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A recent piece of news is a great opener for starting a productive conversation:

"Did you hear that Brandeis University withdrew the honorary degree they were going to give to Ayaan Hirsi Ali because of pressure from CAIR?"

The news opens up an opportunity to ask your friends and family some questions: "Do you think that's right? Is it fair? An American university is bowing to pressure from an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization banned from Egypt, where it started. Should we concede to orthodox Islamic pressure and hinder freedom of speech by punishing people who dare to speak out against Islamic oppression and violence against women?"

This isn't some obscure school, this is Brandeis! It's in the news. Your friends can Google it. You can suggest they Google it. It makes the issue more real and immediate (and therefore arrests attention better) when it is current news.

Read more:

Americans for Peace and Tolerance stated, "Brandeis University has rescinded its offer of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born activist whose work has focused on the barbaric misogyny rampant in Islamic societies, like the one in which she was raised. Capitulating to a campaign by CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and voluble student and faculty protests, Brandeis President Frederick Lawrence yesterday withdrew the honor. He has publicly shamed a courageous woman. CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism funding case involving Hamas."

They then suggest we reach out to the Brandeis administration and express our outrage at this shameful action. President Fred Lawrence: 781-736-3001


Pray Hard 7:16 AM  

The real honor was in NOT receiving an honorary degree from this dhimmi, Islamopandering university.

Walter Sieruk 12:30 PM  

Mr Hooper who is one of the eads of CAIR had the gall to compire Ayaan Hirsi Ali to the Nazis. Not only is that an unfounded, outrageous and slanderous statement but the followers of Islam hve no room to talk. This is during some Islamic rallies and marches in this century many Muslim hold up signs the read "God bess Hitler" and "Death to Israel"and "Freedom can go to Hell" Furthermore as for the history of Islam during World War II the Grand head of the Islamic Supreme council was a close friend of Adolph Hitler because they both had strong hate for the Jewish people. The Grand Mufti also had his Muslim people work in alliance with the SS. This truth has been exposed from many sources. One of which is form the book WHY I LEFT JIHAD on pages 42-46.shows this truth of history Furthermore,in a publication of the David Horowitz Freedom Center also has a short booklet exposing this truth. It's entitled THE NAZI ROOT OF PALESTINIAN NATIONALISM AND ISLAMIC JIHAD. Likewise the book THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR by Erick Stakelbeck exposes this reality in parts of that book. In a book he later wrote exposeing the dangers of the Islamic group called 'The Muslim Brotherhood' also has parts of it exposing the alliance of the forces of Islam and Nazism. In addation, there is an internet site exposes this fact of reality. It's

Anonymous 2:27 AM  

Excellent idea CW!

I believe that by taking this action, Brandeis will in fact end up kicking off a "Streisand effect".

A.H.A.'s speech has been imbued with even *more* significance than it would otherwise have had. So, Brandeis will end up having precisely the *opposite* effect to what they intended!

I think it could be a good idea to include the link to the speech that she would have given. It is truly *outstanding* and I guarantee that *anyone* reading it will find it to be so.
Here it is -

Walter Siruk 11:19 AM  

Just a thought. That so many Muslims object to Hirsi Ali speaking at that university shows something. This is as strong indication that the foundations and doctrines of Islam are so weak that they can't hold up to or stand up to criticism.

Anonymous 3:56 AM  

My email to them:

Subject: A plea from France

Greetings from France.

I and other french citizens are well aware of the Hirsi Ali story and would like to to remind you that the political group (CAIR) whose demands you've given in to, are a front for the Hamas terrorist organization.

As an university, your sole job is to encourage critical thinking, which you have miserably failed by doing exactly the opposite and censoring the truth.

Therefore by siding with the CAIR/Hamas, you are directly supporting terrorism, and in doing so, you have labeled yourself and your university as an enemy of free speech and thus, an enemy of the entire Western society, which is EXACTLY what terrorism is.

Unless you back down from your current stance against Ms Hirsi Ali, give her the honorary award and let her speak out like she was initially supposed to, I and other french citizens will make sure this story gets as much word of mouth as possible, hopefully undermining your founding and making parents think twice before sending their children to your university, which seems to act more like an indoctrination center than an actual university.

Such a freedom-hating university has no place in the civilized world. You should move into an islamic country if you hate freedom so much.

Thank you.

-- End of mail--

Support freedom of speech people, it's our western right and duty.

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