The Leading Edge of Freedom: How to Support Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff


GEERT WILDERS is well-known to most counterjihadists, but Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s case is very similar. Like Geert, she faces trial for reporting factual information about Islam. Her “crime” was to conduct public seminars in which she described Islamic doctrine, quoted from the Quran, and explained the dangers of Islamic encroachment.

Like Geert, Elisabeth has been charged with “hate speech” for her words (read an example of what she actually said). Unlike Geert, however, Elisabeth is a private citizen, a wife, and the mother of a small child. She lacks the major resources necessary to defend herself against the well-funded organs of the state which seek to persecute her.

Elisabeth will go on trial in Vienna on November 23rd, in what is clearly a political action intended to silence anyone who dissents against the prevailing multicultural orthodoxy.

Her European and North American supporters have created Elisabeth’s Voice to ensure she is not silenced. By appealing for financial aid, they intend to ensure that her defense is well-funded. By appealing for publicity, they intend to ensure that her case is well-known, not just in Austria and the rest of Europe, but across the entire Western world.

Americans may think Elisabeth’s plight is uniquely European, and has nothing to do with them. But make no mistake about it: the same repression is on its way to the United States of America. As the recent cases of Molly Norris, Juan Williams, and Derek Fenton demonstrate, free speech may already be taken away by non-juridical means. Dissent is even now being silenced in schools and on college campuses, and politically incorrect expression is cause for dismissal from both public and private employment.

The same types of “hate speech” laws that were used against Elisabeth in Austria are being prepared for the United States through the work of the United Nations. At the initiative of the Organization of the Islamic Conference — the largest voting block in the United Nations — the UN is on the verge of requiring all member states to pass laws criminalizing “the defamation of religions, including Islam.”

Barack Obama has indicated his support for the UN’s proposed resolution. Time is running out for all of us. If we don’t stand up now for people like Geert Wilders, Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, there will be no one to stand up for us later, when our turn comes.

How can you stand up for Elisabeth? Show your support. Contribute to Elisabeth’s defense fund (which is not under her control, and may only be used to pay her lawyers) visit the In Defense of Free Speech website. You can also get updates on her case at that website.

And we can each spend some time publicizing Elisabeth's case. Write a letter to your local paper. Make comments on blogs. Post something on Facebook about it. Let people know what's happening. Share the video below; share articles, talk about it to your friends and family. In both Elisabeth's and Geert's cases, this is the leading edge of freedom: Either the legal verdicts will be in favor of freedom of speech, or the verdicts will be in favor of limiting freedom of speech to accommodate Islamic sensitivities. Let freedom ring. Let's make freedom ring!

Watch an interview with Elisabeth

Read more about Elisabeth's case: Lawfare in Austria: Is Truth Illegal? Paul Revere Gets the Slammer.

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Elisabeth’s Voice. I didn't think they'd mind.


Damien 10:11 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Here's a really well done video Pastorius found that was created by some of her supporters.

Elisabeth’s Voice: Fighting for Free Speech in Austria

I thought you might like to see it, if you haven't already.

Anonymous 9:33 AM  

Whilst the PCs and Leftists are busy trying to silence critics of Islam like Sabaditsch-Wolff, and assembling Flotillas or Flytillas for Gaza, the Islamists in Nigeria are causing havoc amongst "infidels".


"Thousands flee Nigerian city after Islamist attacks

The civilian deaths that PCs and Leftists turn their back on make them as guilty as the perpetrators.

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