An Idea For Educating Your Fellow Citizens


A creative reader wrote in to show us what he's doing. It's a great idea. We encourage you to do something similar. This is what he said about it:

I was thinking to myself, how can I get the word out about the danger of political Islam to more people, especially when I am in a hurry running errands, etc., going about my day? There are times when I don't have time for discussions, but could leave something behind for someone to check out a website. The possibilities are nearly endless. In today's culture, just about everyone is online. I could probably pass out dozens, if not hundreds, each month in various areas around the city.

I had the idea and designed this on business card stock. I can get 500 for about $8.50 + shipping. Very affordable.

Please feel free to share this idea with others.

If I can reach hundreds in one city, and some of them can reach others, imagine how fast 20, 50, or 100 others that would be willing to do the same, could exponentially reach thousands where they live!

Here's what the front looks like:

And here's what the back of the card looks like:


Jaybru 6:39 PM  

Excellent idea

Walter Sieruk 10:21 AM  

It's a very good thing that yet another person is taking a stand to to have the public becomes informed about the dangers of Islam.

Nevertheless the above ,top , main posting di use the term "political Islam"

Therefore now it an appropriate time reiterated that one misconception that many Westerns have is that of the term used in the West which is “political Islam.” That term is nonsensical and redundant as well as unknown in the Islamic world

Therefore it needs to be made clear as to why that Western term is nonsensical and redundant. As explained by two statements.

First, as for that term being nonsensical one devout Muslim who, truly, proclaimed “Islam is Islam.”

Second. as for that term being redundant, has been well explained by none other Ayatollah Khomeini who declared” All Islam is politics.” [1]

[1] THE ISLAM IN ISLAMIC TERRORISM by Ibn Warraq page 332

M 3:23 PM  

Hey friends,
Citizen Warrior has been incredible, very helpful to me.

When I sent that message above in an email to Citizen Warrior, the prices for the cards listed (ie: 500 for $8.50 + shipping) must have been a base price for business cards I saw on their front webpage. After finalizing my editing on the business card, front and back, I accidentally forgot to go back and edit that pricing information in my email to Citizen Warrior. My fault for any confusion on that! Sorry, everyone.

The final price I paid to get those business cards, printed front and back as you see them here, was more. I chose 1,000 business cards and I paid $35.95 (after shipping) from
I cannot wait to get these!! I can use them to begin discussions with others, or just leave them behind as I go about my business around town! And, you can too!
I've already begun discussions with those who are Muslims, and it's been really good so far. One young man said he very much enjoyed our conversation and hoped to talk more.

When people find these business cards, some will throw them away, that's a given. Others will scan the QR Code with their cell ph, and be taken right to the website where they will read about the statistics of orthodox Islam! Others will pick the cards up and check out the videos on the back of the card to see what this is about.
A percentage of those will dig deeper to get more informed like I did, and a few of those will take action, like you and I do.
In this manner, we can get the word out faster, and do something to stop this scourge of a "religion", and send it right back to where it came from! This push-back *has* to happen, or we can kiss our freedoms goodbye!
Think: Charles the Hammer (Martel) and the Battle of Tours!


Some good ideas for places to hang business cards like this one and/or the Islam In A Nutshell brochure from Citizen Warrior would be:
Retail Stores
Post Office lobby
Grocery store shelves
Restaurants (bulletin boards, and tables)
Driver windows in parking lots
Put in return envelope when paying bills
Talk about it on Social Media sites
Post websites with Signature on your emails

.. the possibilities are endless.

** DO NOT put them in mailboxes of others! Federal offense.

Walter Sieruk 5:10 PM  

The specific date of this posting is 4/15./22 therefore it should be remembered that this is the ninth anniversary of that horrendous Boston Marathon bombing jihad attack in which two jihadist brothers planted two bombs on that street which murdered three people and terrible harmed many other people.

The specific day ,4/15/13,two jihad- minded Muslims brothers had planted two bombs on the street of the Boston Marathon were actually following the instruction of the Qu ‘ran as it teaches in 9:123. “O you who believe ! Fight those of the disbelieves who are lose to you , and let them find harshness in you…”

There are many other such verses in the Qu’ran instruct in and incite brutal deadly violence.As for example 2:919. 4:89. 5:33. 47:4.

Still in spite of all the facts of reality the apologists and propagandists for Islam keep on repeating the same falsehood and lie that “Islam is a non-violent/ peaceful religion.” What absolute balderdash they speak !

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