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A while back, I told you about Michael, a man who uses a business card with a QR code on it to educate his fellow citizens about Islam. Read about it here (he added some good ideas about using the cards in the comments of the article). Michael does something else creative and bold: He wrote this on the back window of his car:

You can click on the image to see it larger. He wrote this: On my days off work, I can be found driving up and down very busy streets and Interstates in the Kansas City area, purposely driving just a smidgen slower than traffic, so vehicles read my back window, pass, then more vehicles have a chance to get a look at the back window of my vehicle. I haven't been called bashful for a long time.

We created InquiryIntoIslam.com as a website citizen warriors could use to share with people who really know nothing about Islam. It's a beginner's website. This is a great use of that resource.

I asked Michael if I could publish his picture, and he wrote back with this:

I would be honored if you would publish the picture of my back window on your website. That would be great if others would be willing to do the same, to get the word out. I am only guessing, but would estimate that hundreds, perhaps 500-1000 vehicles (cars, trucks, 18-wheelers) passed by that back window in just a matter of a few hours of driving during rush hour traffic this past Monday. This next time I will make the handwriting look cleaner, more presentable.

No doubt others may wonder "Hmm... where can I get the non-permanent, large, white paint markers to use for the writing?" Well, they are not that easy to find, let me tell you. I spent a bit of time searching the web for something that I felt would work and ended up purchasing these on amazon.com (link below), but the quality isn't the greatest, which I noted in the reviews section.  They are imported, and while they look nice, both markers in the 2-pack began to fail before I got full life out of them. So, there's that.

But there are other options out there, large white wax crayons (I found some at a lumber store), even ordering custom decals for those people who are able to spend more for a better look and are able to keep the message on their automobiles 7 days a week.  Some decals are a "peel and stick," for remove and reapply.

There are some thoughts there for others, that I had to go through for myself.

Oh! Also, you may wish to make sure you mention, or provide a link for them that they can click on, that will use your Amazon link, so you get that money that helps to support your ministry, when they buy the markers from Amazon. Every little bit helps, right? Just a thought, you can even suggest they Bookmark the Amazon link (like I did) and save it to the top of their browser so it is easy to find next time they buy something/anything from Amazon. My bookmarked icon/link automatically uses your link to Amazon.

Thank you!


For non-permanent White Paint Markers, here's the link: Uni Posca Paint Marker PC-17K White.

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