. If you ever hear this, your first response should be to define "bigot." Most people don't really know what it means. They only know it is a bad thing and has something to do with racism.

A bigot is "strongly partial to his own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ."

So someone who is a Christian, for example, and is intolerant of anyone who is not a Christian, is a bigot. Or anyone who is Chinese and intolerant of anyone who is not Chinese, is a bigot. If the group to which you are partial is your race, then bigotry is the same as racism. If that's what you're accused of and you are not a racist, we've got some good responses to the racism accusation here. If you are accused of religious bigotry and it's not true, we have some good responses to the "religious intolerance" accusation here.

There are definitely people trying to stop Islam's relentless encroachment who are motivated by bigotry. But criticism of Islamic doctrine is not bigotry.

You can answer the bigotry objection very simply. First, define it. And then say, "I
am partial to groups who want to support the continued existence of the United States (or the UK, or wherever you are). So I guess in that sense, I am a bigot — I am partial to a group and intolerant of subversives. I don't want our government overthrown or subverted by someone who wants to follow Shari'a law. I am against any movement trying to take away women's rights, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, which is what Islamic supremacists are doing."

And maybe you can add something like this: "But if that can be defined as a bigot, I hope you are that kind of bigot, too. Are you?"

The real objection of someone who fears you are a bigot is that you are against everyone if they are not of your religion, your race, or your political persuasion. And that you might be intolerant of such people simply because of those things.

Is it true? Do you believe that your way is the only right way? Are you intolerant of anyone not like you?

Do you believe others have a right to worship as they wish? Do you believe people of other races have the same human rights as yours?

If you are a Republican and you have Democrat friends, if you are a Jew and have a Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian friend, if you are Anglo-Saxon but have a Mexican friend, you are not a bigot. And if your accuser says so, you can point out these things and then get back to the real issue:
The doctrine of Islam, our right to criticize it, and the danger it presents to the free world.


Damien 12:24 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

First I would add to your definition of bigotry.

A bigot is "strongly partial to his own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ."

To that I would add, making unreasonable assumptions about other people based on their religion, race or politics. I would also add, that any irrational hatred of another group of people, is bigotry.

Second, if the person who accuses you of bigotry for criticizing Islam doctrine, has no problem with being critical of say, Christian doctrine, you could ask him, how its bigotry to criticize Islam, but not Christianity? Since some people who are hostile to people Criticizing Islam, are not hostile to people who criticize other religions, or criticize other religions themselves and have no problem with it.

Third, it is not always bigotry to favor one thing over another. Is it bigotry to favor freedom over slavery? obviously not. Its also not always bigotry to favor one group over another. Wouldn't you want to stay far away from anyone who you knew belonged to the KKK, some violent Neo Nazi group, or the Mafia? Plus wouldn't it be reasonable to look down on people who support pedophilia, for example? What about people who commit heinous acts of depravity, like rape, and feel no remorse? Its not always bigotry to look down on other people. Some people are better than others. There are not any superior or inferior races, but there are superior and inferior individuals. Some people are better people than others.

Last, but not least, couldn't you argue that Islamic Doctrine itself, endorses bigotry?

Citizen Warrior 12:54 AM  


That was excellent. I love it when a comment contributes. And yours did. Thank you.

British Babe 3:22 AM  

Thank you for this extremely helpful post. I love the response you suggest to accusations of 'bigotry'.

Now, I wonder if you have any guidance for those of us in the UK, in particular? It really feels as though we are fighting a losing battle, given that our gutless government is apparently keen to do all it can to facilitate the encroachment of Sharia Law and Islamism.

If you have a spare few minute, check out my post here http://ajewwithaview.wordpress.com

If you have any words of wisdom they would be greatly appreciated :)

Damien 8:50 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

Your Welcome

Citizen Warrior 3:29 PM  

The 20th century racial classification by American anthropologist Carleton S. Coon, divided humanity into five races:

Caucasoid race
Congoid race
Capoid race
Mongoloid race
Australoid race

This is the way Thomas Henry Huxley divided up the races:

1: Bushmen
2: Negroes
3: Negritoes
4: Melanochroi
5: Australoids
6: Xanthochroi
7: Polynesians
8: Mongoloids A
8: Mongoloids B
8: Mongoloids C
9: Esquimaux

The above is from Wikipedia.

Below is from Answers.com:

Over time, many different racial classifications have been created, numbering anywhere between 6 and several hundred. Below are a few of these.

* Khoid (Hottentot) race
* Sanid (Bushmen) race
* Central Congoid race (Geographic center and origin in the Congo river basin)
* Bambutid race (African Pygmies)
* Aethiopid race (Ethiopia, Somalia)
* Mediterranid race (from Mediterranean areas)
* Dinaric race (predominant in western Balkans [Dinaric Mountains] and northern Italy)
* Alpine race
* Ladogan race (named after Lake Ladoga; indigenous to Russia; includes Lappish subrace of arctic Europe)
* Nordish or Northern European race
* Armenid race (Armenia, Syria, Lebanon and northern Iraq)
* Turanid race (Kazakhstan, Hungary and Turkey)
* Irano-Afghan race (Iran and Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey)
* Indic or Nordindid race (Pakistan and northern India)
* Dravidic race (India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka)
* Veddoid race (remnant Australoid population in central and southern India) Melanesian race (New Guinea, Papua, Solomon Islands)
* Australian-Tasmanian race (Australian Aborigines)
* Northeast Asian or Northern Mogoloid race (China, Manchuria, Korea and Japan)
* Southeast Asian or Southern Mongoloid race (China, Indochina, Thailand, Myanmar [Burma], Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines)
* Micronesian-Polynesian race
* Ainuid race (remnants of aboriginal population in northern Japan)
* Tungid race (Mongolia and Siberia, Eskimos)
* Amerindian race (American Indians)

To describe the teachings of Islam or the behavior of Muslims cannot, in any reasonable way, be construed as "racism."

Citizen Warrior 1:47 AM  

Bill Warner created a test for Islamophobia and bigotry:

Take the Acid Test for Islamophobia

Find out if you are a bigot. Take the test.

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