What About The Great Achievements Of Islamic Civilization Through History?


The following is a chapter of Islam 101:

Islamic achievements in the fields of art, literature, science, medicine, etc. in no way refute the fact that Islam is intrinsically violent. Roman and Greek civilizations produced many great achievements in these fields as well, but also cultivated powerful traditions of violence.

While giving the world the brilliance of Virgil and Horace, Rome was also a home to gladiatorial combat, the slaughter of Christians, and, at times, rampant militarism.

Furthermore, the achievements of Islamic civilization are pretty modest given its 1300 year history when compared to Western, Hindu, or Confucian civilizations. Many Islamic achievements were in fact the result of non-Muslims living within the Islamic Empire or of recent converts to Islam.

One of the greatest Islamic thinkers, Averroes, ran afoul of Islamic orthodoxy through his study of non-Islamic (Greek) philosophy and his preference for Western modes of thought. Once the dhimmi populations of the Islamic Empire dwindled toward the middle of the second millennium AD, Islam began its social and cultural "decline."

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Islam 101 was written by Gregory M. Davis, author of Religion of Peace?: Islam's War Against the World, and the producer/director of Islam: What the West Needs to Know.


Unknown 5:40 AM  

This is truly an awsome project and great for breaking us into islam and why it's teaching is threatening once again th entire human population of the Earth. The sooner the westernized countries of the World realize that while this ideology was flaunted during the rise, while Nazism was at it's peak and now during it's Third attempt to subjugate and place the entire human race under submission to islam and it's barbaric islamic sharia law, realizes there will be a World War I and II type conflict.The sooner the Westernized humanity rises up and smotes once and for all this barbaric ideology, erradicating islam, it's teachings, in the quran/koran, hadith and examples of the fraudulent prophet, mohammed himself as well as from the mind of each and every human being on the planet; the lesser the human life casualties will be.

Myiah Taylor 11:45 AM  

Thanks for the information because I really learned something today and I am thankful for this.

Nuwanda 10:38 AM  

You are so ignorant about history facts and it seems that u are full of hatred with a dark heart , Islam has a Golden Age with lots of achievements but now it falls , thats fine , all nations fall and rise and our uprise is coming soon bitch , u have have to rethink about who is making war in this world bcoz all the wars are made by the Us and Europe savage minds and liars You are but a liars about democracy damn you

Anonymous 1:53 AM  


JDP 3:47 PM  

Olfa is just angry because he found out that his so called prophet is a pedophile.

Anonymous 6:47 AM  

Unknown 10:54 AM  

my goodness- here I am looking for historical content, and I find shear unundulurated ignorance and hatred! Beware viewers!

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