Reading the Quran is Like Being in an Auto Accident


Sometimes people don't "get it" until they see it for themselves. For example, try telling a cocky teenage boy he needs to be a more cautious driver. He will think, "Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before, but I'm such a skilled driver and I have such lightening-fast reflexes, I don't need to worry about it."

But watch what happens after he's in a horrible accident, or even sees one. Watch what happens when he makes a mistake while driving and the accident kills his best friend. It's the kind of experience that can change his attitude for the rest of his life. When he sees how dangerous driving can be, when he sees how one small mistake can lead to an unimaginable tragedy, it can change his attitude toward driving permanently and in an instant.

The same thing happens when people read the Quran.

I've told you before that you need to read the Quran because it will give you a solid feeling of authority when you talk to your fellow non-Muslims about Islam. And you should encourage others to read it for two reasons: First, the fact that you're pushing them to read the Quran will tend to give them more confidence in everything else you say about Islam. And second, because reading the Quran for themselves will have an impact on them that all your talking cannot have, in the same way witnessing an accident can change a cocky teenager into a cautious and responsible driver.

Focus on the Quran. It is the central text of Islamic doctrine. It is considered the holiest of books by Muslims around the world. And it will reveal pure Islam more directly and more palpably and with more authority than anything else. Use all the persuasion skills you can acquire to convince people to take the pledge and read the Quran.


Robert Laity 11:18 PM  

Islam is NOT a Religion:

bernie 7:56 PM  

Excellent advice, I link to your article from mine: Satisfying Muslims By Reading the Quran

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