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Facebook tracks what you do on the web. It doesn't just track what you do on Facebook; it tracks whatever you do online. And Facebook is not the only company doing this. Tracking your web activity allows companies to serve you ads tailored to your unique interests.

If this intrusion into your privacy bothers you, The Wire has published a simple solution that only takes a few minutes. And it doesn't cost anything. All you have to do is click here. That will take you to a website that automatically scans your browser to see what companies have loaded tracking cookies on it (so you'll have to do this with each browser if you use more than one).

When it's done scanning (it takes a couple of minutes) you can click the big button you will see near the bottom of the page, and it will clear all of those tracking cookies from your browser. Or you can choose cookies to remove individually if you prefer.

When you're done, you will see a link to an add-on (in Firefox) or an app (in Chrome) you can add to your browser to prevent these tracking cookies from being loaded into your browser in the future.

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Anonymous 6:23 PM  

Greatly appreciated. Transferred to friends.

Citizen Warrior 9:26 PM  

We received the following comment via email:

This is a misleading article. If you do not use at least two different sorts of scanning software OFTEN (almost daily if you surf the web at all on you computer), you will have bad guy software installed that does far more than put cookies onto your computer.

That is why I stay away from all social media sites and now use a more secure way to have confidential discussions.

The web has become VERY insecure during the past 5 years, and this article greatly understates the problem.

Want to blow your mind? Check out this site: Keep in mind that this information also includes disinformation. That is now a fact of life, and most people have no idea what disinformation really is, or how it affects each of us.

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