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A reader submitted an unusual idea for defeating terrorism:

Use Their Religion Against Them
by Jim Sanders

I know that you are going to think I'm crazy at first glance but if you can give me just a moment I think I have an idea that will prevent future martyr terrorist attacks against us.

In the Muslim faith a man can be "unclean" by touching certain things. For example a dead body, or a pig, etc. He then must go through a very long ritual to make himself "clean" in the eyes of his religion. Before a Muslim goes on a martyr mission he goes through this ritual to make sure he is not "unclean" so that he can enter heaven and get his virgins.

If a Muslim dies in an unclean state he cannot go to Paradise.

Now this is where it sounds crazy but please don't have up yet!!!

If you take a gallon of water and put a drop of pig blood in it the water becomes "unclean." If you spray it in an airplane on the seats and carpet the terrorist becomes "unclean" the instant he enters the plane. The effect on us is nothing. The blood would not effect us at all.

Would someone be willing to kill himself if he knew he would go straight to hell? We could do this everywhere. We could even take a page from the terrorist handbook and use crop dusters to make the whole country "unclean".

Let the terrorist know that we have coated our ammo and bombs with pig blood. Pershing did this a long time ago and it ended the Muslim problem he had then. He Lined up 40 Muslims and shot them with ammo dipped in pigs blood and then he covered the bodies in pig blood.

He did this in front of a large group of Muslims and told them that this was the way anyone who fights his people would end up.

His Muslim problem ended there.

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