Brigitte Gabriel Warns The West: Militant Islam Is Coming


The following is a one-hour speech by Brigitte Gabriel, an outspoken opponent of the spread of Islam around the world. She lived through the conversion of her own country, Lebanon, from a diverse, tolerant culture to one dominated by intolerant, violent Muslim militants.

Her experiences are worth listening to. It doesn't seem possible for western democracies to be turned into Islamic states, but we can look at the example of Lebanon to see how it was accomplished in that country, not very long ago, and in a fairly short time.

Brigitte Gabriel has a clear warning to the West
one we should heed. Please share this film with people you know.

If you'd like to know what you can do about the spread of Islamic terrorism, start here: Halt Terrorism.


Always On Watch 4:53 AM  

Ms. Gabriel is a very powerful speaker, especially in person. I had the privilege of hearing her in person back in April, 2006. Riveting!

Her book Because They Hate is the only book on Islam to give me nightmares. Why? Because the United States is making the same mistakes which Lebanon did before the terrible civil war there.

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