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Someone left the following comment on the article, What Part of Our Culture is Worth Preserving? and I thought it was worth sharing to a broader audience. The commenter wrote:

Instead of rejecting multiculturalism, we need to tell the multiculturalists: "You're right! Multiculturalism is good! That's why Islam is a problem. It intends to establish a monoculture over the longer run!"

If we hate on multiculturalism, we make enemies of people who could be our allies against Islam. If we attack multiculturalism, we make people who could be allies reject us because they think, understandably, that WE want a monoculture instead. No. What we want is freedom and pluralism and, yes, multiculturalism. And that is precisely why Islam must be stopped, because IT will establish a monoculture.

As we've said here before, it's not multiculturalism that causes problems, but blind multiculturalism — multiculturalism without distinction.

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Walter Sieruk 12:06 PM  

This is a reminder that it's good to remember and take heed of the wise words of Theodore Roosevelt who declared "There is no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only one hundred percent Americanism, only for those who are American and nothing more."

Analee 5:17 PM  

I agree. I grew up in an area that's highly multicultural and my own background is made up of 6 different European etnicities and American Indian. the thing is, in the area I grew up in everybody was willing to respect the law of the land and was respectful of a core Judeo - Christian heritage. Of course there were ethnic groups that stuck more to themselves but they weren't trying to impose their laws or way of life on anybody. Of course there were troublemakers too. Multiculturalism takes time - it isn't something people want shoved down their throats (like they've tried to do in Sweden ) And if people in a country don't want multiculturalism, that's fine too - alot of European countries have been taking in foreigners for a long time and most can integrate, but noe look at who's causing problems all over the world.

Citizen Warrior 1:55 AM  

Someone emailed this comment: This person makes a very valid point. Monoculturalism is a term that should be strongly linked with Islam. It's concise and to the point, and it is instructive. It should be widely promoted as unique to Islam; as Islam's ultimate goal. It also eliminates the appearance of bigotry.

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