What the UK Poll Means to Us


AFTER DECADES of bending over backwards to welcome Muslims into their country and conceding to their "special needs," what has been the result? A poll of the children of Muslim immigrants shows they are more orthodox than their parents, less willing to integrate into British society, less tolerant of non-Muslims, and more violent than their parents.

Just like everywhere else in the world, appeasing the holders of a supremacist doctrine is good for the supremacists and bad for the appeasers.

Another poll shows that British citizens have intuited something is wrong. Seventy-five percent of them think Islam has negatively contributed to British society. And yet very few know much about Islam. A large percentage of them didn't want to know more about Islam — at least from Muslims.

Forty percent of British citizens didn't know who Allah was, and thirty-six percent didn't know who Mohammad was.

The Muslims' answer to this information is to step up the disinformation campaign. The Islamic Education and Research Academy thinks that because these negative opinions about Islam were formed with not much knowledge about Islam, it is an opportunity for them to positively influence non-Muslims with a public relations campaign.

A better answer is to promote an international campaign to get non-Mulsims to read the Quran. British citizens may not know much about Islam, but the Muslim population in Britain is so high, they can see it is having a bad influence on their society, perhaps without knowing why. Their ignorance about Islamic doctrine makes them easier to manipulate. Reading the Quran would innoculate them against the kind of disinformation campaigns orthodox Muslims are famous for.

We must find a way to convince our fellow non-Muslims to take the plunge and read the Quran. Getting a smallpox vaccination may hurt a little, but then you can spend the rest of your life immune to it.

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