Geert Wilders is a Kufr


A reader named D. Taylor, sent us the following message:

As I read the excellent article about loving all things kufr, I envisioned all kinds of possible buttons:

Einstein was a kufr
Shakespeare was a kufr
Galileo was a kufr
Michelangelo was a kufr
Vivaldi, Bach, Strauss, Beethoven, Wagner... all kufrs
Martin Luther King Jr was a kufr
Gandhi was a kufr
Elvis was a kufr

Artists would like to wear a button that says:

Rembrandt was a kufr
DaVinci was a kufr
Monet was a kufr
Manet was a kufr
Picasso was a kufr

Atheists could list Carl Sagan
Southerners could list General R.E. Lee or Jefferson Davis

John Wayne was a kufr
Orson Wells was a kufr

... and all that was before getting to the bottom of the article where you solicit artists to help out..., I'd like to add to the request: ask computer programmers to create a web page or app wherein anyone can plug in the name of their favorite kufr. Such buttons would show just how much of our wonderful world comes to us from the (free) minds and hearts of notorious kufrs. Besides, people like to wear things that tell others what they do, who they are, and what they like.

Of course, this only works with famous people who lived after 622 A.D. (Recall that they claim that Jesus was a muslim!)

My favorite button would say: "Jesus Loves kufrs." (Not just because it is true, but because it would be so inflammatory.)

I hope to see something soon so I can start printing buttons for myself (one for every day of the week) and for all my friends.

Thank you for all you do for civilization.


Elsa 5:33 AM  

Great suggestions. And the list goes on and on.
Buddha was a Kufr. Shiva was a Kufr. Confucius was a Kufr. Santa was a Kufr. Tinker Bell was a Kufr.

Martin P. 10:09 PM  

Ah Clem says it: "kufr" is not a word for people but aabstract word that means "unbefief". A "kafir" is an unbeliever, an infidel, the arab plural of that word is "kuffar".

Greg Hamilton 10:57 AM  

As Ah Clem says, all the great people mentioned are examples of kaffirs, non-believers. They lived and worked in a state of kufr, unbelief; the word has its origins in the sense of "to cover", in this case, to cover that which is seen as the truth. These are starting points. We don't have to stick to conventional Islamic meanings of the word, we can use it and define it for our own purposes - the purpose of fighting back against Islam.

Kufr is a more general and profound term than kaffir because it goes to the heart of Islam which is the battle between belief and unbelief;the House of Islam and the House of War; the core tension and dynamic of jihad; the dividing line within the heart of every Muslim between belief and doubt. It's this profundity which gives the term such power, especially when used in the context of "I love kufr".

As well as affirming all the wonderful aspects of the civilisations based on/in kufr, we aim to nourish kufr in the heart of every Muslim. And in this we cherish the hope that Islamic belief will one day be a distant memory and no-one will live in its malign shadow - not even Muslims.

Citizen Warrior 12:49 PM  

Amen. Well said Greg.

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