The New Muslim Brotherhood Logo and What it Symbolizes


Steve Amundson, the Santa Monica counterjihadist we wrote about earlier (see the article here), wrote to us again. He said, "We will be educating the public on the new MB logo and what it means tonight."

I asked him how it went, told him I liked the flier and asked if it would be okay if I shared it with our readers. He wrote:

It went very well. Very few people are aware of this new logo now being used all over. The Muslims coming up to our booth are much more combative and come in groups of 4-5 instead of 1 or 2.

Overall foot traffic was down from what it has been. Summertime is over, kids back to school and vacations are finished (this perhaps answers why we see fewer people).

Yes, feel free to post the brochure. Information is only as good as to the number of people who have access to it.

Click here to see, print, or download the flier.

What a great way to educate the public! If you have been doing something similar, please let us know about it. Here's what the flier looks like (click on image to see it larger):


Anonymous 10:13 PM  

Wow. One of the videos at the R4BIA site was very unnerving. I'm very glad the good people in Santa Monica have brought this to our attention. I wonder whether people who know nothing of political Islam would understand what the problem is, though, from this pamphlet. They might just be confused, or think it's promoting Islamic unity -- I wonder.

Incidentally, I'm seeing online now that a lot of people think R4BIA stands for Ready 4 Brotherhood Independent Army -- some kind of idea that the MB is going to form its own army to fight the Egyptian army. -- Bradamante

Twana Blevins 9:36 AM  

I tried to open the PDF and only the top would open. Can you post the Logo so we can see it without having to open the pdf?

Citizen Warrior 11:13 AM  

That's a good idea, Twana. I'll post a screen shot. Another thing you can try to see the whole PDF is download it and open it on your computer.

Anonymous 11:16 AM  

What's really eye-opening is to read the website , look at their videos, check out their theme song (words by Sayyid Qutb -- that alone would make it pretty clear where they're coming from). Oh my. -- Bradamante

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