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The following was written by Harry Richardson:

Fighting against Islam?

A new weapon is now available.

It may seem as if you are banging your head against a wall. It seems as if no one wants to listen to what you are trying to say. You’ve tried explaining patiently, you tried explaining forcefully, you want to grab people by the lapels and scream it at them, yet nothing seems to get through.

They call you a nutjob, a racist, a bigot and worse. Friends avoid you, some of them insult you, but here is the good news:


My name is Harry Richardson and I have been dealing with this problem for the last seven years of my life. My friends are the most politically correct people you can imagine and ever since I learned the truth about Islam I have been trying to find ways to get this information through their thick skulls.

Just like you I tried it all and just like you I failed to get through to them by explaining it face to face.

That was when I knew I had to write it down in a way which would get around their prejudices and their brainwashed conditioning.

For the last six years I have been working on a book which would do just that. I knew it had to be short and very interesting to keep people reading. I also knew that I had to avoid it sounding like the stereotypical “racist, hateful, redneck” rant. You know as well as I do that the politically correct believe all of Islam’s critics to be this way.

It wasn’t until I started, that I discovered a talent for writing and especially for breaking down complex subjects into simple, logical and easy to digest information. Using the work of people such as Professor Bill Warner as a base, my goal was to create a book which could be serialised in “Women’s Weekly”. It had to be simple enough to appeal to a mass audience but most importantly, it had to be written so carefully that even the most PC people on the planet could not dismiss it as “racist propaganda”.

The book works like a charm. I no longer argue with friends or colleagues about Islam, I simply hand them a copy of my book and wait. In the early days I had the occasional rejection but I learned from these mistakes and rewrote wherever necessary. These days it has a 100% success rate. After reading it, people understand exactly what Islam is, what its goals are and what we need to do to defeat it.

It was published on Kindle last Christmas (2013) and has 16 reviews so far with every single one a perfect 5 star rating (this is highly unusual). Amazingly it has now been published in paperback and is for sale through Amazon, the world’s biggest book seller.

This book is the weapon the world has been waiting for. It pulls back the curtain to reveal the hideous truth about the Islamic deception. Most importantly, it does this in a way which the dhimmified PC types who run our institutions simply cannot deny.

Reading about Islam and waiting for someone else to do something isn’t going to work. Here are three ways you can use this weapon to make a real difference.

1) You can read the book online for free which will likely increase your knowledge and effectiveness. Unfortunately most people simply will not read a book of this size on a computer.

2) You can buy a copy of this book on Kindle and read it. This will cost just US99 cents. You will of course need to open an Amazon account if you don’t have one already (it’s free and doesn’t take long). This extra effort makes a huge difference by lifting the book up the Amazon rankings and thereby making it more visible to people interested in the subject. You will also be able to give it a huge boost by leaving a review. Most people are more influenced by reviews than anything else so you can sell this book far more effectively than I ever can.

3) The most effective way of course is to buy a copy of the book in paperback. This is slightly more expensive at US$6.00 plus postage but has a much greater impact. People WILL read this book in print. I actually recommend buying two copies to save on postage as one will definitely be borrowed and passed around and around. For the price, they also make a great birthday presents for people you wish to convert to the cause.

4) Please “Like” and repost this on whatever social networks you can.

Both paperback and Kindle versions are available from Amazon here:


You need to do this because we are losing our societies, our cultures and our nations to a medieval cult of barbaric ignorance. This book works by educating people to the awful truth and when they reach the end it inspires them to pass the message (and the book) around. On average, each book seems to be passed around at least ten times converting ten people along the way. I work at a major industrial installation and the book has gone “viral” both through the blue collar “Joes” and the upper management. This book will destroy Islam, we just need to get it into the mainstream.




Walter Sieruk 10:47 AM  

One of the ways Islam may be defined is that Islam is a tyranical religious/political system that has total mind control over millions of people around the world. Thus Thomas Jefferson was right when he stated "I have sworn upon the alter of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man."

Anonymous 5:46 PM  

Thanks for wasting my time. I'll never get that five minutes back. Blah blah blah the best way to stop what's going on is to buy a book?? How much are you getting to try to sell it for them?

Anonymous 4:58 AM  

Finally someone who I can totally relate to!, I have tried so much to get people to understand the truth about this "religion" and no one seemed to listen definitely a must!

thor42 3:35 PM  


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