An Unfamiliar Plan


THE RISE OF ISLAMIC terrorism isn't a surprise to people who study Islamic history or who are students of Islamic thought. In the Koran, Allah commands His followers to keep trying to make the whole world submit to Islam, and the book gives careful instructions on how to do that.

The easiest and fastest way is for one Islamic country to take an infidel country by war and force all its inhabitants to either become a Muslim or die. You can get a huge number of converts that way. But that method has become more difficult in modern times.

Another method is to immigrate into a country and build up Islamic numbers by having lots of babies and trying to get new converts. Then as Muslims increase their numbers, they can gain political power. At that point, they are supposed to start exerting an influence on the country's politics and law. Islam is as much a political force as a religious one, and Islam doesn't make a sharp distinction between the two. Part of the function of a government, as far as Islam is concerned, is to enforce Islamic standards.

A news item from ABC news is interesting from this perspective. It's the story of the recent murder of Banaz Mohmod in London. Read more about it here: London Honor Killing Highlights Growing Problem. As it says in the article, "Banaz Mahmod was just 20 years old and her only crime was getting divorced, then falling in love with a man her family did not accept." According to Islamic law, an "honor killing" is called for in situations like that. But not according to British law.

This is not the first of such incidents in European countries. Muslims have been immigrating in large numbers to Europe, and they are trying to establish their own rule of Islamic law within those countries.

That's all very interesting, you might be saying, but what can I do about it? The best thing you can do is learn about it and share what you learn with people you know. If more people were aware of the Muslim ideology, the Islamists would have less luck getting away with it. In a liberal democracy, we sometimes try too hard to be sensitive and tolerant, which is wonderful when dealing with most groups. But when a group is out to dominate the world, by force if necessary, and whose intent is to bring down the government, that blind tolerance should be modified.

Because of the clash going on within the Islamic religion, Westerners are going to be involved in this issue for the forseeable future. It behooves us to be well-informed.


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