How to Stop Islam's Exploitation of Our Foolish Fellow Countrymen


I was listening to Civilization and Its Enemies last night. I read the book years ago and thought it was so good, I bought the unabridged audio version, which I've listened to four times now. One of the insights from the book that has finally overridden the last residue of my youthful idealism is this: It is a fact of life — a hard, unchangeable fact, like Newton's law of universal gravitation — that if someone is willing to risk their lives to take something of yours, you will have to be willing to risk your life to keep it, or you will probably lose it.

This applies at a personal level and at a national level.

The author, Lee Harris, was describing what happened after World War One. "The Great War" was so horrible, people would try anything to prevent it from happening again. They wanted conflicts between countries to be handled civilly — without bloodshed. But there is a Catch-22 embedded in that thinking: The more civilized people get, the more of an opportunity it presents for someone who is not civilized.

Apparently there is a famous example of civility often recounted in books on etiquette that epitomizes the essence of civility and good manners. The late Shah of Iran was sitting at a table with the Queen of England and many other guests. A bowl of rose water was presented to each guest so they could wash their fingers.

The Shah had apparently never been presented with a "finger bowl" and took it for a bowl of soup, so he picked up the bowl and started to sip it. Without hesitating, the Queen picked up her bowl and started to sip it, and everyone else at the table followed her example. Why?

The principle in civilized company — the prime principle of etiquette — is that you do not ever make someone feel they have done something wrong. You never make someone feel embarrassed or offended. You never let them think that they are not civilized.

But what if they really aren't civilized? The rules of etiquette assume the other person cares as much about courteous relations as you do. But what if they don't?

I want you to try something: Google "sociopath" and read about the strange and frightening phenomenon of sociopaths who live among us, not as serial killers, but as ordinary-appearing people who heartlessly use, manipulate, and take advantage of people without the slightest twinge of remorse or regret — and all the while, fooling their victims by imitating human empathy, deliberately giving the impression they have normal human feelings.

One of the articles has a "comments page" and a huge number of people have written their stories — painful, heartbreaking stories of being married to a sociopath, for example. And after 25 years of a nightmarish existence, they finally found out such a thing as sociopathy exists! They never knew it and tried their best to explain their husband's lying, cheating, remorseless behavior in some other way, like blaming themselves, or trying to help their husband "work through" his childhood issues. And the sociopath, of course, goes along with the process because it means he can keep getting away with his lying, cheating, remorseless manipulations.

But sociopathy isn't the result of a hard upbringing; it isn't the result of an "anger issue" or a lack of opportunity, or anything else. It is the result of being born as a sociopath — a person who has no capacity for human empathy, no guilt, and no feeling of sympathy for others.

And no amount of any kind of therapy will help a sociopath become less sociopathic. As a matter of fact, those who get therapy become even more effectively sociopathic because in therapy they learn how to better manipulate people — they learn what excuses people will buy, and they learn how to convey authentic-looking emotions better. They learn more about people, and it makes them more successful at taking advantage of non-sociopaths.

Now, for a wife who doesn't know such a thing as a sociopath exists, they explain their sociopathic husband's behavior in some way. They don't leave it unexplained. It is almost impossible for a human being to not explain something. So they explain it. They think it's because their husband had a bad childhood, or they themselves are not a good enough wife, or whatever. But they come from the idea that "deep inside, everyone is basically good" and this assumption prevents them from grasping the true nature of their husband's character.

They can't conceive of the real explanation, and because they can't, they become an ongoing victim.

I think the same is true on a global scale dealing with any group or country that is willing to be ruthless.

If you have ten countries and they all agree to be civil to each other and work out their differences in a civilized manner and to forgo using violence to solve their differences, they will all get along great. But they will also have created an ideal environment to exploit for someone who is willing to use violence to get their way. In fact, the more civilized those ten countries become, the more vulnerable they will be to exploitation by an uncivilized enemy. The more the ten countries disarm themselves, the more ripe they will be for the picking.

It is just a fact of life you can't get around.

I've been thinking long and hard about what it is that prevents people from getting simple facts about Islam. And I think I've actually finally struck bedrock. This is it. Just like the sociopath's wife who doesn't understand that sociopaths exist (and that her husband is one), our multicultural friends don't understand that some ideologies are sociopathic. Cultures can be sociopathic. Religious doctrines can be sociopathic. And this ignorance keeps them vulnerable to exploitation and manipulation, and ultimately subjugation.

If you don't personally think it's possible for someone to just be born bad, then you can't conceive of the existence of a born sociopath. And if you can't understand that a person can be born a sociopath, then maybe you can't conceive of the possiblity that a religion could be started by a sociopath and could create an exploitative, violent religious doctrine, creating a global movement of manipulative, dominance-oriented political action.

And the more people do not want to believe such a thing exists, the more easily they are defeated and subjugated by those who are following this creed. The more civilized people get, the more unwilling they are to make others feel wrong, the more easily they are bowled over and manipulated by those who are willing to exploit their ignorance.

Knowledge of sociopathy is the antidote to all our difficulties. Okay, I'm probably overstating my case. But if people understood that sociopaths exist, and if they understood that a sociopath can't be changed or improved, and if they understood that some people are just born that way, then they could understand that not everyone is a good person "deep down" and then they could understand it's possible for a religion to be started by a sociopath, by someone who only wanted to exploit the features of a religion. And if they could get that, they might be able to listen to a description of such a "religion."

And if they could get that, they might actually be willing to defend themselves from it.

Once those spouses of sociopaths finally realize that sociopathy exists, and they finally identify their spouse as a sociopath, they have no problem at all ending the relationship and stopping their own victimization. Their realization and reversal is sudden and complete.

I think if these people to whom we've been trying to get through finally realized sociopaths exist, through this chain of realizations, they could ultimately stop being the foolish, exploited victims of Islam's ruthless aggression.

This is also posted on Inquiry Into Islam here.


Sarah 5:05 AM  

Good points, Citizen.

I think you are talking about a form of codependency wherein a partner is so enmeshed psychologically with the sociopathic partner that s/he cannot stand back and see that person's behaviour for what it really is.

Anonymous 9:17 AM  

Ayaan Hirsi Ali makes the exact same argument that you present. She describes the type of mentality in Dutch society that you reference: always appeasing those immigrants who are different in hopes of making them comfortable. The answer to the problem for Ayaan was to educate the population about the ways that integration was not happening and would not happen. She also acknowledges, like Brigitte Gabriel, that she can speak to the issues like no one else because she comes from the religion/mentality/country/language. The islamic immigrant cannot point the finger at them and claim abuse.

Dutch society started to change some of its laws after Hirsi Ali organized opposition to laws that facilitate 3rd world behavior that is not in keeping with a modern civilization. Gabriel is galvanizing people against the sort of behavior that increases the ability of radical Islam to take hold in America. Both of these women, and other activists like you, effectively break the manipulation that Islam uses against society….one person at a time. This is an effort that is going to take a very long time. But we can’t let down our vigil.

Citizen Warrior 9:53 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Hi! You keep thinking all the time. The situation is complex. I don't know the psychologists' definition of sociopathy, but I suggest that what all of us are born with is selfishness and absence of ethics. That is supposed to be trained into us but some have inadequate training or just don't get it.

There is also the matter of demon possession which, I suppose, a secular psychologist would call sociopathy. There is evidence that Muhammad was demon possessed and his followers seem to be his victims emulating his behavior.

As to whether they can be changed, we now have the phenomenon of tens of thousands of them being converted to Christ. So they CAN be changed -- most of them anyway. And, yes, demons can be cast out, but usually not by psychologists.

Yeah, you're right. The secularists (liberals) of the West do not know how bad they are or have any idea of how to change them. If we do not get another set of right-thinkers into high office, we're doomed!

Citizen Warrior 9:54 PM  

This was my reply:

The psychologists' definition of sociopath is someone who does not have normal feelings of human empathy. It is something children are born with and begins to be apparent at about 5 years old. No amount of training can cure them. Their brains function differently than normal people. Probably they don't respond to oxytocin.

And yes, most Muslims, if they are devout, are not sociopaths. They are simply following the teachings of Muhammad, who was probably a sociopath. So of course, they can be "cured." They were only ideologically "sociopaths," rather than biologically sociopaths. A true sociopath cannot be cured.

Citizen Warrior 9:56 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Citizen this is a very good article. You set out very well the West's too-ready inclination to bend itself out of shape to accommodate first the idiosyncrasies of and then the out and out liberties taken by Islam.
I would however point out that from what I have read and learned, sociopaths are comparatively rarely born that way. I agree with everything else you have said about their manipulativeness, their lack of remorse or conscience, their "pretence" of humanity, but far too often these are as a result of woefully inadequate and more often abusive upbringing. This is not to excuse their behaviour - we are after all saddled with the sequelae of it - nor do I excuse those who pander to them. The sociopath is willing to go to any pretence, to any lengths to get what s/he wants and I agree that they rarely if ever benefit from therapy unless the therapist is very experienced and can spot manipulation of him/her and put a stop to it - and of course in those cases the sociopath will often leave therapy.

As for the wives, husbands and partners of sociopaths, they NEED to explain their partner's behaviour in order to make sense of it themselves. We are all uncomfortable with not knowing, and the psyche goes to inordinate lengths to make sense of what is confusing or dissonant, often to the extent of manufacturing a comfortable story, (which may be totally divorced from reality) to explain or excuse the sociopath's behaviour. Often they are co-dependent to the extent that they reinforce the sociopath's distorted view of himself.

The manipulativeness of Islam has befuddled the West completely, and I wrote about it at

Sites like yours help to undermine Islam's mind games.

Citizen Warrior 10:03 PM  

And this is my reply:

Many studies have been done to determine what sort of upbringing causes sociopathy, including studies comparing identical twins raised with different parents.

Nothing seems to have any effect. Sociopathy seems to be an inborn and unchangeable trait.

However, sometimes upbringing can modify it. In different cultures, sociopathy expresses itself differently. For example, in the culture of Japan where unity with others is an all-important trait, then the extreme selfishness of sociopathy is somewhat suppressed. The Japanese sociopath still has no feelings of empathy for others, but he doesn't express it as often or as extremely.

In America, where individualism rules, and where cutthroat business practices are often financially rewarded, sociopaths express themselves more fully.

But the fundamental character trait remains the same. It is only somewhat repressed or more fully expressed.

And even within a culture, if a sociopath is raised in a violent family, he is more likely to express his sociopathy in more violent ways.

But a sociopath doesn't care about people, period. For normal people, it is almost impossible to imagine what that would be like.

Anonymous 10:35 PM  

Psychopaths/Sociopaths cannot be cured.

Once they are diagnosed, the diagnosis cannot change: the therapists/psychologists will claim that the patient is manipulating them.

If you get accused("diagnosed") as a sociopath, ANYTHING you do after that, will be rationalized as manipulation.

This sounds like an excellent way to destroy someone. Hey, look a sociopath! Life destroyed.

A witch hunt using psychiatric bullshit.

Citizen Warrior 10:48 PM  

And I'm sure it has been used that way a few times. The other side of it is: Sociopaths destroy many lives. Sociopaths who are not violent use people up and throw them away broken and go on to find their next victim. They drain their victims' bank account, mess with their head, put them through a painful roller coaster of emotional torture, and sometimes, of course, actually kill them.

The diagnosis is not the point. The point is about the victim here. The point is that when you don't know such a thing as sociopaths exist, and you believe that deep down all people are really good, you are ripe for manipulation. You are a good "mark."

And the same is true for those who cannot believe a religion could really be supremacist, intolerant, and advocate violence. They are in exactly the same kind of ripe-for-the-picking state of mind, easy to manipulate. A good mark for orthodox Muslims.

But beyond that is the lesson of what happens when some poor woman who has been married to a sociopath for 25 years finally understands what she is dealing with. BAM! Her whole attitude turns on a dime.

That's the shift we are looking for in our fellow citizens. Once they grasp the situation, they stop being a victim immediately.

Anonymous 8:22 PM  

God and psychopathy:

amit 11:08 PM  

oneof topnothc posts i have ever read

socipath reference gives one a grounding to think and approach

Manish 11:12 PM  

They were only ideologically "sociopaths," rather than biologically sociopaths. A true sociopath cannot be cured.

you have such an eye of compasssion, wanting to help and its so unbiased blog

im in tears knowing that you are so true to your work

manish 11:14 PM  

awareness precedes change


gsw 2:47 AM  

Oh dear, just reading the comments makes me dizzy.

Can we agree that there is a congenital (born-like-that) form of sociopathy, which we can call, for simplicity psychopathy:
(According to a chapter about treatment in Christopher J. Patrick's Handbook of Psychopathy, there is little evidence of a cure or any effective treatment for psychopathy; no medications can instil empathy, and psychopaths who undergo traditional talk therapy might become more adept at manipulating others and more likely to commit crime.[wikipedia]

At the same time we can recognise a non-congenital, or learned, version known as sociopathy:
A sociopath is somebody ... who behaves in a way that suggests a lack of conscience. [wikipedia]

There is some evidence that empathy is first developed in a child by watching the face(s) of the primary caregiver during the first few months. I wonder what the effect is when faces are covered most of the time, so that emotional consequences are not experienced?
Can we ban face coverings as possibly conducive to sociopathic behaviour?

wri7913 9:25 PM  

Always thought provoking. I enjoy your articles and they get my brain churning about how to help open people's eyes. Thank you!

Traeh 12:11 AM  

The essence of your article is an admirable and rather brilliant insight: the same compassionate assumptions that can cause a person to become an ongoing, repeat victim of willful manipulations and exploitations by someone utterly bereft of conscience, i.e., by a sociopath, also operate in making Western culture a non-learning, repeat victim of Islam and its various jihads: the demographic jihad, the stealth sharia jihad, and the terror/intimidation jihad that causes many journalists, artists, and public figures to censor themselves on the subject of Islam.

And what compassionate assumptions am I referring to? Well, mainly the assumption that the other party has a conscience and is acting in good faith. People who have a conscience naturally find it very difficult to imagine that some others don't. It's too horrible to imagine, especially when the sociopath has wormed his way into your heart.

I note that Robert Reilly, in his brilliant Closing of the Muslim Mind, in the context of a discussion about freedom of conscience in Islam, or the lack of such freedom, writes that there is no Arabic word for "conscience." (Location 1306 in my Kindle edition.) That provides a bit of evidence for your article's thesis. Islam's honor/shame based culture is arguably the polar opposite of a conscience-based culture. That is certainly not to say that Muslims are all sociopaths. But their culture is sociopathic. I think this is based on the Qur'an and canonical hadiths, for example a hadith in which Muhammad says that Allah will forgive a Muslim his sins provided the Muslim does not reveal them to others:

Volume 8, Book 73, Number 95

Think about it. That's barely distinguishable from saying that God permits you to do anything, so long as you can get away with it.

I would quibble with a couple of details in your article: 1) I don't think it's accurate to give the impression that it is impossible to cure a sociopath. For a number of reasons it would be better to say that it is almost impossible, or virtually impossible; 2) I doubt it's necessary or helpful to your article to bring in the nature/nurture debate in considering the cause of sociopathy. I suspect that debate is a little less resolved than your article suggests. Nature/nurture controversy is not essential to your main point and probably burdens it with an unnecessary controversy.

Citizen Warrior 5:32 PM  

I always enjoy your intelligent comments, Traeh. I have studied a lot about sociopaths, and the unanimous opinion is that sociopaths cannot be cured and therapy makes them worse. It is apparently a different organization of the brain.

But you're right. Who knows what the future will bring? So we can say right now no known cure exists. That may change some day.

And with regard to Islam, clearly many Muslims have successfully become apostates, so continuing any more conversation about sociopathy's changeability is unimportant.

But I will add that to victims of sociopathy, the unchangeability of it helps them finally put an end to the relationship. One of the things that keeps a victim in relationship with someone clearly not good for her well-being is the desperate hope that the sociopath can be changed with enough love, enough forgiveness, or enough therapy.

But although the research findings to date have shown sociopathy to be unchangeable by any known methods, and although that helps the victims of sociopaths find their way free, it may not be relevant to our task here, which is to help our fellow non-Muslims come to grips with the fact that Islam is a political supremacist movement embedded in a religion.

Thank you, Traeh. Every time you comment here, you contribute.

Traeh 12:50 AM  

This is one of my favorite sites. I visit here often. Your Islam-criticism has a unique, vitriol-free style. And you've written some brilliant articles, such as "The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam." I've enjoyed it when on occasion you've seen fit to headline at your site this or that comment of mine made at other sites. I also appreciate that you alerted us all to the flex fuel legislation drive. Thank you.

Umraan 8:21 PM  

Islam is not exploiting anyone or anything. It is merely trying to get the truth of life and God across to every person in the world. It's intentions and actions are always pure. Very few individuals under the guise of Islam are lost and confused. Just like sociopaths, they were brought up wrong and were not socialized properly. It is a flaw that lies with certain people, not an entire religion. The teachings of Islam are perfect. It's just that some misinterpret its ambiguity and may commit a sin. It is the test of life; to learn from you're mistakes and to continually work towards being a better human being and pleasing God. As for Islam in the west, it only wishes to live in harmony with it's neighbors and praise Allah for everything He has laid before us.

Anonymous 1:03 PM  

Mohammad was a loony who either pretended to speak for a god or was psychotic and actually heard voices.
In any case, his mission was to inspire his followers to invade and kill those who disagreed with him. His second obsession was controlling women.So he invented the koran. Even though it's full of nonsense and contradictions few followers can read arabic so they don't even know what it says. It's a nasty chauvinistic piece of propaganda used to control people.

Anonymous 10:47 AM  

Few of the Reasons Allah is the Devil dressed like God (Wolf in Sheep skin)!
- Allah is supposed to be all good and forgiving (A trick to attract new converts), but in actuality he orders killing of people (No forgiveness) even for burning a book accidently which was written by humans in his name and is full of contradicting dualities.
- Allah and His messenger Muhammad, promoted killing of other humans (God’s Creations, why would God do that, if he is righteous!) to convert them to Islam. Almost most original Muslims were converted by force and deceit, their language and heritage was thrown away!
- Allah and His messenger Muhammad, promoted Slavery of Women and Children, after they killed their husbands and fathers.
- Allah’s House is in the Middle of hot desert, which is like Hell on earth, Hot, dusty and worst possible place one could have erected a house. Yet he wants all Muslims go there, suffer in heat and then kill animals for no reason to sacrifice for his pleasure!
- Allah said do not lie, but ok to lie to Non-Muslims (Contradicting Duality, only Devil does that)
- Allah said do not cheat, but Ok to cheat Non-Muslims
- Allah said if you are Muslim and convert to any religion, other Muslims shall Kill you, but if you’re a Muslim and cornered by non-Muslims, you can tell them you are not a Muslim!!
- Allah said do not break your promise, but you can break your promise with Non-Muslims or your enemies, after you have even promised under the name of Allah.
- Allah said if someone burns Quran you should kill them (why would the God be worried about burning his books, he can make Millions more copies, Only Devil will kill, because he cannot stand it)!
- Allah’s heaven has only Arabic as the official spoken language!! What happened when Arabic was not a spoken language and all of those people around the world lived and die?
- Allah’s heaven is full of false materialistic promises (lies), since heaven is not a materialistic place and its spiritual with Ghosts in it(There are NO virgin spirits/Ghosts, because virginity is not needed there, there is no Sex, since Sex is physical, ..). So people are given false promises!
- Allah Messenger father died before he was born (Why would Allah allow that)
- Allah Messenger Mother died few years after Muhammad was born (Why would Allah Allow that)
- Muhammad grew up in a place which Sex with kids, animals, exchange of wives, drinking, gambling was the norm. He must have been abused sexually as a child, since his behavior as an adult is similar to serial killers of today which have been abused during their childhood. Why would Allah allow his messenger to be in that situation, if he was not the devil???
- Allah said women have to cover themselves (why they were not born with one?), but when they go to Hajj and every man is almost naked (no underwear allowed, only a thin cloth around them), the women should wear something simple, do not cover their face and feet. Which creates a huge sexual tension for both man and women that is indescribable, if you were born as a Muslim in a Muslim country and its restrictions. You have to try it to feel it!! Just walk around with no underwear, a thin cloth around you in the streets in close proximity of unknown men and women! It is a Toga Party!
- Islam is about brotherhood and equality, but few Muslims have everything and 99 percent have nothing!! That is brotherhood and equality under Devils’ law!
- Only a fully contradicting doctrine, could be the work of the Devil himself.. I am sorry!! Look at how miserable are all the Muslim Nations!

Anonymous 8:54 AM  

The teachings of Islam are perfect and ambiguous. That has to be the best explanation of Islam ever.

Babs 7:41 AM  

Good article, Citizen.

However, this made me pause:

"..Once those spouses of sociopaths finally realize that sociopathy exists, and they finally identify their spouse as a sociopath, they have no problem at all ending the relationship and stopping their own victimization...

Perhaps you didn't mean to sound so unequivocal, but unfortunately too often the spouses/partners of sociopaths are so codependent and enmeshed in the relationship that they may be incapable of disentangling themselves, as Sarah has suggested above.

I agree that sociopaths may lack the empathy gene, so to speak, but I also believe that sociopathic behaviour of the type exhibited by Daesh's followers for example can be learned and encultured. Devout Muslims are in a lose/lose situation - after all they are commanded to ape the behaviour of the sociopath who founded their cult.

Little wonder that so many of them exhibit borderline personality disorder-like behaviours.

However, this is NOT to excuse them.

Pray Hard 11:04 AM  

I think you are spot on in one sense, that Islam is a sociopathic "religion" contrived by a sociopath, either as an historic person or contrived mythological entity. However, I think you're being much to understanding of the Islamopanderers in thinking that they don't understand. I think many of them understand perfectly and that they're sociopaths themselves utilizing Islam (and whatever else) simply as a tool to generate, maintain and protect their own malignant narcissism, sanctimony and grandiosity. I say this as evidenced by their abject, instantaneous and explosive rage or, to put it mildly, their 'inappropriate affect', over those disagreeing with them about Islam, Ben Affleck, for instance. The Internet is rife with videos of leftists (and Muslims) going berserk when challenged about Islam/Muslims. These are people defending their own pathology, not people who give a rat's about Islam or any other leftist and or liberal "cause".

Pray Hard 11:08 AM  

"As for Islam in the west, it only wishes to live in harmony with it's neighbors and praise Allah for everything He has laid before us."

Hey, Umraan, is that why Islam has been a slaughterhouse for 1,400 years, has vowed to destroy Western Civilization and, on average, slaughters 2,000 to 5,000 people every month in the name of Islam? You're only deceiving yourself, dude, become apostate and go to therapy.

Alec 12:17 PM  

Your argument is convincing. Sociopaths need to be faced with intelligence, confidence and fearlessness, but never hate.

Mohammed matches every description of sociopathic callousness. He laughed as the 600 Jewish men in Medina were beheaded. The system he created advocates lying (taquiyya), cheating (a Muslim does not have to honor an oath to a non-Muslim) and stealing (jizya) as a means to supreme power and control.

Just as a sociopath gets better and better at being bad, so Islam has gotten better and better at fooling non-Mohammedans.

I haven't read your other posts on Islam, so you may have covered this related, but important point elsewhere.

Just as there were overt and covert causes to WWI, there is more to what is happening in Europe (and the US) with Muslim immigration.

The Hoover Institute presentation assumes that "The West" is civilization. What we have now in US, UK, and Europe is no longer "The West", but something else with very different values.

The system we live under now would never create the freedoms most of us over 50 remember from our youths.

There's plenty of evidence that just as hate was used to manipulate Germans in the years prior to WWII, it's being used now to manipulate Americans and Europeans in the service of some future "race war".

Since the policians will never stop the Muslim hegira, we might as well take the opportunity to share the gospel with as many Muslims as we can, while we still can. These are precious souls caught in the worst kind of slavery than any of us can imagine. Allah is a devil even to his own "people", who are anything but free.

Tuco 10:28 PM  

Very well considered and well-written, but I'd offer one quibble. Methinks you are equating or too closely associating sociopathy with psychopathy.

As one commenter pointed out -- correctly, I believe -- ALL children are born with a strong sense of self-preservation. Even baby birds will brutalize a weaker nestling, often to the death, by violent competition for momma's mouthful of worms. For human toddlers, that same self-preservation bearing is often interpreted as a selfish, possessive, even aggressively demanding "ME-ME-ME" behavior.

Technically, that may be classed as a "sociopathy," but it would seem unfair and inaccurate to label a child, or a baby bird, as an incurable sociopath based on that perfectly normal stage of their social and familial development.

So, are "sociopaths" born that way? Sure. That's the survival instinct. But whether at around age 5, earlier or later, I would venture that good parenting will nurture that little sociopath into becoming a "normal" empathetic youngster; impressing upon them the core values of civility that they will carry forward to become good and decent grownups.

Those who don't? Well, if it's a matter of simply remaining a psychological toddler even into adulthood, that would surely warrant being labeled a sociopath. But that's an environmental thing. Bad parenting or unfortunate circumstances that separated them from the chance at good parenting is assuredly not irreversible.

Again, like some other commenters, I've seen some very nasty sociopaths quite figuratively get 'born again' by religious encounter. The former sociopath manages a true repentance (a turning away) from former ways and even thought patterns and becomes a whole different person. Mea culpa.

Pity the clinical psychopath or other brain damaged or mentally ill person who may truly be deemed irreversible.

But far worse yet would be a social, political, cultural or religious ethos that sanctions and reinforces the unwitting (duped) individual's sociopathy, effectively locking them into it as a prescribed and programmed "normal."

In sum, minus those minor technical or semantic quibbles, I agree -- Islam is precisely that.

Babs 8:35 AM  

@Pray Hard, thanks for your reply above.

If by my being too understanding you mean that I need to analyse the "why" of Islamist supporters, then I accept that, but nevertheless I think we may differ in what we mean by "understanding." Islamist supporters are likely affected by the same BDP pathology as are Islamists themselves, in that they are drawn into the hyped up feelings of Muslim rage (carefully engineered and stoked by religious and other leaders) and cannot regulate those feelings in the way that many of the rest of us can.

Thus, I believe, we are often presented with cycles of OTT behaviour and offence taking from these people, which often spiral out of control, because neither the Islamists nor their supporters can control those feelings and each party feeds off the other - which is indeed evidence of codependent enmeshment.

Explosive rage and inability to control enraged behaviours is one of the first order symptoms of BPD and Islamists' fellow travellers crank them up, I believe, because they get a rush from watching it kick off.

Unknown 7:22 PM  

An excellent article and many thoughtful, well considered comments. It's going to be fun working my way through all this material.

Unknown 5:18 AM  

Thank you for openin my eyesto the reality that not only are these jihadis sociopaths, but so are the liberal wackos running the country

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