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THE FOLLOWING are quotes by Bill Warner of CSPI, one of the most innovative leaders in the counterjihad movement. His approach is so different and so powerful, I believe it can revolutionize our effectiveness at getting our message across to the uninitiated. He gives facts, and facts are powerfully persuasive. Here are some examples from his writings:

"To measure the Koranic fixation on kafirs, let us measure the fixation by counting the amount of text devoted to them. In Mecca an astounding 67% of the text is devoted to the kafir. In Medina 51% was about kafirs. The amount of text in the entire Koran devoted to kafirs is 61%."

"How important is the Koran? It contains about 153,000 words. The Sira (by Ibn Ishaq) contains about 292,000 words, and the Hadith has 646,000 words (using the Bukhari text). So Allah is about 14% of the total of the Trilogy and the Sunna (Mohammed's words and deeds) is 86% of the total. These are only a quantitative measure, but still, it points out how important Mohammed is compared to Allah, based upon the amount of text.

"This is born out further by noticing that the Koran does not contain enough information to practice even one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Only the Sunna (primarily the Hadith for religious practice) tells the Muslim how to worship. So the statistical measure shows that Islam is also Mohammedism."

"The Hadith of Bukhari gives all of the tactical details of jihad. A simple counting method shows that 3% of the hadiths are about the inner struggle, whereas, 97% of the hadiths are about jihad as war. So is jihad the inner struggle? Yes, 3%. Is jihad the war against kafirs? Yes, 97%."

I recommend two books by Bill Warner and his team: An Abridged Koran and Mohammed and the Unbelievers. And I strongly recommend his audio program, Thirteen Talks on Political Islam. He comes out with a new article at Political Islam about once a week. His articles are well worth studying.

Warner's approach will help you gain a clarity on the subject, which will increase your effectiveness at sharing your knowledge with others.


Anonymous 2:54 PM  

This is excellent as an analysis, and as information.

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