Are Our Educational Efforts Self-Defeating?


A FRIEND OF MINE said it doesn't help us defeat Islamo-fascism (as he called it) to know more about Islam. He feels that animosity toward Muslims is fueling a division between Muslims and non-Muslims, and our best bet would be to side with those Muslims who are against jihad.

Basically, he is saying that our educational efforts to make non-Muslims aware of the teachings of Islam ultimately defeats our purposes by making "peaceful Muslims" side with orthodox Muslims (politically active Muslims) because animosity towards Muslims causes peaceful Muslims to take sides, and the side they will take is the Muslim side. To summarize his point of view:

Non-Muslims who express their dislike of the hateful teachings of Islam will cause peaceful Muslims, who also do not like those hateful teachings, to side with Muslims who like the hateful teachings.

So therefore, if we don't know the purposes and methods — if we don't know the ideology of the Islamo-fascists — we will be better at defeating them.

It sounds absurd, but he might be right. It is possible that animosity toward Muslims will cause peaceful Muslims or "Muslims in name only" to side with more politically-active, less peaceful, more orthodox Muslims. It's possible.

Does that mean we should stop educating our fellow non-Muslims about the doctrines of Islam? My friend says yes, we should stop. And what should we do instead? His suggestion is to strengthen and support the Muslims working toward peace. He thinks we should support Muslims who are actively working to reform Islam. There aren't a lot of them. Most Muslims who are not politically-active are not reformers; they are simply apathetic about Islam. They were born Muslims so they consider themselves Muslims, but they don't really care about following the teachings of Islam.

But there are a few Muslims who are working to reform Islam, to expunge it of the intolerant, supremacist teachings in the Islamic doctrine, and my friend's answer is to support those people.

There may be some validity to this point of view. But it is also true that many Muslims that we would call "peaceful" still have a supremacist Islamic political agenda, and they work to accomplish that agenda through more peaceful means (and sometimes stealthy means) and those who know nothing about Islamic doctrine can be easily taken in by this kind of "peaceful" Muslim.

This means that by following my friend's suggestion, the ultimate agenda of Islam's prime directive would be fulfilled — aided and abetted by non-Muslims working to stop Islam's prime directive from being fulfilled.

This is yet another example of why an ignorance of the basic doctrines of Islam is counterproductive to the ultimate goal of neutralizing the politically-aggressive orthodox Muslims.

One of the biggest problems with the whole idea of "supporting peaceful Muslims" is that apathetic Muslims are apathetic. They are not active. They are not politically assertive. They don't care about any of this. They just want to go on living their lives. And the Muslims actively seeking to reform Islam to expunge the hateful, politically-aggressive, violent, intolerant content of Islamic doctrine are a very small percentage and have almost no following in the Muslim world, regardless of how big their following is in the non-Muslim world.

So the most popular and by far the most active Muslims are the orthodox Muslims, the politically aggressive Muslims.

Apathetic Muslims, or
Muslims-in-name-only, will never dominate no matter how much support and encouragement and money we give them. They're just not interested enough.

This means that aggressive Muslims — politically-active Muslims, orthodox Muslims — will only be stopped by non-Muslims educated in Islamic doctrine. This education is the one thing that needs to be done. My friend's political idea sounds good on paper, but it only sounds good to people who don't know anything about Islamic doctrine. And that's the point.


Damien 6:40 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Also, for those Muslims who really want to reform Islam, and coexist peacefully with non Muslims, the unpleasant truth is that they will have to admit that the really unpleasant aspects of their faith's teachings exist in the first place in order to reform Islam. They will have to be willing to accept the unpleasant history of their religion, as well as whats in its holy text in order to change it.

So even if your friend is correct in his assertion that "Non-Muslims who express their dislike of the hateful teachings of Islam will cause peaceful Muslims, who also do not like those hateful teachings, to side with Muslims who like the hateful teachings," it won't matter. Either way than, you will be sabotaging the efforts of those genuinely liberal Muslims. You can't reform something, if you can't admit that it needs reforming. You can't fix a problem unless you are willing to first admit that the problem exists. Plus if they won't side with us after learning the truth, were they really our friends, to begin with? Were they really moderate, were they really enlightened or liberal in the first place?

In addition, you are correct that even if most Muslims do not support the Jihadists (Stealth or Terrorists) and their goals, few of them seem to be doing much to stand up to them. However, too few non Muslims are doing enough to stand up to them either, at least not adequately. We need to understand what actually motivates the Jihadists to change that, regardless of weather we like it or not.

Civilus Defendus 1:19 PM  

Muslim commenter on Islam Revealed (a Christian Arab's view of islam): "I am a Moslem and trained as an Islamic scholar. As of most Moslems I was not exposed to other points of view. After reading this book by Dr. Shorrosh and cross-referencing with the Quran, it confirmed all the scientific, historical, theological, and moral errors that are in the Quran. It confirms without any doubt that the Quran is NOT an inspired or divine scripture."

Sane men with open minds can find truth. Never stop speaking, CW.

Ben 5:17 PM  

Skunks have scent glands, most use them eventually, some might be reluctant to spray.

How do you know which skunk will spray and which won't? When you see the tail raised, the feet stomping, and the glands puckering up, it is too late.

Will you feed skunks at the garbage can, select those that appear most friendly and invite one of them into your living room?

Will you try to talk that skunk into abstaining from using its scent glands?

Will you ask it to consider abandoning those glands? When it reproduces, its progeny will have them, the skunk can not change its genes.

In Explaining Islam's Prime Directive & Answering Objections, I explained why Islam can not be reformed.

There is in the collectuon of Abu Dawud, another hadith I should have quoted.

Book 37, Number 4278:
Narrated AbuHurayrah:

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: Allah will raise for this community at the end of every hundred years the one who will renovate its religion for it.

In that sense, renovate means rebuild/restore, not reform. When it drifts away from the standard set by the Qur'an & Sunnah, someone will arise to pull it back on track.

Skunks can vector rabies. You can not vaccinate every skunk. Controlling their population is the only recourse. When it reaches the density at which rabies spreads rapidly, pandemic will ensue.

Should we stop warning people not to feed skunks?

Citizen Warrior 12:48 AM  

Someone wrote in with this comment:

They seem to be winning by numbers, numbers of concessions we let them get, numbers of babies, numbers of American women who are marrying them. The president is bringing more here every day through visa's or otherwise.

He is appointing more and more "devout" Muslims into high government. So we are fighting the president and our own government and even our local governments.

The problem is, the first rule they have in Sharia is that you can't talk, discuss or condemn the Quran, Mohammed or else. The government has already forced this Sharia on us by saying it's politically incorrect and punishable by law. They have everything covered already.

Doesn't our government care about other nations enough to read how they have been desolated in Muslim controlled countries? They are working fast and have it all planned out. We must work fast and appeal to any lawyer, politician, businessman who is even approachable and sympathetic, because it will affect EVERYONE drastically and probably violently.

I think our president is totally on their side. I keep hearing him saying: "wait until I'm elected, and you'll see what I will do for the Muslims". So all I'm able to do is research the congress and write letters to anyone who cares.

I appreciate your updates. Do you think I will be reported as an activist for this opinion? I hope not.

Anonymous 8:13 AM  

Citizen Warrior, "apathy" is the best description of "moderate muslims". There are no liberal muslims because their religious indoctrination prohibits independent though. There is no middle of the road muslims.

Although the growing ex muslims leaving their faith and learning the truth is promising, there presence isn't enough to effect the type of reform to push back against 99% of U.S./Vatican supported terrorists. The Arab Lobby (pro terrorist) is dominating Washington now, and their manifesto is to make America Sharia compliant. An minority religion less that 1%" demanding the U.S. to comply? I don't think so. There is no reform to Islam because the ideology isnt structured for reform.

I am pretty upset that the President (whom I voted for) has appointed more muslims to positions in the White House and hasn't been honest about it, showing significant support. I was a life long Democrat until I saw him for what he really is, wolf in sheep's clothing. You aren't alone Citizen Warrior. If I'm on a list and thrown in prison, I would never, ever back down from what I feel about muslims. I look forward to the day Obama Administration is defeated in 2012. I do not like the Republicans and will vote third party from here on out.

Citizen Warrior 1:28 AM  

Someone just emailed me this comment:

My favorite retort to those who believe we shouldn't criticize Islam, lest we only create more jihadists:

If criticizing Islamic Jihad will cause "moderate" Muslims to become a radical, then does criticizing the Catholic pedophilia scandal run the risk of causing normal priests to become child molesters?


Dimitri Pravdin 12:59 AM  

How about someone reform Christianity? How many people have Christians killed, especially Western Christians? Who is behind the global weapons industries? Go Google Erik Prince, the Christian founder of Blackwater Company, now Academi, who sent in his private army to kill people in Iraq. Both Bush and Obama, 2 so-called believers in Christ, awarded CIA and Iraq War contracts to Prince. War is what keeps Prince's bank account overflowing. He is an example of everything wrong with this so-called faith. Doesn't the Bible talk about loving Allah and your neighbour? THIS is the religion that needs to be totally changed!


Dimitri Pravdin
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