Why Is This Happening?


I RECENTLY received a long letter from a woman who just found out a few months ago "the true extent of the Islamic problem." And now she is depressed and worried and doesn't understand why the government is allowing it to continue. She is from the UK where Islamic supremacists have been allowed to operate relatively unimpeded.

Why, she wondered, doesn't the government shut down the mosques and deport the Muslims? Why would so many European governments allow the Islamization of their countries?

She said she was confused and distressed by this seeming cooperation between Western governments and Islamic supremacists. She asked, "Why is this happening?"

After I was done answering her, I thought, "I should post this." So here it is:

This is one of the questions I have asked myself many times and written about quite a bit. It's a big topic. There isn't one reason it is happening. There are many:

1. Tens of thousands of Islamic supremacists are able to devote all their time to jihad because they are being supported by rich oil billionaires. The flow of money to these oil billionaires needs to be cut off, and you can help. Start here (this site is for Americans, but I'm sure you can find something similar in the UK). They are also being supported by zakat — the "alms" Muslims give to their mosques all over the world. Much of that money finds its way to Jihadis. Jihad is doing Allah's work, and it is apparently a perfectly legitimate charitable activity.

2. The tactics of Islamic supremacists are unethical from a Western point of view. War is deceit, as Mohammad put it. They will tell Westerners whatever Westerners will believe. They study the Western mind. They try to discover what will appeal to people and then they use their understanding to fool the Western public by talking in terms of cultural diversity or by accusing people of racism (to silence their critics) or by presenting themselves as the poor, third-world underdogs. They disarm us with pity.

3. I don't know how it is in the UK, but in America, the two main political parties have separated themselves along these lines: The conservatives think Islam is a threat, and the liberals think the conservatives are only saying that to scare people. Anything conservatives say is suspect. Many liberals, especially college students, believe in wild conspiracy theories. I suspect many of these theories originated in Muslim minds, and through their influence on campuses, have mislead many young people about Islam's relentless encroachment. The influence begins pretty early according to this new report.

4. Political action is a Muslim's religious duty — the kind of action that advances the influence and political power of Muslims with the end goal of establishing Shari'a law everywhere. So Muslims vote as a unit. They use democracy to advance Islam however they can. This means the "Muslim vote" is important for a politician to gain and a dangerous thing to lose. So politicians are prone to give concessions to Islam's relentless encroachment in order to win this organized voting block. Islamic supremacists know this and use it to their advantage. They sometimes threaten violence, as happened recently in Britain. Even worse for a politician is the veiled threat (no pun intended) that they'll accuse a politician of racism and thus potentially damage her or his career. Some politicians are cowed by the threats, and others are sincerely fooled by the taqiyya and think they're doing the right thing.

5. Western economies are dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Political leaders and business leaders don't want to offend their "allies." So in public, they are less likely to speak straight about Islam, even if they know better.

6. By the judicious use of violent riots, many newspapers and book publishers and even governments have been intimidated by Islamic supremacists, and so avoid telling the truth about Islam. Each decision seems wise at the time, even though each is a small act of cowardice. And for the same reason, small concessions are given to placate the Muslims and avoid offending them. The concessions are accumulating, but it is an entirely one-sided negotiation — Islam never concedes. Islam is a ratchet: It only goes one way.

7. Most journalists and teachers have multicultural leanings and are sympathetic to anyone who is not Caucasian or Christian. This point of view stems from a sympathy with underprivileged people combined with a holdover reaction from the racist arrogance
Europeans often displayed when encountering the rest of the world during Age of Exploration. Added to this is a distrust of anything Christian, which has its roots in the Enlightenment. Although the roots of the point of view are hundreds of years old, the pro-underdog, anti-white-man and anti-Judeo-Christian sentiment is still alive and well on campuses and in the media, and those teachers and journalists have exerted a strong influence on the minds of the population. So much so, many Europeans and Americans don't even know the West has a worthy culture that needs defending.

8. Islamic supremacists have established what appear to be "mainstream, moderate" Muslim organizations and have set themselves up as officially representative of the Muslim population. In the U.S., the media and government agencies consult with these organizations to find out what should be said to the public about Islam and what Islam really teaches, and most important, to find out what would offend Muslims. These Muslim organizations are almost all working toward the goal of Islamizing the free world, and their "counsel" to Western governments serves that goal with the liberal use of taqiyya.

9. People in the West, generally speaking, know almost nothing about Islam. This is the key to all of the above. Too few people know. And we are told Islam is pretty much like Judaism and Christianity, and many of us naturally want to believe it. It is almost unbearably alarming to discover the true nature of fundamental Islamic teachings, and a healthy mind recoils from the implications. We don't want it to be true. This ignorance is everywhere. Even among politicians who should really make it their business to know better.

All of these factors, and I'm sure there are more, combine together to produce what appears to be (but is not) a collaboration between Islamic supremacists and Western governments, deliberately conspiring together in an evil plot to destroy civilization.

But I assure you, the situation is not at all hopeless. A conspiracy of that kind would be nearly impossible to tackle, but the nine influencing factors above can each be impacted by citizen action.

Many things are already being done. There are powerful people in government positions who have looked beyond the propaganda they're getting from the "mainstream, moderate" Muslim organizations and are helping to wake up their fellow representatives.
Geert Wilders is obviously one. In America, Jon Kyl, Tom Tancredo and Sue Myrick are among them. Myrick has started a group of U.S. members of Congress, hosting workshops led by experts on Islamic supremacism to bring the group up to date on what it's all about. The caucus has 120 members and is growing.

There are also many sources of information on Islamic supremacism, and those sources are continually increasing in number and reach online (see my blogroll for a small sampling) and even in the mainstream media.

In addition, several powerful new organizations like ACT for America and the United American Committee are organizing united political action at the grassroots level to put legislation into place to stop the Islamization of Western governments.

And there are millions of people around the world like you who have awakened and who are actively awakening others. This is a difficult task because lots of already-existing barriers prevent the information from entering peoples' minds easily. But I hear of success stories all the time. I hear about the neighbor who "gets it" for the first time. I hear about people who talk to a friend who is skeptical at first but decides to look into it and eventually comes to grip with the scope of the problem.

I hear from people like you quite a bit too — the newly awakened. And of course, I don't hear about hundreds or thousands more awakening every day around the world. Each one represents one less
dhimmi and one more citizen warrior.

You are clearly distressed and worried, as well you should be. But there is much you can do. You can turn your discomfort into motivation and take the actions that will change the future for us all. I have a list of practical actions a citizen can take at WhatYouCanDoAboutIslam.com. I encourage you to pick one of those tasks and take it on. The action will eliminate your feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and will go a long way toward relieving your distressing feelings. Respond with purpose.


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