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ONE OF THE chapter leaders for ACT For America, Mary Washington, is an inspiration to me, and I thought I'd share with you what she is doing so she can inspire you, too. She's the Golden Gate chapter leader and she's got a blog for her local members: Golden Gate Chapter.

Here are some of her recent activities:

She received 200 copies of the DVD, Obsession from Tom Trento to distribute. Mary belongs to several different groups and she was willing to find a way to put the DVDs in people's hands, so Tom gave her to DVDs for free.

Over a period of a couple of months, she took copies of Obsession to group meetings and handed them out to people, briefly explaining what the DVD was about. She also asked them if they had a friend or two they thought might be receptive to viewing the movie, which was a way she planted the suggestion to pass along the DVD after they had watched it.

At the same time, she recommended that after viewing Obsession, they may want to organize a movie night at their own home, or at a club or organization they belonged to, or their church or synagog. And she offered to assist them in doing so and offered to speak at these meetings if they wanted her to.

These are some of the groups she talked to:

  • Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley: Meeting and Newsletter
  • Second Amendment Club
  • Minutemen Groups
  • Local Political Meetings and Debates
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Email friends
  • Her husband's work contacts
  • UC Berkeley Young Republicans
  • She also randomly left a few copies here and there, at the Kaiser Med Center and the grocery store.
She told people that 30 Million FREE copies had been distributed and that the copies she was distributing were also free, but she added, "If you wish to contribute something toward the cost of distribution, anything will help." She received one donation of $20.00, which sent to Tom Trento.

Mary says, "Many people had heard something about Obsession and others had not. Some people were offended and some people wished to remain ignorant of Islamofascism. However, most people were receptive and gladly took a couple of DVDs. With our busy lives, the upcoming election, and the financial crisis, I knew that it might take some time before people actually watched the movie, which as it turned out, I was correct. Several people came back to me after a few weeks and asked for more copies to distribute to others."

With the help of a friend of hers, she then hosted a meeting. Her friend arranged for the venue, which was the conference room at her condo complex. Mary prepared two Powerpoint presentations: an Introduction to
ACT For America, and a "Projects List" of what each person could do. At the meeting, they watched part of Obsession, listened to a guest speaker, and had some light refreshments. Before everyone left, Mary gave handouts with recommended reading and website links, her ACT For America business cards and of course, free DVDs.

A couple days after the meeting, she emailed a recap of the event to everyone who had attended, plus those who were invited but did not attend, and other trusted contacts.

She is now planning on holding monthly meetings at local public libraries.

Imagine this kind of thing happening all over the world. Imagine how fast the profound and widespread ignorance of non-Muslims would disappear. Imagine what would happen if the majority of people in your country were briefed on the situation. It would be a whole new ball game.


Anonymous 4:37 AM  

How does she not get sued? I just posted an article about Obama going to speak to a major Muslim country within the next 100 days. I added a pic of Obama in a turban. I gave the link to the article as Islam In Action. I've got links saying he spent time being educated as a Muslim when he was a child in Indonesia. His father was a Muslim. The pic was more of a joke. Some poster must have threatened me viciously 4 or 5times that he would see me in court! I responded with an article about free speech an he just got more threatening. Any suggestions?

ShariaStopSouthern 9:14 AM  

Excellent work. I am also doing some of this kind of thing. Yesterday I placed 50 laminated
bookmarks that read - "Sharia is offensive to Human Rights" We all need to do more. Thanks again.

Citizen Warrior 1:14 AM  

Anonymous, I wonder what they would sue you for? It's perfectly legal to criticize any public figure, and it is certainly legal to criticize any political or religious ideology.

Gormflaith The Banshee 11:57 AM  

This person is just trying to intimidate you. Don't let him/her get away with it. Keeping doing what you are doing, tell the truth.
You cannot actually believe that we
are not going to have to fight these barbarians on every level.

Pastorius 4:18 PM  

Mary Washington is a hero.

When I started CUANAS (Christians United Against the New Anti-Semitism), back in 2002, it was the goal of our group to meet with Pastors and tell them about the rise of the new anti-Semitism.

After just a few meetings, I saw the contempt and apathy, and realized I was not the right man for the job.

I would probably be in prison right now if I had to face that over and over.

So, I just blog and blog and blog and blog.

Anonymous 12:51 PM  

Patorius don't give up. Join ACTforAmerica.org, sign up for the action alerts. Then you can at least sign petitions etc when they come into your mailbox. Together we can win. We have 50,000 members in the first year and 250 chapters nationwide and growing. We need a unified voice to succeed.

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