Orthodox Muslims Use a Schoolyard Bully's Technique


When a bully wants to pick a fight with someone, what does he do? He could just come up and hit his victim. But usually that's not what happens. More likely, a bully will call him names, insult his mother, insult his manhood, "accidentally" knock his books out of his hands, trip him, embarrass him — a bully will do anything and everything he can think of to get a rise out of his victim — and then when the victim tries to defend himself, he uses the victim's hostility as an excuse to beat him up.

He puts his victim in a painful double-bind. If he stays silent or runs away, he is publicly humiliated. If he fights to defend himself, he risks losing his teeth and getting expelled from school for being a troublemaker.

This is the same double-bind technique used by orthodox Muslims since the time of Mohammad.

In Mecca, even before Mohammad had a huge, well-armed following, he provoked others in the city, criticizing them in public. They responded by criticizing Mohammad and Islam, which Mohammad said was an attack on the one true religion — an attack that must be defended.

While he was in Mecca, Mohammad was protected by his uncle, a powerful and influential elder, so his detractors didn't go too far. But when Mohammad's uncle died, the Meccans basically threw Mohammad out of their town. Mecca was known far and wide for its religious tolerance, but what can you do with someone who is so intolerant of everyone else's religion?

Later Mohammad attacked the caravans of Mecca, killing the camel drivers and carrying off the booty, which he justified because the Meccans had censored him and rejected Allah. In other words, they had "attacked" Islam, and Mohammad was merely avenging Allah and defending Islam. He eventually used the same justification for attacking and capturing the entire city of Mecca.

So let's look at the big picture here. Mohammad provoked the Meccans, antagonized them, called them names, embarrassed them, defamed their religions, and when they tried to defend their religions, he used their defensive hostility as an excuse to beat them up.

Every devout Muslim knows he should follow Mohammad's example, so we see Islamic supremacists doing the very same thing today.

Orthodox Muslims try to spread Islam. When anyone tries to hinder Islam's aggressive encroachment, Muslims consider it an "attack" on the one true religion, and "defend" the attack. It's schoolyard bullies on a bigger scale.

So what's the solution? What's the best way to deal with bullies? Either you need an authority to intervene — an authority with enough power to enforce their authority — or you need to have a strong enough deterrent so the bully doesn't want to mess with you. If you are carrying a baseball bat in one of your hands, for example, a bully is not likely to knock the books out of your other hand.

A willingness to use force will often deter a bully. But you had better not be bluffing. As Lee Harris said, "In a world full of bluffers, the ruthless will rule." Someone will eventually call your bluff and then they will really bully you.

Of course, dealing with orthodox Muslims, part of this "willingness to use force" means military force. But there are many ways to use force. Here are some examples:

A group of orthodox Muslims tried to intimidate people into silence with lawsuits. They were served with a lawsuit by the people at Mapping Sharia.

Orthodox Muslims have organized and lobbied, and they exert a strong influence on politicians who are afraid of offending such an organized lobby. ACT! For America has organized to defeat them.

Orthodox Muslims rioted and violently tried to intimidate newspapers. But some defied them, and the more newspapers and bloggers that defied them, the more the violence defeated its own purpose by promoting defiance to their suppression.

When we can see what orthodox Muslims are doing as simple bullying, the solution to the problem becomes clear and even obvious. We do not need appeasement, bluffing, or propitiation because those will only encourage the bullies. We need strength, unity, firmness, and a willingness to use force if necessary.

Here is a list of things you can do to exert strength, to help unify non-Muslims, to act with firmness, and to wield force in the fight against Islamic supremacism: What Non-Muslims Can Do About Islam


Unknown 9:45 PM  

I tried to post this comment already, don't know if I was successful so my bad if its double.
Today I thought I was going to end up in a mental institution because the culmination of all my suspicion about Islam was now verified. I am an absolute product of 9/11. I was a sr in high school when it happened and up until that day I didn't think we (Americans) could get hit with a snowball let alone what took place on that day. I served in Iraq and am very proud of that. I served with the best this county has and alot of my guys gave their lives for the greatest county on earth. It's been an up and down ride but my love for my country never wavered. So back to today. The absolute rubbing of salt into wound a.k.a. " Hope not hunger" bullshlt in Dearborn Mich on Sept. 11th changed something inside me and I knew I was right. If I didn't believe in America I wouldn't of joined the Army, so even though I thought the attempt to destroy us was as at hand, I now knew my worst fear had been confirmed. The subtle way the poster tries to make its just about nothing while saying f*ck you what you going to do about , was obvious to me. I was panicked. I shared the thing on FB , nothing. Then I found the naked Islam blog, felt better then was even more overwhelmed. I saw a video of "5" guys "protesting " outside a mosque after the Islamist attack at Chattanooga. Hearts were in the right place and they seemed like patriotic men but I thought this is not a good look and might as well give the Islamist the video for propaganda. Another guy in Arizona, a patriotic man no doubt, was eaten alive by Anderson Cooper. I thought we have to beat them at their own game but that was completely drowned out by the feeling of oh shlt its too late the fight for America is over and The Islamist wars were now concluded. Then I found this. I could see my tablet going up and down from how fast my heart was beating and it literally took an hour of reading for me to calm down and regain my hope. I am definitely in this for the long haul. I'm from Philly The Birth Place, and I love a good fist fight. It feels good winning but it doesn't even compare to the feeling of brain f*cking someone. This can be done, our country was founded on principles that are the water to Islam's oil. They don't mix. Thank you so much. In memory of 9/11, together we stand divided we fall

Citizen Warrior 9:24 PM  

Matt Cav, thank you for your service. And thank you for making this comment. We're definitely not defeated yet, although I can understand why you might feel hopeless about it. But most important goals look completely impossible at some point. Those who succeed are those who persevered. And those who are united will triumph over those who are divided. In memory of 9/11 we will stand together and stop the Islamization of the world.

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