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People often write to us with good ideas. Here's one we received recently. We'll just quote from the email:

Thanks so much for your website and the content. I've steered as many people as I could to your site. I come across a lot of people while commuting to and from work as well as while I'm working. I've been practicing broaching the topic using the various ways you and others recommend but I felt I needed something to leave with them in case they wanted more information, and business cards seemed to be the best way to get the point across.

Feel free to post these wherever you wish. I don't have a web site or blog, but I've got a Facebook page:

Check out the business cards below. There are several places online where you can order business cards inexpensively. Vista Print is one of them. Why not always keep a card in your pocket and after a conversation, if it seems appropriate, give one to the person?


Unknown 1:49 AM  

I personally recommend than vistaprint. I tried both but the quality and the price are better if you use scards.

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