How Farook and Malik Could Believe They Saved Their Daughter by Getting Killed


The following was written by Christopher W. Holton and published in Terror Trends Bulletin here:

In monitoring the TV news in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack one theme we hear over and over again has to do with the question of how a young, prosperous couple with a baby girl could leave all that behind to launch a murderous attack on innocent civilians.

For the answers we need only look to Islamic doctrine.

First of all, Jihadists have stated repeatedly that they do not regard kafir civilians as “innocent.” Here it is stated in no uncertain terms by the Islamic State in a release from September 2014:

Kill the disbeliever whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling. Both of them are disbelievers. Both of them are considered to be waging war (the civilian by belonging to a state waging war against the Muslims). Both of their blood and wealth is legal for you to destroy, for blood does not become illegal or legal to spill by the clothes being worn.

The greater question, of course is, how could they leave behind a baby girl and family members to perform such an act, even if they believed it was justified?

When Muslims die they don’t believe that they will go straight to paradise. They believe that they must endure the “torments of the grave” until judgment day. The “torments of the grave” is positively gruesome. Muslims believe that they will be able to feel all of the decomposition and associated effects while they are in the grave.

There are exceptions, however.

Those who die while waging Jihad for Allah believe that they will not have to endure the torments of the grave, but will go straight to paradise, with all of its wonderful benefits. Such people are called shahids.

Not only that — and this is the most important point — shahids also win passage for some 70 family members when they die waging Jihad for Allah.

So, Syef Farook and Tashfeen Malik believed that they were doing something great for their baby daughter and their families by waging Jihad and dying in that cause. By what they believe, they all, including the baby, have thus been earned a trip to paradise without having to endure the torments of the grave.

This is Islamic doctrine and it explains the actions of the numerous Muslims who have joined the global Jihadist movement.

This is also posted here on Caring With Fairness.


Anonymous 4:40 PM  

“Any excess, cruelty, family violence, or abuse committed by any Muslim can never be traced, honestly, to any revelatory text (Qur’an or hadith). Such excesses and violations are to be blamed on the person(s) himself, as it shows that they are paying lip service to Islamic teachings and injunctions and failing to follow the true Sunnah of the Prophet.”
--Dr. Jamal Badawi

Citizen Warrior 2:18 AM  

Dr. Jamal Badawi is either ignorant or deliberately misleading with that statement. The Prophet beheaded people. This is not a indictment from non-Muslims, but straight from the traditional, authoritative, mainstream history of Islam. Muhammad also ordered a rabbi to be tortured so he would tell where he hid some treasure. At Muhammad's (the Prophet's) orders, the rabbi's eyes were gouged out. And a fire was built on the rabbi's chest. Muhammad also ordered the assassination of a poet who criticized Islam. Muhammad led raids on caravans, stealing the plunder and holding the captives for ransom. Muhammad took sex slaves. All of this is excess, cruelty, and abuse committed by the Prophet himself. And it says 91 times in the Koran that a Muslim should follow Muhammad's example.

If everyone simply read the Koran, bullpucky like Badawi's quote would have no impact whatsoever any more, except perhaps to get a chuckle. Take the pledge today and read the Koran for yourself. Stop trying to figure out who is lying and who is telling the truth. Go to the source and you'll have your answer.

Take the pledge here.

in His Service 10:13 AM  

"shahids also win passage for some 70 family members when they die waging Jihad for Allah." Is there as specific place in the Sunna that this is stated or is this something that is drawn from several sources?

This would be a great tool for conversation.

Thanks again CW for your diligence on this front.

Citizen Warrior 1:58 PM  

It IS a good tool. I just used it last night in a conversation with someone who said, "It's so crazy; how could they leave their daughter at home and go off and do something like that?"

I explained it. And she has a better understanding of the ideology we're up against.

in His Service 9:20 PM  

Thanks for posting my comment CW I was hoping that you would be able to direct me to the doctrinal source for this "shahids also win passage for some 70 family members when they die waging Jihad for Allah." When I talk to people about Islam it has more clout to be able to quote the source of the doctrine.

Is there a chance that you could get that for me?

Citizen Warrior 1:35 AM  

This article was written by Christopher Holton, who could probably answer your question off the top of his head, as I'm sure Bill Warner could do too. But I can't. I could probably find it, but I am buried in a project right now, and I would really love it if YOU found it and then shared it here for everyone.

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