I received an email a couple of days ago from a woman named Kate. I liked her idea and got her permission to publish it here:

After reading most of the stuff on your site, I can see why, for most people, this subject sends them into a glassy-eyed state of denial. Islam is so insidious and counter to the way most people in the West think, that it is just a lot to take in.

So, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I have a suggestion that you might want to pose to people. There is a practice called "glamourbombing" where people, mostly teens and young adults, leave objects in unexpected places, to surprise and hopefully delight the finder. So, I leave the Danish and other cartoons depicting the truthful irony of "Islam," in library books, coffee shops, book stores etc.

If even one new person starts to pay attention, it is worth the little time and effort it takes me.

Kate sent along two examples (below) of cartoons depicting the irony of Islam.

Another simple way to intrigue people and help educate them is to get some of those business cards you can print on your home printer and make cards that say nothing but "" and put them wherever you can. Some grocery stores, for example, have a place you can post your business cards, or a bulletin board. Every time you go to the store, re-stock the cards.

People who are interested will seek more information.

Kate is right. Islam's relentless encroachment is a difficult topic, full of controversy. A gentle introduction is probably best.


Citizen Warrior 4:29 PM  

In the Wikipedia article, it says a glamourbomb is a prank or act of mischief aimed at challenging or altering perceptions — in particular, expanding the target's view of reality, with the hope of encouraging belief in magic, and/or magical beings such as fairies, nature spirits, etc.

Here are a couple of examples they give of glamourbombing:

1. Writing cryptic, mysterious or inspirational phrases or quotes in public places — not necessarily as graffiti, though that is one possibility, but also as handwritten notes left here and there, or in other forms. One of the first overt glamourbombs, performed on the summer solstice in 1997, consisted of individuals in several different American cities leaving scrolls containing the phrase "The gates are opening" in various public places.

2. Leaving a surprise for people to find in a park, sidewalk, laundromat, or other public place. This may be a small handmade item; a container filled with dried flowers, seeds, bells, crystals, or other interesting objects; a poem or picture tucked into a library book, etc. It may also be larger-scale, such as decorating an entire area.

Citizen Warrior 4:37 PM  

I think Cox and Forkum make some great political cartoons we could use for glamourbombing. For example:




Untitled 11:01 AM  

Aloha, CW!

This is an outstanding idea! I'm going to load myself up with glamourbombs and bomb away!

Thanks to Kate for the idea!

ACT! for America - Honolulu

Dinah Lord 11:43 AM  

Another really terrific idea.

Anonymous 5:21 AM  

One idea I have been using is laminated bookmarkers asking people to look up what Wahhabism
demands of it followers.

The Golpher Bash 6:06 AM  

Citizen Warrior,
You have a 53 year old friend in Bridgeport Ct. and that is ME! I have no qualms with the sacrifices and losses that come with being a Citizen Warrior and the constant (sometimes tedious)chore of spelling the truth out for some of those who have chosen the easy route of lying back and letting things "work themselves out!"

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