Why Do We See Such a Lack of Decisive Action?


Tonight on Facebook, I saw an article by Daniel Greenfield about Muslim refugees being allowed to bring their pregnant child brides with them to Europe (read the article here).

Someone asked a question: "Why are child sex abuse and exploitation laws being ignored?"

Good question. We are witnessing Western civilization twisting itself into ever tighter knots because of a profound inner conflict. Two principles that almost all of us strongly believe in are clashing with intensity: We believe everyone should be able to live as they wish, believe what they want to believe, and practice their own religion and customs. On the other hand, we believe nobody should ever be allowed to abuse children.

And you can see what this kind of inner conflict does: It paralyzes action.

A similar conflict is happening with many different issues wherever Islam is coming into contact with the free world. Followers of Islamic doctrine have been historically very good at putting the free world into double binds, and this is another good example.

The inner conflict is preventing decisions from being made. When decisions stop, nothing happens to resolve the problem.

But notice something: Those who are educated about Islam do not have this conflict and are not paralyzed. If you would like to see less paralysis and more decisive action, the solution is obvious: We need more of us to see Islam for what it is. We need to get serious about skillfully getting this information into the minds of our fellow non-Muslims.

Politicians are failing to accomplish this. The media is too. It's up to us.


Brian Walsh 11:06 AM  

I have wondered about this for some considerable time! Why are there no protest meetings in places like the Millenium Stadium and the Wembley Stadium in London and other stadiums around the British Isles in conjunction with protests all around the world such as New York, Sydney, Auckland, Paris, Berlin and many other major cities that are being affected by this insiduous invasion of Islam. Hitler and Napoleon would be amazed at how easy this invasion of Islam has been planned and executed. I am actually amazed at how the British people are just having to sit back and take all this nonsense. The Moors almost succeeded in controlling Europe and thank the good Lord for El Cyd. Now we need MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE another El Cyd. All we appear to be getting at the moment are a bunch of Lord Chamberlains who, if it had not been for our saviour Winston Churchill, we would all be speaking German by now. Sorry to go on but stupidity and lack of backbone by our politicians in Westminster really gets my blood boiling. All it takes is to pass strict and (ok) ruthless laws to countermand this invasion and bring the world back into an age of sanity Lets not keep waffling on between ourselves. We all talk about what should be done - but no one is doing it and if it is not too late already, it very soon will be! I live in Cyprus, and you can see why, but it grieves me to see that Britain is slowly being turned into a Muslim state due to the lack of proper control by it's so-called leaders. Our Glorious Dead of two world wars would turn in their graves if they could see what the fought and died for We have so many people - ok some of them are not even Christians - who resent this usurping of our green and pleasant land. There are so many people around the world who resent this God-forsaken activity by the Muslims so, let's get together and consolidate by forming a sort of world society. Anything - so long as we can get something moving. There is strength and power in numbers - as the Muslims very well know, so let us join together and fight this menace in our midst!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian

Pray Hard 7:44 AM  

Mobama is about to start a war on us, that is, vocal Christians, Jews and Secularists who oppose Islamism. Although there have been some swing-right elections in Europe, Canada is now run by a leftist dhimmi of the lowest order and Australia has been taken over by leftists in something of a political coup. I fear that, soon, prosecutions will start against anyone who speaks out against Islam.

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