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THE MOST important thing we need to do right now in the free world is to educate non-Muslims about the danger of Islam. One easy and inexpensive way to do that is to share good online videos. Almost everyone will take a few minutes and watch a video.

Below is a list of videos I recommend. I will keep this list ongoing, adding to it as I find more good ones, and deleting or finding other sources for videos that become unavailable.

Until enough people know what's going on, we will not have the collective political will to effectively stop Islam's relentless encroachment. So this is a vital activity. And one effective way to enlighten your fellow non-Muslims is sharing online videos.

Nobody will be educated enough from videos alone, but it may pique their interest enough that they'll learn more on their own, or ask you questions. Either way, videos can serve an important function in the war to defeat the third jihad.

Here are our top video choices for citizen warriors like you to use in this noble battle:

1. Three Things About Islam

2. Fitna

A 39-minute clip of Obsession

4. Anne Korin on a solution to OPEC's oil monopoly

An interview with Brigitte Gabriel, the founder of ACT! For America (this is a 46-minute interview, but worth watching).

6. Pat Condell: Islam is not a Victim

7. Robert Spencer: A Simple Plan to End Islamophobia

The Third Jihad

9. Muslim Pirates Against America

10. Jon Stewart, Live From Mumbai (funny)

11. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam - Robert Spencer

12. The Truth About Muhammad - Robert Spencer

13. Sharia Law - Bill Warner

14. Geert Wilders' Warning to America

15. The Quran Challenge

16. My Brother the Islamist

17. Burning Half a Million Korans

Be smart about sharing videos. Send only one video at a time. Don't make it a mass mailing, and don't overwhelm someone with too many videos. Write a short, personal note that tells your friend why you think that particular video is important to watch. And try to match the video to the person. For example, if you're sending it to someone who is a dedicated liberal, don't send a Fox News video because they're likely to disregard it as propaganda before they watch it.

Also keep in mind that once you share a video, you have the responsibility of letting that person know what they can do about it. Do not send videos without also giving a link to a petition they can sign, a little blurb about ACT! For America, or the domain name, Information about Islam will be a lot easier to take if they know they can do something about it.

When you find good videos not on this list, please send them to me or post them in comments below. These are tools we can all use. Thank you.


Damien 7:20 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Here's a good Briggitte Gabriel interview, I have a feeling that you may have already seen it, but she does a good job of explaining how Jihadists, ruined her childhood, massacred the unsuspecting Christians in Lebanon and how they violently took over the country. She also talks about how Jewish compassion changed her view of Israel and the west. Even if you have seen it, it would make a nice addition to your list. Her sad story brought me to tears, then enraged me, when I first saw it, but it also shows the value of love and compassion and human decency. Brigitte's story is so moving that it would make an excellent movie, although I imagine it would be hard to watch. Also showing this video to others might help solve a particle problem you blogged about recently.

Citizen Warrior 12:36 AM  

That's a GREAT video! Thanks, Damien. I'm going to add it to my list.

That's a good point: One way to counter the disarming effect of pity is to replace it with anger at wrongdoing.

Damien 3:08 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

I have another video for you, its from Red Alert, but it was originally posted on Atlus Shrugs.
It talks about the brutality of Hamas, and shows them attacking other Palestinians. The video can be viewed here. I think you should watch it and consider adding it to your list.

Damien 4:04 PM  

Citizen Warrior,

Also, speaking of Hamas, Culturist John, has an excellent video called Hamas_Versus_Israel_in_NYC.
He talks about the hamas rally in new york and the counter protest.
Its very good if you haven't already seen it. You might also want to check out some the comments. They are very interesting.

Anonymous 5:29 AM

Citizen Warrior 12:23 PM  

The LionHeart's Castle link above goes to an excellent series of videos. Here is the description of the videos from the site:

The Information Crusade

Howdy infidels. Welcome to The Information Crusade. This is a short video intended to serve as a Jihad primer for those who know little or nothing about the subject. It explains the relationships between Islam, Jihad and Islamization in simple, straightforward terms. The video consists of four parts, each under five minutes in length.

Infidel from Finland 6:08 AM  

Islam: What the west needs to know

Anonymous 6:24 AM  

This ugly video tells you everything you need to know. I'm 68 years old. I'm not worried about me, but I want America safe from these animal for my children & grand-children.

Anonymous 7:38 PM  

Jamie Glasov interview with Bausch Fawstin, anti-jihad cartoonist:

Article Spotlight

One of the most unusual articles on is Pleasantville and Islamic Supremacism.

It illustrates the Islamic Supremacist vision by showing the similarity between what happened in the movie, Pleasantville, and what devout fundamentalist Muslims are trying to create in Islamic states like Syria, Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia (and ultimately everywhere in the world).

Click here to read the article.


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