When People Think You're Nuts


I'VE BEEN in a lot of conversations with people about Islam, and I've experienced many people who think I'm nuts. Or at least think I'm exaggerating. Or they think I watch too much Fox News (I don't have cable and I've never seen Fox News). Or they think I must be a racist bigot. For sure I must be a Christian or a Jew (I am neither).

It is hard for people to grasp this information. Especially the fact that Islam has an inherent supremacist doctrine in its most foundational teachings. And that Mohammad was intolerant and violent and Muslims are supposed to follow his example.

They don't want to hear it. It must not be true. It CAN'T be true! You can hear in the back of their minds, "God help us if it's true!" Okay, now I'm hearing things in the back of people's minds. Maybe I am nuts.

Many potential citizen warriors clam up when they get this kind of reaction. They give up. They feel demoralized. To explain these setbacks they blame the media or the closed mind of their listener.

But a citizen warrior like yourself will not be demoralized for long. You will keep your morale high. You will look at your explanations of your setbacks and remove the mistakes in your thinking that made you feel discouraged and frustrated. And you will get back in the game and fight to win!

You will stay motivated. You'll set achievable short-term goals to keep you focused. You'll respond with purpose and commitment. You'll think in terms of small bits and long campaigns. When one approach doesn't work, you won't give up, you'll find a better approach. You'll learn how to gain better rapport with people and make your points more effectively.

You won't give up. You're a warrior. You'll take the blows in the battle and keep fighting the good fight. For all our sakes, you will keep fighting.

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Gormflaith The Banshee 12:11 PM  

I worked in a retail job for years.
One day an Arabic looking man came in around closing time and when we could not find what he wanted he had a temper tantrum. I finally had to tell him to leave since we were 10 minutes past closing. At that point he got up in my face and pointed a finger very close to my face and screamed, you shut up woman you shut up. I told another
person in the store to call 911 for me and he left. I realized later that this was a Muslim man who do not want a woman telling him to do anything. I saw the look on his face. He hated me. I didn't know why then, but I know now. This is what all American women must realize and put a stop to anything that smacks of "Sharia". THEY WON'T THINK YOU ARE CRAZY WHEN THE FOLLOWERS OF ALLAH START GOING HOUSE TO HOUSE LOOKING FOR WOMEN

Anonymous 1:10 PM  

Your right Citizen Warrior, sometimes I feel like people have abandoned their 'good' sense of reality, and even caught myself lagging in that thinking. Back in the day, when America was quite young, Islam seemed to be asleep, and didn't have as much influence then as it does now. So I don't think you or I are nuts at all, and now that I look at telecommunications, and how fast news travels, Islam has a slightly bigger footprint, at least a different one. All citizen warriors must be particularly vigilant now, and address their own 'daemons'.

Damien 5:57 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Speaking of people who are standing up for the freedom against the tide of Islam, did you hear about what's happening with Geert Wilders? The news being reported over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance is not good.

Damien 11:55 AM  

Geert Wilders needs help.
For anyone who wants to help in the Defense of this brave man, you can donate here.

Dinah Lord 8:23 AM  

Thanks CW -

I needed this. You know I struggle with talking to people about Islam precisely because of the conditions you describe in your excellent post.

People do start looking at you like you're nuts, I DO watch too much Fox News and while I consider myself a believer in the Lord and a student of the Bible, there are two things I don't do in groups: Sex and Religion.

You pick your opening in the conversation and slide in a little tidbit about the teachings of Islam and it becomes the proverbial turd in the punchbowl. People don't want to hear it. They just don't want to know. They try to change the subject so fast your head spins...

And then I do clam up and get all tongue tied.

Thank you for your encouragement and excellent tips to keep the old head in the game.

P.S. I'm still working on my glamourbomb idea.

Traeh 11:24 PM  

Thanks for the healthy, encouraging, positive thinking.

Anonymous 9:59 AM  

Modest, achievable goals. Great idea!

My modest goal is to introduce doubt. Once a jury member has conceived a serious doubt, he can no longer convict. This is how to influence people. We introduce a substantial, serious doubt into their pre-conceived ideas. We give them a fact that throws their theory right out the window. We can consider this as similar to placing sand in an oyster...eventually a pearl is formed around it.

We must establish this irritating fact very quickly and very firmly. This takes study. We must find a way to phrase it that sticks clearly in their minds. It must be clear, brief and memorable.

That's not an easy task, but it's the way to defeat the Death Cult called Islam.

An example of this is the following: Say a person believes Islam is the religion of peace...How do they maintain that when there have been 3 deadly jihad attacks every day since 9-11? Surely, 16,000 jihad attacks suggest Islam is a religion of jihad and terror, not peace.

Find out the error that the person believes firmly and introduce a nagging doubt.

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