What's New With Geert Wilders


The Winston Churchill of our time — Geert Wilders — was recently interviewed by Jamie Glazov. Watch the interview below. Among the highlights are these:

1. Wilders is out to create an international organization, a freedom alliance, to stop the Islamization of the free world.

2. Although most politicians are still out of the loop, the general population is beginning to understand the problem of Islam.

3. It's not just politicians on the left who perpetuate ignorance about Islam. Many leaders from both sides of the aisle are clueless about Islam's prime directive, and their lack of understanding is endangering us all.


Anonymous 6:31 PM  

Where are the thousands of Christian churches in America and millions of their members and what are they doing? Based on my knowledge and experience, I can tell you that the overwhelming are doing or saying nothing. Many are apathetic and ignorant. I even had a church deacon tell me that "Jihad is holy".

Unless they become involved they will reap what they didn't sow: Islam Theocracy with Shari Law. It is coming sooner that many of them suspect.

What do we do get them involved?


Citizen Warrior 11:14 PM  

The answer for Christians is the same answer for everyone: The way to get them involved is to educate them on the subject. Bill Warner has been speaking to church groups and having good success. I suggest you do the same thing. Ask Warner for pointers.

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