If Islam Is Violent, Why Are So Many Muslims Peaceful?


The following is a chapter of Islam 101:

This question is a bit like asking, "If Christianity teaches humility, tolerance, and forgiveness, why are so many Christians arrogant, intolerant, and vindictive?" The answer in both cases is obvious: in any religion or ideology there will be many who profess, but do not practice, its tenets.

Just as it is often easier for a Christian to hit back, play holier-than-thou, or disdain others, so it is often easier for a Muslim to stay at home rather than embark on jihad. Hypocrites are everywhere.

Furthermore, there are also people who do not really understand their own faith and so act outside of its prescribed boundaries.

In Islam, there are likely many Muslims who do not really understand their religion thanks to the importance of reciting the Quran in Arabic but not having to understand it. It is the words and sounds of the Quran that attract Allah's merciful attention rather than Quranic knowledge on the part of the supplicant.

Especially in the West, Muslims here are more likely to be attracted by Western ways (which explains why they are here) and less likely to act violently against the society to which they may have fled from an Islamic tyranny abroad.

However, in any given social context, as Islam takes greater root — increasing numbers of followers, the construction of more mosques and "cultural centers," etc. — the greater the likelihood that some number of its adherents will take its violent precepts seriously. This is the problem that the West faces today.

Islam 101 was written by Gregory M. Davis, author of Religion of Peace?: Islam's War Against the World, and the producer/director of Islam: What the West Needs to Know.


Jeff 7:08 PM  

This article is helpful, I think.

Anonymous 7:31 AM  

Great, a great way to understand a religion is by reading about it from a a website that promotes hatred towards that particular religion. If you wanna know about Islam, read the Quran.

Anonymous 5:45 PM  

Qur'an is the WAR MANIFESTO from Lucifer. There is nothing to brag about it...it is a HOW TO DO EVIL DEEDS BOOK.

Anonymous 12:19 AM  

Anonymous idiot said...
"Great, a great way to understand a religion is by reading about it from a a website that promotes hatred towards that particular religion. If you wanna know about Islam, read the Quran."

Truth is hatred, huh? I've read the quran quite thoroughly, and find that although there are peaceful passages, they are soon replaced by passages that promote war and injustice towards others. Also, if you ever did some travelling through European Metropolitan areas, you would see that higher numbers of muslims results in no-go areas for non-muslims/indegenous People, more radicalization, and more crimes and violence. This is easily seen in London, Oslo, Stockholm, Malmo, Paris and various other French and many German cities. I've lived in several of the cities mentioned. But you do not care, because you are either a muslim yourself, and thus you are a part of it or trying to hide or excuse it through taqiyya and kitman, or you are some stupid white kid brainwashed by the current political elite through the politically correct education system. People that actually HAVE studied the quran and history knows how islam works.

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