Why Don't We Just Concentrate On The Taliban?


SOMEONE ASKED me today, "Why don't we just concentrate on the Taliban?" The question makes assumptions that are so off base, it took me a few minutes to marshal my answer. And here it is:

There are two kinds of Islamists. An Islamist is a Muslim who practices the "full version" of Islamic teachings, including the political part. So just as there are politically-active groups such as Socialists and Capitalists, there are also Islamists — adherents to a political ideology, in this case, the Islamic political ideology.

There are two kinds of Islamists: Hot-headed Islamists and long-range Islamists (read more about this). The hot-headed Islamists blow stuff up and kill people. The Taliban, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah — these are all hot-headed Islamists. The standard way of dealing with them is to wait until they kill someone and then hunt down the particular people who did the killing and put them behind bars. This is the law-enforcement model.

Dealing with Islamists, the law-enforcement model is inadequate. The Islamists are not simply criminals. They are political revolutionaries and they are working toward political goals such as intimidating Spaniards to vote for a wimpy leader (which was the purpose of the Madrid bombings, and it worked) or preventing newspapers from publishing anything critical of Islam (such as the "cartoon riots" that left 187 people dead because some cartoons were published in a Danish newspaper).

Even if you hunted all those people down who were responsible for the deaths, and put them all in jail, you would have done next to nothing that would actually stop the violence, because the ideology driving the violence would still be alive and well and held in the minds of 1.3 billion people.

Not all of them are hot-headed, however.

The long-range Islamists may actually be more dangerous in the long run. Long-range Islamists work toward the same political goals as the hot-headed Islamists. They just use different methods.

The primary political goal of all Islamists is to turn all countries into Islamic states. Even democracies. Especially democracies, as they have recently done with the previously-democratic country of Lebanon. The number of tactics for a long-range Islamist is almost unlimited.

For example, long-range Islamists put political pressure on television stations and radio stations and newspapers to get journalists fired whenever they utter a criticism of Islam.
Long-range Islamists encourage Muslims to raise as many children as they can to increase their numerical voting power. I'm not guessing about this. Islamist networks publish their goals and methods online for anyone to see.

I've been a subscriber to many of the mainstream Muslim organizations in America and I read their publications. They are fairly open about what they're doing and why they're doing it. They are not ashamed of the fact that they think Islamic law is the only good way to govern and that it is their religious duty to work toward the Islamification of governments around the world.

Rich oil billionaires in Saudi Arabia and Iran are pouring money into building mosques and madrassas all over the world and because these are their mosques, they get to choose who speaks in those mosques and what they speak about, and they control what is taught in the madrassas. They teach jihad. They teach hatred toward non-Muslims. And they articulate the Islamic political goal of dominance over all other religions and governments. They teach a supremacist ideology.

Mosque-goers are taught to avoid assimilating into the host culture, and to avoid making friends with non-believers. (
It says in the Qur'an that a Muslim should never be a true friend to an unbeliever. A Muslim can pretend to be a friend, but must never actually feel kinship or friendship with a kafir. It is a sin.)

So they create their own little Muslim states within the democracies and then push for concessions. In Germany, Belgium, and Britain they can now practice Shari'a law — which is Islamic law — and their decisions, even the ones that violate women's rights enjoyed by others in that country, are upheld by the government. Muslims are gaining concessions constantly.

The rich Saudis, and the political activists taking advantage of democratic processes, and the Muslims deliberately having as many children as possible are all "long-range Islamists." In twenty years, they will have produced tens of millions of young Muslims steeped in hatred for kafirs and willing to die for Islam. These will be native-born Muslims, not foreigners who can be deported or barred from entering.

Many people think Islamic terrorists became terrorists because the United States didn't give enough money to poor countries. And they think what we ought to do about terrorism is to hunt down the ones who kill people and put them in jail.

In other words, these people have no clue about the cause or cure of Islamic terrorism. The Islamists are not playing around. Hamas and al Qaeda are actively seeking a nuclear weapon and they would not hesitate to use it. They are perfectly willing to martyr their fellow Muslims in the cause as they have shown innumerable times when they kill fifty unsuspecting Muslims just to kill 20 kafirs.

It would be nice if we could just hunt down the terrorists and put them in jail. Problem solved. We could go about our business. But unfortunately, that won't solve the problem.

can be done? Good question. This is such a huge issue that the solution will have to be long-range and carefully planned. The organization doing the most to solve the long-term problem is ACT! For America.

There are many practical and effective things you can do, some of which you can start today. Go here to find a list of actions that can make a real difference in defeating the Islamists' long-range plans.


hiddenfaces7 3:49 PM  

Get informed, do the research, then look to groups like ACT! for America, you wont be disappointed!

Son Of Jor-El 2:49 PM  

Something else we can do is similar to what we did to imperial Japan. Nuke Mecca, lay waste to their holy sites. When they see that their all powerful god 'allah' is helpless to stop it, they will get the message. The only language understood by islamists is brute force. Look at the Mongol Horde.

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