Leaders Who Suggest Curbing Muslim Immigration


On the one hand, we know some Muslim women want to move to free countries to get away from Islam, and don't feel they can safely become apostates until they arrive safely in the free country. On the other hand, we have no idea what a Muslim will do when she or he arrives. Will they have ten children and teach them all to be orthodox Muslims? A British study found that second generation Muslims are more likely than their parents to be orthodox, which seems to imply that it doesn't matter if the parents are "radical" or not. It only matters that they consider themselves Muslim.

To be on the safe side, shouldn't we limit Muslim immigration until this kind of thing can be sorted out?

Looking around the world, we can see that the larger the percentage of Muslims in a given country, the more strongly and successfully the politically-active orthodox Muslims among them press for concessions to Islamic norms. Stopping Muslim immigration seems a sensible, obvious, self-preserving measure for a country to take, doesn't it? What do you think? Leave a comment on this article or email me and I'll post it for you.

I'm not the only one to advocate putting a stop to Muslim immigration, of course. Pim Fortuyn led one of the most consequential efforts so far to end Muslim immigration, in his case, to the Netherlands.

In an interview, Mark Steyn was asked, "What should the United States do?"

He said first the U.S. should stop "ideological subversion," meaning we should prevent people like the Saudis from buying their way into places where they have influence, like Middle Eastern studies on college campuses, and building mosques here that teach orthodox Islam, and so on. He said, "If you are not on ideological offense, you're going to get rolled."

Second, he said, "Unless you have real serious cultural confidence, you should not have mass Muslim immigration."

In an article on stealth jihad, this quote is applicable:

"Analyzing the problem is one thing; solving it is another. Robert Spencer’s prescriptions on what to do will rankle some and lead to his further character assassination. He is at his best when calling for the government to impose existing laws — and most gets to the point when he calls for a revival of patriotism, the self-assurance necessary to deny Islamic encroachment, white liberal guilt, and multiculturalist recriminations of the greatest nation in the history of the world. He is at his most questionable in calling on the government to 'End Muslim immigration into the United States.'"

Two Australian politicians, Pauline Hanson and Paul Green, have called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.

Geert Wilders, Wafa Sultan, Bruce Bawer, and the late Oriana Fallaci have also recommended stopping Muslim immigration.

And this is worth reading, written by Dr. Nicolai Sennels, the Danish psychologist who studied the nature of the Muslim criminal mind: Integration, immigration and Islam-related problems: 23 suggestions for laws.

So what do you think? Should free nations stop or limit Muslim immigration? Why? What about the heterodox Muslims? Should they be taken into consideration? Do you think it is unfair to discriminate like this?


Anonymous 11:21 AM  

CW asked, "Should free nations stop or limit Muslim immigration? Why?"

YES! Because the worldview of Muslims is contrary to the worldview of free nations and Muslims will seek to use law and force or barbaric mob rule and terrorism to get the citizens of free nations to submit to their worldview out of the fear of violence or death.

It does not matter if we call them Sunni, Shia, Suffi, Orthodox, Fundamentalist, Moderate or heterodox Muslims. They all adhere to the same worldview based on the Koran and the example of Mohammad.

All immigrants and refugees to the USA, including all Muslims currently living in the USA, must pledge allegiance to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Flag of the USA or be asked to leave. In addition, anyone guilty of teaching sedition against the USA must be penalized or deported. There is no other way.


Citizen Warrior 12:42 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

With the second generation being radical, why arent they being killed by their parents for dishonoring them? They sure do it to their daughters. Maybe all of them need to pass a lie detector test upon entry into country.

Citizen Warrior 12:43 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:


muslim immigration definitely needs to be curbed if western democracies want to preserve their way of life.
Even though many muslims are good, decent people who cherish their lives in the west, away from their islamic hell-hole, there is no way to distinguish these muslims from the rest of the muslims.

But even the good, decent muslims do pay zakat which probably goes to further jihad.

And the good, decent muslims also do not speak up when their jihadi co-religionists go on the rampage so considering everything else, all muslim immigration must stop if the western way of life, its freedoms are to be preserved.

Citizen Warrior 12:44 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

To answer your question I believe the question is what do they contribute to society? Personally I can't think of anything.

Citizen Warrior 12:49 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Most come here to gain the free benefits we provide.

The old days after WW2 you had to have a trade and a sponsor.

To become a citizen, you had to speak English and study our history and government and laws for it.
You were screened if you were a German for example...hmm that is profiling, wonder why? We just fought a war with them.

Citizen Warrior 12:51 PM  

Someone left this comment:

What I feel on this whole thing is totally different from the existing discourse. For me the main question is-what is Real Islam? as this is all Arab Islam,not "Islam the Real" which is, for me, the great ancient non-Arab tradition of non-Arab Asia which I love to call as Hindu Islam also. This Islamic tradition is the Real Authentic tradition of Islam.It is not Koranic but Vedic and its language is not Arabic but Sanskrit. Surprisingly, the AfPak region is its place of birth.

Arab Islam is "for the Arab, by the Arab, of the Arab".Its frame or canvas is Arabia only. Beyond it, it is sheer Imperialism.I have stated this many times-seeking your forgiveness for this- but I just cannot refrain myself from not putting this before you.Please don't mix up Islam with Arab Islam; Islam is different and Arab Islam is different.Go for the Real Islam; you will land up somewhere else.My Islam which is the great ancient tradition of non-Arab Islam of non-Arab Asia is totally different from this Arab brand of Islam; it is neither violent nor hate-promoting; it is extremely tolerant and democratic.Nor it is anti-West.It exists in perfect harmony with the West.It produces a person like Gandhi, not Osama and exports peace, understanding and democracy,not terrorism.Please don't mix up True Islam with Arab Islam , both are fundamentally different in nature and character. Gandhi represents the truest and purest form of Islam.

Non-Arab Asia(ie India) is the real land of Islam (ie Hindu Islam).

Citizen Warrior 12:54 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

How to stop muslim immigration?

Change immigration refugee policy to acceptance only of persecuted religious minorities (Christians)
eliminate from the Human Rights charter the right to be offended or humiliated.

Any accepted immigrants that want to import families must show proof of pre-payment of medical insurance covering a 5-year period.

Citizens marrying a foreigner are responsible financially for the foreigner for a 3-year period.

CANADA has recently implemented the above.

Old age pension is eligible only to people who have resided in country for at least ten years any immigrant convicted of an offense requiring six-month emprisonment or more will be deported afterwards (this is for people in country since a certain number of years or newly arrived) CANADA will be implementing the above separation of church and state: no wearing of ostentatious (visible) religious symbols in public education system and tax-funded institutions (no more hijabs)

QUEBEC is supposed to implement the above.

It's a beginning but better than nothing.

Citizen Warrior 12:56 PM  

Someone just emailed this comment:

I am totally, utterly, and completely against muslim immigration. It is inviting the enemy into your own house.

I am also against giving any of my hard earned tax dollars to any muslim country, while we go deeper into debt every day. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

Islam and Christianity are COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE. Islamic law (shariah), and the Constitution of the United States are COMPLETELY INCOMPATIBLE. The only solution is isolation and containment. (we live here, you live there)

Why is this, you ask? I can boil it down for you in two simple sentences, even though there are so many differences it would take too long to write about them.

Christianity says to love, bless, and pray for your enemies. Islam says to subjugate, humiliate, and kill your enemies.

Why is the general public not aware of this? Islam is a death cult, and you are signing America's death warrant by allowing it to flourish in America.

I am appalled that the USA's leaders and the general public have not come to realize this.

Furthermore, I think Islam should be officially classified as a CULT, not a RELIGION, thereby denying any protections that would be given to religions in general. Of course, if the USA would have stuck by the Bible they would have this sense and we wouldn't be going through this now. This is what we get as a nation for denying God. It was really eerie by the way, when I heard the democrat party deny God three times at their convention, while voice voting on what should be in their party platform, and then boo when the yeas for "God" got chosen as the audible winners. De ja vu of the story of Peter in the Bible.

Isolation and containment are the most kind and humane solutions available. This is not "racism" or "discrimination". It is "survival for the West".

The USA needs to "grow a pair" and start being proud, not apologetic, for western values.

Citizen Warrior 12:39 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Yes, Stopping Muslim Immigration would be a very wise policy for starters, and the sooner the better. Even returning some of them who have recently arrived within say the last year might also be a good idea and an excellent policy decision to counter balance the situation that has evolved here, namely that of the 'radicalization of Muslims into becoming following the dictates of jihad and the dictates of their leaders which seek to destroy western civilization and its ugly house, that being the United States and its Constitutional form of Government and elsewhere globally. This would seem to be common sense.

Citizen Warrior 12:43 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Since their laws and lifestyle are so destructive and incompatible to our own we should stop immigration of Muslims.

Citizen Warrior 12:45 AM  

Someone emailed this cheery thought:

Muslims are seeking asylum for different reasons. Some because of persecution, economic needs and to invade free countries (stealth Jihad).

No leader will stop Muslim immigration and people are so apathetic all they do is whine and do nothing. (aside from sending each other emails.)

I have asked my list not to send me any unless there is also the relevant politicians address in the address bar. I rarely get them now.

What needs to be done is to make their countries safe so there is no excuse for leaving.

This means all out war with countries these people are fleeing from.

Christians stand up for what they believe in to the same extent as the Muslims do.

It will never happen and as far as I'm concerned Islam has won already.

Citizen Warrior 12:47 AM  

This was my answer:


Citizen Warrior 2:55 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Keep all Muslims out of the US now and forever!

Citizen Warrior 3:03 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Now more than ever before, Citizen Warrior has to expose Islam's prime directive, to put the whole world under Islam and Shari law...people unwitting are being told we are not sensitive to this religion, while at the same time we are striping religious freedoms from Christians.

Citizen Warrior 11:50 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

Curbing? It needs to be stopped. Those not citizens, deported. In fact, I’d prefer all of them be deported.

We constantly hear what should be done, but nothing is done. Those that run the country choose to ignore us, or rather is it that only a few of us are protesting to their legislators?

Not sure what it is; however, I see no action, at all.

We can vote legislators out, but what if we don’t have enough votes? And…we have no control over our legislators once in office. They do what they want.

Unless, many of us join hands, speak up, protest in large numbers, we will lose. That may be the only thing, besides a re-vo-lu-*tion that will get our legislators’ attention.

Citizen Warrior 12:04 AM  

There IS effective action taking place, and it's about to get a lot better. First of all, ACT! for America now has a large enough membership that Congresspeople HAVE to consider what they say because the group is large enough to effect a Congressperson's election, so doors are opening for their lobbyist. And that membership is growing. They've had many legal and political successes already and they're really just getting started. You should sign up for their email alerts:


Second, some great legislation is being passed in Tennessee and they are in the process of documenting what they're doing so other states can duplicate their success at passing anti-Sharia legislation. You should sign up for the Tennessee Freedom Coalition's updates too:


John Sobieski 3:54 PM  

I would propose a 20 year moratorium on Muslim immigration to the US. That would give us time to evaluate the problem and how Muslims are evaluated for immigration and how they integrate. Clearly it has become a major problem as you see Muslims suing businesses for special accomodations and everyone being afraid of offending Muslims and being sued or attacked.

Citizen Warrior 11:57 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

We absolutely and certainly should limit or eliminate Muslim immigration. Islam is simply incompatible with U.S. laws, customs, and our constitution. No one who espouses Islam should be allowed to immigrate any more than someone who espouses violent revolution. To permit such immigration is like cutting yourself and then intentionally pouring in germs and bacteria. Keep doing that and you will die!

Anonymous 6:23 PM  

I believe Muslim immigration must be stopped altogether, and with no building of new mosques or wearing of traditional clothing in public. Any "laws" within the existing community is OK, as long as they do not conflict with laws and rights as per our Bill of Rights. There will be no freebies like welfare or food stamps. If you don't like the rules, stay where you are or go back where you came from. And oh yeah...if you are already here, the only flag that matters is the flag of the USA. That goes for everybody...not just Muslims. PERIOD.

Frenchy05 1:16 PM  

Hi, here in France the situation is terrible and it is may be too late.
The world events (Israel, Syria ...) transform muslims into jihadist against western civilization. Qatar invest a lot of money in our poor areas to take the control and french police can not go inside it. The conflict take part in small every day life (work, transport) with a form of pressure and provocations, and big events (attack of trains, murders and so). And I do not talk about the no morality of muslim community. We will maybe have a civil war in the next 10 years. Please if you can keep some democratic places safe from muslims to preserve civilization.

Anonymous 9:41 PM  

To stop their invasion you have to stop your Government to bring them. I support your attitude and suggest you fid in your round people who thinking same and start to act before it to late.

Anonymous 9:25 AM  

Yes, we need to stop Muslim immigration to the United States. Why? Because they are not interested in living with others. They want you to either convert to Islam or die. No it's not just the "radicals" that believe this. I live in a country where covering your face (excluding holidays like Halloween) is NOT accepted but they say I have to accept it. NO. This is MY country and you cannot walk around with your face covered where I don't know who I'm talking to or is walking next to me. This is NOT a religious belief. It is a rule that Muslim pedophile men created to control women. In my neighborhood terrorists have been arrested who were planning bombings. Several times federal agents have raided apartments of Muslims involved in illegal activities. They lie to your face that they accept everyone but they follow a "religion" (it's not)that tells them to kill anyone who doesn't convert to Islam. Every country where their numbers have grown have had growing problems with "honor" killings, very young children being married to old men (pedophiles), women being beaten, etc. Also, other religions don't condone suicides, it's a sin but for Muslims it's the ultimate way to die to get your 72 virgins (again only a sick pedophile would write this rule). They say they want to see the flag of Islam flying over the White House, not the American flag. The U.S. needs to wake up before we have a war within our country to remove them.
If it wasn't for oil Muslim countries would have perished a long time ago. Our money sustains them. They contribute nothing to society except hatred and repression. I live among them and see the real hatred they have for us. They even burned the American flags a local veteran had on his car. DON'T BELIEVE THEIR LIES.

Unknown 11:39 AM  

Yep stop letting muslims in. I feel no need to explain myself thanx

Anonymous 1:38 AM  

A prominent Calgary imam, Syed Soharwardy of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, recently declared that many Muslims should go back to their Muslim-majority homelands.

It is against Islam, he said, for Muslims to migrate to non-Muslim countries for the purpose of economic betterment.

On his Facebook page, later relayed through the website Blazing Cat Fur, Imam Soharwardy wrote, “Muslims never migrated to non-Muslim countries for economic reasons, looking for good jobs and better life style. In fact, this is against Islam’s reasons for migration towards a non-Muslim country. Please go back.”

He’s right. In fact, conventional Muslim belief holds migration to non-Muslim countries to be a major sin, except when the faithful have the opportunity to proselytize and work toward establishing sharia law. They can stay on if their presence in any non-Muslim land does not result in apostasy or bar them from discharging their religious obligations.

full story:


Anonymous 6:35 PM  

We need at least a 40 year moratorium on Muslim immigration to the West if we want our countries to stay peaceful, tolerant and free and not become victims of sharia law subversion, foreign policy hijacking, constant anti-Semitic incitement, and in some cases outright jihadist violence.

Why 40 years as a minimum? Because we need at least that long to assimilate the Muslims we have here now, a sizeable percentage whom don't disagree with radicalism. Two generations of intermarriage and western acclimation should help, but we should strongly encourage Christian and other non Muslim immigration.

Even if Muslims were as peace-loving, capitalistic, patriotic, committed to pluralism and aligned with our Western foreign policies as other world groups, their growing numbers would still be an issue. The West, and the US in particular, is founded on a separation of church and state with freedom of religion for all. But the founding fathers of all these could never have foreseen a huge number of non-Christians immigrating to the country and upsetting the social balance. The only non-Christians they could ever have envisioned were Jews, people with 2000 years of experience living as tiny peaceful minorities in host countries. Jews have never moved somewhere and started jihad.

People are happiest living in relatively homogenous nations. The US is actually relatively homogenous - religiously - with a massive Christian or secular/Christian majority. The whole country comes together at Christmas, and non-Christians are respected. And US culture in general smooths differences and replaces it with Americanism. But as strong as this national characteristic is, it has limits. And even the Great Melting Pot could become societally and religiously balkanized to disastrous effect. Only liberal no-minds deny this reality.

If the US ever got to even 10% Muslim it would be a big problem, with calls for Muslim public schools and for the Fed to issue sharia compliant bonds and all the other craziness that the UK etc are playing footsie with. Look at France…only 10% Musliims and it's total chaos.

Walter Sieruk 10:21 AM  

This is a reminder of Trump's idea of stopping most and possibly all Muslims from entering the United States until the American government authorities and well as national and homeland security agencies are better able to know to handle the problem of Islamic terrorism. If such a proposal is Constitutional or unconstitutional is a subject the may be of hot debate. For both sides of the topic do have strong arguments to support their case. Likewise if this idea is a good one or not, as would be the implication of this idea of practical for America's safety or would it counterproductive for Homeland Security is also a subject of great debate. Nevertheless, there is one thing on this subject that many Americans may not have stopped to wonder about ,then think about and then ask themselves the very important question. Which is "Just what was the result of the policy of the French government allowing to many Muslims to enter into France ?" In other words, was the outcome of allowing such a large number of Muslim immigrants in the nation of France good and constructive or did it result and murders ,rapes riots and other kinds of chaos ? "

apostate 1:09 PM  

This wouldn't work at all.

Muslims are permitted to lie about their faith, yes? We have seen that lying to any non-Muslim is perfectly permissible according to their rules and traditions.

So if a Muslim was applying to enter a Western country, he would simply not state he was not Muslim. He would say he was Christian, or atheist, or Hindu or whatever.

Then, in response to this, the immigration services would have to come up with something like: limit or prevent entry to all people of Muslim appearance, or who are for whatever reason suspected to be Muslim, even when the very individuals themselves deny it.

So you see, this would create a scenario in which innocent people who have completely rejected Islam are discriminated against, to the point of persecution and being unjustly refused entry, just because perhaps they have a Muslim name through marriage or through being born to a Muslim family, then turned apostate.

Or it may even be, people with brown skin or from countries with relatively high Muslim contingency who possibly "look Muslim" to Westerners but who are nothing of the sort.

Would you say that would be fair?

Ben 4:26 PM  

In reply to Apostte:

Egyptians carry ID cards which identify Muslims. I suspect that other states in Dar ul-Islam have the same system. Card check time, right up front.

Then there is the practical exam. Traditional Islamic dress and fitra are warning signs, which can be obfuscated on convenient occasions. Does he have a zilbab?

Call the prosepective immigrant in for an interview scheduled so that he will be in the waiting room durring prayr time. Play a recorded Adhan and watch his reaction.

Greet him with the traditional Muslim greeting in Arabic and observe his response. is it sincere or pro forma?

Churches have sign in sheets. Do mosques? If so, check the records of the mosques near his residence and work place.

Bring his family in, ask his children what they think of Jews & Christians.

Ask the apostate why he broke Allah's yoke. Did he convert? if not, why not? If he did, check for baptismal and attendance records. Check his references.

Check blood pressure, pulse, respiration & pupil dilation/constriction while exposing him to pictures of Israeli and American flags and soldiers in uniform.

Citizen Warrior 1:38 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

I am largely with Mark Steyn on this.

The militant encroachment of Islam can be made illegal though in a subversive way and that is through the "Freedom of Religion" laws existant in all civiized western nations.

Freedom comes with responsability, namely to respect other peoples' freedom in the same field.
Islam does not do that as is blatantly obviously stated in their scripture which says : Islam is the only valid religion to have or exist; anything else must be eradicated and its followers subjugated in some form or another to the point of death.

Our Freedom of Religion acts have to be modified only slightly to take legally care of this problem.
And that is by adding a stipulation that no religion in its "holy" writ or by any other means shall call for the eradication and or subjugation of other religions (and can not call itself superior).

In other words the respect for others has to be written into the law.

At once, the Koran is made illegal and has to be rewritten or banned.Since the latter is not likely to be enforced any time soon after we could go after mosques and imams that preach the offensive sections of their ideology.That cannot be done now even though it looks like that France is moving in that direction, maybe under hate speech legislation, after the Nov 13 attacks.

I am not a jurist so I leave the fine wording to them but you get the drift.

About 10 years ago I wrote to my fellow countryman Wilders to initiate banning the koran under hate speech legislation.He apparently considered this suggestion so hot that he didn't even deign a polite reply.

What could be the repercussions of the adaptation of FoR legislation as suggested above? Our most important "friend" in the islamic world has banned the bible or any other religious texts, open worship other than Islam is punishable by death so what could they say?Not a leg to stand on.

Just my 2 cents.

Citizen Warrior 1:40 AM  

Someone emailed this comment:

The only way to hinder the muslim plan to take over the west is by curbing their "invation" to protect the western culture, way of living and the many peaceful different religions. If we don't do that we will slowly get killed beheaded, run down by cars, made to second hand citizen in our own countries by always live in fear for our lives even if we are forced to pay a socalled" protection" tax.

It is the 3 jihada now comming to the rest of the world. Look at the middle east how they slowely have gotten read of all the different religions who once flourish there........all gone only the jews are left intheir old country...... that is why the arabs hate them.

Now the west have to stand up for ouur values.

Close the doors to muslims and start to send them back.
1 Take all the criminals and send them to where they came from or the country of their parents.
2. Take all the muslims who in second and 3rd generation have received social welfare, without they ever have contributed to the land they live in.
3.Take all muslims who through moskees, or over internet spread their hatefull ideology, that all infidels must be killed or forced to convert to the evil islam.
4. Take all the useless muslims youths who make problems in the streets and treaten other peoples life.
See we are not killing them, just telling them, you are not suited to live in civilized country, you have to go bach to your sharia law, to the primitive way your countries rules.
Our lives depend on it, they can always go back to ME, we have only our western world to live in as a free citizen.
We have to start to stand up for the west.

Anonymous 8:55 PM  

I believe, not comment, but constructive suggestion is more appropriate. In point of terrorism, men can be divided into three major groups: (01) Normal (non-terrorist), (02) Terrorists and (03) 'Peliters' (abbreviation for 'Persons likely to become terrorists'). Terrorists can be easily identified because they fight in various places under different names. It is extremely difficult to identify the 'Peliters' who roam in the society with innocent looks, and then all on a sudden expose their ugly faces.

Even though the terrorists may come from many religions, in this age it comes mostly (if not entirely) from one single religion. Earlier we felt ashamed to mention its name. But after the destruction of WTC, damage of Pentagon, Paris incident etc. we love to openly declare its name, and it is Islam. Definitely all its followers are or will not be terrorists, but all of them can be taken to be 'Peliters' for good reasons.

The sufferers or probable sufferers of terrorism should remain vigilant about the 'Peliters'. They can be identified by their dresses, associates, food habit etc. In every country the government should form organizations for identifying and keeping watch on the 'Peliters'. The patriotic citizens should be invited supply their information and so on.

At present only the followers of Islam should be included in this program. New religions may be included later in this list depending up on the situation.

Anonymous 10:45 AM  

On Mark Steyn
I fail to comprehend how you can give any credence to an extremist like Mark Steyn.
Although I admire his dogged resistance to the stealthy imposition of sharia law in Canada, he has numero0us other political positions that I roundly condemn and that make him completely untrustworthy.
Firstly, he has actively collaborated on the radio program of the crank Rush Limbaugh, whose many extremist outbursts and lies clearly mark him as a lying degenerate.
Secondly, Steyn is himself an obnoxious clown who flatly denies the possibility of global warming, although 97% of the world’s 1100 or so TOP CLIMATE RESEARCHERS (NOT 97% of SCIENTISTS, as President Obama cluelessly claimed) find the global warming hypothesis at least plausible.
The mere fact that someone hates Islam does not make her opinions credible on other subjects.

Anonymous 7:36 PM  

"Someone left this comment:

What I feel on this whole thing is totally different from the existing discourse. For me the main question is-what is Real Islam?........ Islam , both are fundamentally different in nature and character. Gandhi represents the truest and purest form of Islam. Non-Arab Asia(ie India) is the real land of Islam (ie Hindu Islam)."
The above comment is a completely wrong statement. HINDUISM is a different religion which is entirely different from Islam. In Quran Mohammad used this term to denote "those who took shelter (of god)" and meant Jews, Christians and Muslims. He in fact started his career first to attract the followers of the first two religions, pretending that he was a follower of their gods. Later he separated him and started abusing and even fighting them.

Hinduism is a peace loving religion. The Muslims have done immeasurable oppression on these people after they came to India in the 11th century. The act was resisted during British period (1757-1947), then they got little scope to continue the same in India, but continued in East and West Pakistan. They are still doing it in Bangladesh. Last month a student leader of the ruling party (Awami League) killed the child in the womb of a Hindu mother in Noakhali district, because the lady was listening to her religious songs.

I believe in such a context any HINDU would hate to associate the term Islam with their religion.

Anonymous 8:20 AM  

The question is should we allow them into our country? Think of the value that Muslims can bring to our country.

Let’s think about all the innovations that the Muslim world has made to improve the human condition over the last 150 years. Think of the impact that the Islam has made in technology, in transportation, in communications, in medicine, the list goes on.

Let’s think about the Muslim companies that have produced advances in automobiles. I can’t think of any.
What about Muslim computers? I’ve never heard of any.
What about the advances in Telephony? I’ve never heard of a Muslim telephone.
What about their advanced technology in household appliances, which improve the lives of Muslim women? I’m not familiar with any of those either.
What about their new Medical procedures? No beheading is as old as Muslims.
One might say what about their oil? They didn’t produce it, and if hadn’t been for Westerners it would still in the ground.

Well what has the Muslim world produced in the last 150 years, other than more Muslims? I can’t wait to be informed.

The Islamic doctrine teaches and requires complete submission. It teaches one to accept rather than criticize. A person must have critical thinking to innovate. If a person spends 5 times per day in submission to Allah, they have little time for creative thought. There are two things that Muslims have learned to produce; TERROR in the hearts of the unbeliever( the Kafir) and more Muslims.

I am sorry if that sounds Islamophobic, but I call critical thinking.

White Anglo Saxon 2:47 AM  

This is a major problem. Washington DC has lost touch with the American people. The only solution that has a real chance is Article V of the US Constitution aka the Convention of the States. Get involved, look into it. There are states that are already voting on it.

Anonymous 4:18 PM  

my country is the muslim majority. but our president wont send worker anymore to middle east. working in middle east is now banned. why? because everytime they promised our people a job, end up being slave and send the body back to my country. (dead)
so .. middle east still practice slavery. it is in the quran, so they say they can not remove the slavery practice. Quran = pro slavery.
fuck black people that convert to muslim, the only religion nowadays that still support slavery.
they were slave back then. the word slave and black is the same in arab. how could black people do this? so cruel

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