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The following was originally published in The English Review:

Most folks chill out on Saturday nights; shopping at malls, dining out, or catching a movie at a multiplex. That is most folks. A group calling itself Counter Jihadists Coalition of Southern California spend Saturday nights at a booth in the busy Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica engaging in what I call anti-Da'wah — countering the call to Islam.

They endeavor to get the word out about what is inside the Qur'an, the Hadith, Mohammed's exemplary bio, and the ever-reliable guide to Islamic doctrine and Sharia, The Reliance of the Traveller. They number among their group some members of the West Coast branch of The United West. They even have a Coptic Christian member who can translate Arabic spoken by Muslim passersby who either walk by muttering or engage the doughty band.

Last Saturday evening marked the culmination of Ramadan with the Feast of Eid al-Fitr. So the group set up their booth laden with pamphlets and related materials elucidating the totalitarian creed that lies within the Islamic doctrine — a creed that denigrates all unbelievers and denies civil and human rights for women, those who leave Islam by choice, gays, and, of course, The People of the Book (Christians and Jews).

As Ramadan had ended the group prepared a poster from a recent score card of violence that occurred in the Ummah and elsewhere during Ramadan that they downloaded from the Religion of Peace website, The Ramadan Bombathon Scorecard for 2013. The Religion of Peace website notes:

TheReligionofPeace.com has been reporting on the number of people killed and injured in the name of religion throughout the month of Ramadan, which just ended. Here are the totals for 2013. All but one were carried out by Muslims, and that one didn’t result in any deaths or injuries.

Tell your Muslim friends you are happy Ramadan is over along with the yearly spike in Islamic terror attacks around the world.

What follows is a report from one of the leaders of the Counter Jihad Coalition, Steve Amundson: 

Scenes from a Saturday Night
at a Pedestrian Mall in Santa Monica

The Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA, is one of the busiest pedestrian malls in Southern California. Hundreds of tourists and locals stroll the mall to shop, watch the street performers, and to take in the ethnic and cultural variety that makes Santa Monica so vibrant.

A group of activists called the Counter Jihad Coalition is also there to inform the public about the many ways Islamic ideology threatens the American way of life. We are armed only with a collection of illustrated brochures addressing as poignantly as possible the major concerns about Islamic ideology. Here is a list of some of the most popular brochures:

Islam in a Nut-Shell (which you can see here)
The Muslim Brotherhood
The Three Stages of Jihad

Are you a Muslim Born in a Foreign Country? (Containing challenging questions for Muslims who have never experienced freedom of speech and thought)

Women who marry into Islam may have to abandon all rights

An African-American Muslim is a Slave to a Racist Ideology

Is it “Un-Christian” to speak out about Islam?

There is no excuse for domestic violence, except Islamic Sharia Law

We attract visitors to our information table by posting large graphic signs about recent Islamic outrages — like the Boston Marathon bombing or the daylight beheading of Lee Rigby by Quran-quoting terrorists. Last Saturday, we used a 3’ by 4’ blow-up of the 2013 Ramadan Bombathon Scorecard published by www.thereligionofpeace.com.

(image of a poster was deleted)

This poster with the smiling jihadi holding an automatic got lots of attention. Passersby were signing up for the local American Congress for Truth (ACT), complementing us for speaking out, and (Muslims, of course) complaining how we have misunderstood their ideology. Having an Arabic-speaking Copt Christian and a woman on our team went a long way to diffusing the usual red-herrings dragged across our message.

As we engage the public, we are learning a number of things that other anti-Islamic activists must take into consideration: 

1) Most non-Muslims are woefully uninformed about Islam to the point that many could not determine if we were for or against Islam.

2) CAIR and other Islamist propaganda organizations have been relatively successful in convincing American non-Muslims that Islam is a “religion” protected by the First Amendment instead of a political ideology operating under the cover of religious protection.

3) Muslims are terrified at even touching anti-Islamic fact sheets or looking at selected verses of the Quran in English translations provided by mosques and other Muslim sources.

4) Muslims are obsessed with displaying their Islamic “gang symbols” in public to show that “we are here and you have to accept us.”

No we don’t. Tolerance of the intolerant is cultural suicide.

Editor's note: Here are a couple of updates on their activities:
Awakening People On the Third Street Promenade
Busy Night at the 3rd Street Promenade Information Table


Ben 2:29 PM  

The second half o this post should stand forever as a light house shining the way to local individual and group activity. It constitutes the best example I have seen yet. It should have its own page or its own blog.

The first half of this post is blessed good, but there is an improvement I wish to see.

References to Islam's canon should be linked so that curious readers can gain immediate access to the core texts.

For example, references to the Qur'an should link to one of the many available translations, such as http://www.qurancomplex.com/Quran/Targama/Targama.asp?nSora= 9&l=eng&nAya= 29# 9_ 29

References to hadith should be linked to a top level page at CMJE, Sunna.com or to the Jihad chapter in Riyad us-Saliheen which combines commentary with relevant ayat & ahadith from several collections: http://archive.org/stream/RiyadUsSaliheenEnglish/Riyad-Us-Saliheen#page/n369/mode/2up/search/Jihad

References to the Sira should be linked to http://archive.org/stream/IbnIshaq-SiratuRasulAllah-translatorA.Guillaume/IbnIshaq-SiratRasulAllah#page/n167/mode/1up

References to The Reliance of The Traveller should link to

Readers should be informed that those books can be obtained in hard copy from Amazon. Risala and The Qur'anic Concept of War are only available as pdf files on the web, but fewer people are motivated enough to dig into them.

Lets make it as easy as we can to delve directly into the essential texts of Islam's canon. If they do do not know about resources such as quranexplorer.com and sunnah.com, they miss out on important hadith collections and search engines. Lets spread knowledge!!!

Citizen Warrior 7:58 PM  


Walter Sieruk 8:00 AM  

Yes ,the counterjihadists are doing the right thing. What they are doing may be further explained in the wisdom of the words of Thomas Jefferson when he stated "Our part then is to pursue with steadness what is right...assured that the public approbation will in the end be with us." Moverover Mr. Jefferson also stated something which very much applies to the subject of the above article. For Jefferson decleared "Fortitude...teaches us to meet and surmount difficulties: not to fly from them."

Anonymous 10:43 AM  

I stopped by on Saturday to see the table (I'm visiting Santa Monica). Very nice people! I'm so glad to see them out there. There were lots of Muslims passing by; some stopped to stare or argue, and my friend engaged one of them to try to hear "the other side," but the only counterargument she got from him was "This is crap." If I were doing a table like this -- and maybe someday I will be, in a different part of the country -- I might want to try a few different ways to hook people and see what works best, like having a poster saying something like "Could Islam rule the world?" or "Speak up for American freedoms" or "Some conspiracy theories are true" -- leading to a graphic of the Muslim Brotherhood and its tentacles. Because people who aren't already in the counterjihad probably have no idea why we're "bashing" Islam and they won't connect the dots, and making them aware in the first 30 seconds that there's a specific threat - an international movement to take over the world for Islam - would be good. Just an idea to try. God bless these people for being out there. -- Bradamante

Anonymous 10:03 AM  

It's kind of ironic that you are passing out pamphlets about free speech and yet telling people you'd like to ban the Quran. This sort of reeks of hypocrisy. And then justifying your belief with some report about people in India who attempted to do this? This is America...

Anonymous 1:17 AM  

Why are there so many Muslims at Third Street? I live 5 minutes way and my family goes for walks there.
Yesterday we went and saw a large population of Muslims with women dressed in there traditional dress(hijab/Niqab)
I would think nothing of it but I've been going to Third Street for 10+ years and never saw even one. Does anyone now if they are vacationing or are they American Citizens? I'm curious.

Anonymous 2:19 PM  

To Anaoymous: Re Free Speech: Our pamphlets are on the doctrine of Islam, not free speech as you say in your comment. I am not sure where you got this or the other piece to your comment regarding India. As I said, our pamphlets are directed at the doctrine of Islam ie the Quran and Sunnah.
Counter Jihad Coalition

Anonymous 12:20 PM  

Yes..showing what the Qur'an says is important BUT most people know the Bible says a lot of historical culture we cannot do today. So just quoting the Qur'an is not good enough. How about showing Examples OF TODAY how they do still follow these models, side by side. It is Today that is important. Say 'this is what they do BECAUSE.......this is what it says.
Also...there was a letter on line that supposedly Mohammed had written to the people of the Jewish town of Kybher 600s. Who knows if its real or not, but the fact that it is Said to be is important (there is a letter to all the big civilizations of that time..the Pope, Egypt etc. I think they are still on line. It is the Core Islam saying that they are going to tell those Jews about Mohammed, as told to watch for in the Torah, and they could either turn their back on the Torah and be punished or accept Mohammed as the ONE that all Abrahamic Religions Must follow. they said NO. at least 800 men/boys were lined up and had their heads chopped off. All the women/girls/small boys were taken as slaves. Mohammed took one woman for his sex slave. He gave her the choice to become Muslim and be a legal Wife or stay Jewish and be his slave. She chose to stay Jewish and not acknowledge him as The Awaited One of the Torah. Supersessionist...I think it is called. Islam believes all Abrahamic originated religions must follow Mohammed as the last and final Prophet until the great Judgement day. this says it all to me. It is why they want Israel so much and stole Abrahams Rock (Dome of the Rock) where they refuse to allow Jews/Christians to pray or visit at will without permission.

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