Terrorists Among Us, the DVD


A documentary was published in 1993 entitled Terrorists Among Us - Jihad in America. It is amazing that something like this could be aired seven or eight years before the Twin Towers came down and yet September 11th came as a complete surprise to almost all of us.

In this documentary, you'll see footage of Islamic rallies taking place in Kansas City and New Jersey. The filmmaker, Steven Emerson, secretly filmed these meetings. You hear and see speakers calling on their Muslim brothers in America to kill Americans, Jews and Christians.

The documentary also shows how terrorism in America is funded. Islamic extremists raise money, often under false pretenses, saying the money is to help children or build hospitals, but it is used to buy guns, bomb ingredients, and combat training. People in America who have spoken against these groups have been assassinated, here in the U.S.

This is an eye-opening documentary about terrorism in America. Buy it and share it with your friends. Islamic terrorists are a real threat, even on our own soil as they use our guaranteed rights against us. They use the rights of free speech, bearing arms, and practicing any religion to try to destroy free speech and freedom of religion.

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