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WITH MOST PEOPLE, when you try to educate them about Islam, you're starting from scratch. Every little thing has to be explained. They know almost nothing. If you're doing it in writing, this can be a cumbersome and time-consuming project.

Of course, the answer is to link the more difficult-to-believe statements you make to an article that explains more about it and provides support for your statements.

But often you just want to link to a particular thing and the only good links you can find go to long articles. The support for your statement is on that page but buried in the article, so now you're making it cumbersome and time-consuming for the person you're trying to influence.

I have created something that might help. The single most popular article on Citizen Warrior is The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam. Awhile ago, I streamlined it and made it more palatable for someone who knows nothing about Islam in an article called What Makes Islam So Successful? What I've just created is a linked outline version of that article, called Basic Principles of Islam.

Now when you're making a point, you can link to a particular part of that article, and yet the whole piece is available to the more curious reader, as well as being published on An Inquiry Into Islam, which is a novice-friendly site on basic information about Islam, with which the even-more-curious reader can slake their ever-increasing thirst for answers. I think this tool can help us in our efforts to educate people about Islam.

Anyway, I hope you can find good uses for it. I give you: Basic Principles of Islam.


Ben 6:29 PM  

This makes me glad that I introduced you to the art of internal hypertext links.

But you can't use those links in a vocal conversation. For those, it would be good to burn the posts onto a CD and carry copies with you for distribution.


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