How Islam Protects Itself From Legitimate Criticism in Free Countries


SOMEONE EMAILED a comment about the article Whose Side Am I On? And I thought he made some points worth reading. I asked if I could post the comment, and the author said yes. Here, then, is his comment:

There is high illiteracy rate in Muslim majority countries and also centuries of inbreeding (marriage among cousins sanctioned by Mohammad who they have to emulate) have depressed the populations' I.Q.... Oftentimes their ability to rationalize is warped since they are indoctrinated from childhood by the Gestapos of Islam — the alim ulemas, the religious clerics who themselves learn the elements of barbaric Shariah verbatim from prior generations of clerics. The clerics are like the vectors/carriers of this deadly Islamic mental virus/meme infecting virgin populations of human beings, generation after generation, conditioning them to become mindless zombies obedient to the trilogy of Islam (Koran, Hadith and Sira/Sunna).

The indoctrination takes place in mosques (and schools/madrassahs) which we are allowing to mushroom all over infideldom so that those educated ones who migrate will transmit the mental virus further to virgin populations outside of the Dar ul Islam into Dar ul Harb. The irony of the whole situation is that immigrant Muslims who escape the harsh and draconian rule of Islam/Shariah oftentimes dream of introducing Islam and Shariah into this very haven that affords them all the freedoms and choice that only an infidel majority society can afford them. Additionally the children of immigrant or converted Muslims oftentimes are even more radical than their parents! Especially if they have been exposed to radicalization at the mosque (and that probably includes all the mosques in the US of A).

Truly Islam is a vicious mental virus/meme that distorts one's sense of reality and ability to rationalize. The million dollar question is what are we, uninfected human beings going to do about it?

When I asked him if I could post his comments, he wrote:

Yes! Please post my comments. By the way, we have an excellent local site ( which is a chapter of ACT! for America. We wonder if we could link, or have you list us in your sidebar, if you do that.

We have an excellent section in Spanish with very nice articles, references and also videos for Spanish speakers ( We felt the Spanish section was important as Islamists are targeting blacks and Hispanic minorities to further give the Islamic Meme a veneer of 'race' so that it will enjoy an additional layer of protection aside from the being mistakenly classified as a "religion."

If a large number of Islam are racial minorities, it would be politically suicidal to criticize Islam, since it could be misconstrued as "racism," which of course (and rightly so) is taboo in the US and the West. This double protection of the veneers of race and religion would allow the Islamic Meme to become further entrenched in the host country to the point of being impossible to dislodge.

Mahendra, (an expatriate from a Southeast Asian Muslim Majority country)

When I asked if I could post that latest comment too, he added even more:

The locality that I am in is now importing more and more Islamic immigrants and professionals. However, a profession, education, three-piece suit and tie does not a rational person make. My and others' experience is that an engineer or a physician who is indoctrinated/infected by the Islamic Meme will continue defending the meme and try to propagate the meme by hook or by crook. Recently in our locality two medical professionals were indicted by the federal govt. for illegally transferring millions of dollars to Iran and other Islamist umbrella organizations that are engaged in Jihad against infidels! The question of immigration and mosques and madrassahs are very real problems. Immigrant Muslims are vectors for the Islamic meme and the prime directive of the meme is to propagate the meme by all means have your hands full!

I am an expatriate and have travelled the world and am familiar as to the nature of the beast.

- Mahendra


Lexcen 9:57 AM  

The idea of Islam as a virulent meme was first mentioned in the book The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom.
It is interesting to note that well educated Muslims fall for the Islam meme. The underlying notion is always that Muslims are victims. The feelings of solidarity amongst Muslims as victims of perceived western exploitation gives further fuel to the spread of the Islamic meme.

Damien 4:18 PM  


Also the fact that many in the modern left see Muslims as victims of western bigotry and imperialism, only makes it harder for people to criticize the religion without being demonized for doing so.

Angela 10:12 PM  

Is there a way to know how many people strong is this movement (being aware of what Islam is about)?

I mean how many people around the globe are aware of the true intent of Islam and what's going on in the different countries.

And is there a way to know where the highest concentration of knowledgeable and aware people are located countrywise?

Citizen Warrior 10:55 AM  

Those are two very interesting questions, Angela. I would love to know the answers myself.

I'll ask around, and if I find anything, I'll post it.

Anonymous 1:24 PM  

It is NOW time for Americans who are interested in bringing their country back to the Constitution and join you local Tea Party in your area. We are not going to make a difference without your input and help:

Anonymous 2:48 PM  

At least there seems to be more and more people waking up.

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