You Can Help the Counterjihad Reach a Bigger Audience — But You Must Act Quickly


Next Wednesday in Washington DC a massive Stop Iran Rally will be held, featuring speakers Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck and Donald Trump. We have an opportunity to get Brigitte Gabriel up on that stage too. If enough people nominate her, she'll get the chance.

Gabriel (the President of ACT! for America) is willing to speak about why the deal with Iran is potentially as disastrous as Neville Chamberlain’s deal with Nazi Germany. Her voice should be heard at that rally.

Here’s how to nominate her:

2. Fill in your own information on the first page. (Note that your cell phone number is NOT required.)

3. Check the option “Recommending someone else” and hit the continue button.

4. Fill in the boxes accordingly:
  • “First Name of Recommended Speaker”: Brigitte
  • “Last Name of Recommended Speaker”: Gabriel
  • “Recommended Speaker’s Cell Phone Number”: 757-456-2724“Recommended Speaker’s Email Address”:“Title of Recommended Speaker”: President of ACT for America
  • “Is the recommended speaker a US Senator of US Congressman, or other?”: No, this person is not a Member of Congress
5. Hit the Continue Button

6. Fill in the boxes accordingly:
  • “Recommended Speaker’s Organization”: ACT for America
  • “Recommended Speaker’s Bio or Credentials”: As the founder of the nation’s largest national security grassroots organization, Brigitte Gabriel is uniquely qualified to articulately address the very real dangers facing the U.S. and Israel if the Iran Deal is allowed to stand.
  • “Other Information about the Recommended Speaker”: (In your own words, share what Brigitte’s courageous stand for the nation means to you!)
7. Hit the Submit Button

This event will get good media coverage. Would you like to have the message of our cause heard by more people? Take the time to help Brigitte Gabriel get on that stage.


Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster 5:46 PM  

I will try and make it. Robert at OSINT News:

Walter Sieruk 8:32 AM  

Early this year Brigitte Gabriel was on television on Fox News and she was right on the mark when she explained about this current President. For she stated that "Obama is more interested protection the image of Islam then in protecting the American public."

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