An Idea For Educating Your Fellow Citizens


A creative reader wrote in to show us what he's doing. It's a great idea. We encourage you to do something similar. This is what he said about it:

I was thinking to myself, how can I get the word out about the danger of political Islam to more people, especially when I am in a hurry running errands, etc., going about my day? There are times when I don't have time for discussions, but could leave something behind for someone to check out a website. The possibilities are nearly endless. In today's culture, just about everyone is online. I could probably pass out dozens, if not hundreds, each month in various areas around the city.

I had the idea and designed this on business card stock. I can get 500 for about $8.50 + shipping. Very affordable.

Please feel free to share this idea with others.

If I can reach hundreds in one city, and some of them can reach others, imagine how fast 20, 50, or 100 others that would be willing to do the same, could exponentially reach thousands where they live!

Here's what the front looks like:

And here's what the back of the card looks like:


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