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I HAVE OFTEN said that when you tell non-Muslims some basic principles of Islam, many of them think you are insulting Islam. They think, "How can you accuse people of such terrible things?" After simply explaining a few basic Islamic doctrines to people, many of them have told me it was a terrible indictment against the Islam.

But I always try to make the point that this is what they believe, and the faithful do not think of it as an indictment at all. In fact, calling it an indictment is the ultimate insult. Calling it an indictment is insulting to a devout Muslim. In other words, calling a list of Islamic principles "an indictment" means you believe there is something fundamentally bad about those principles, and since a Muslim believes these principles are Allah's last word and the only true expression of divine will on Earth, if you think there is anything bad about it, you are insulting Allah, the Prophet, and all Muslims. It doesn't get any more insulting than that.

I just got a great example of this attitude on my article, Basic Principles of Islam. Someone left this comment:

Your articles are extremely interesting.

You claim to be against Islam but its clear that any non-muslim that actually reads what you have written would end up being closer to Islam and more likely to embrace it.

I am trying to work out if you have either been counter-productive or are an extremely intelligent Muslim who is giving dawah (missionary work for Islam) from a reverse psychological point of view.

Either way I hope you keep up the good work of Allah and may he reward you for your deeds if your intentions are pure.

Allah Hafiz

Now think about it. This guy thinks I am promoting Islam, selling people on it, yet in my article I have listed as basic Islamic principles things like subjugating women, using a double standard, using warfare and bloodshed to spread the religion, the command that Muslims create Islamic governments, Muslims are forbidden to leave the religion, dying in jihad is the only way to guarantee a Muslim man's passage to Paradise, etc.

By telling people about these basic Islamic principles, the commenter thinks I am doing a great service selling people on his "wonderful" religion!

Stranger than fiction.

In the future, if someone thinks you are insulting Islam when you list its basic principles, I hope you can straighten them out. I hope you can make it clear that their belief that you are insulting Islam is what would really be insulting to a faithful Muslim.


Anonymous 12:37 AM  

Allah's word is said to be eternal and unaltered and strange that muslims used words when discussing with non-muslims as saying that "you are talking out of context"

When is context needed if words are eternal, unattached to any circumstances!?

There is so much clash in this book and yet whatever be.. even if quran will say kill your mother and eat her flesh these devout muslims will say 'god is great!'

the only reason so much depth of ignorance they have is because they have been made this right to learn from childhood and infact womb of mother...

goethechosemercy 5:48 AM  

Mr. Hafiz-
Your religion is profane.
Mohammed is a false prophet.
Revelation 20.
Matthew 7. Ye shall judge them by their fruits.
And we do judge you.
Need I say more?

Damien 11:54 AM  

Citizen Warrior,

Wow, Mr Hafiz really doesn't see why anyone would be turned away from Islam by the things you've written? He obviously doesn't know the History of the United States or the West in general, not to mention the fact that no one likes to have a religion that they don't accept shoved down their throat.

I kind of hope this guy's for real. He maybe another Anjem Choudary. The guy doesn't even realize how much he's harming his cause, and helping us in the process.

Anjem Choudary: Islam Cannot Survive in a Secular Society

Killing of Non-Muslims is Legitimate (British Mullah) - True Filthy Faces of Mullahs

Anjem Choudary is a moron

Damien 11:57 AM  

Goethe Chose Mercy,

Why bother? Quoting the Bible to him is about as likely to convince him that Islam is wrong, as quoting the Koran to you would be to convince you that Christianity is wrong.

Anonymous 3:53 AM  

Don't know if this comment is fit over here

but nice link:


now how to tackle this?
why not such people study and come out with truth! they can't as they will bekilled

Trencherbone 7:52 AM  

Sexual Jihad - Demoralising and Humiliating the Infidels, the religious motivation behind the Islamic pedophile networks

Citizen Warrior 3:44 PM  

Someone just emailed me the following comment on this article:

The writer signed off with "Allah Hafiz", which is not his name, it means in Persian "may God or Allah bless you". Normally Persians end with a salutation "Khada Hafez" or "Allah Hafez". Whoever made that comment is probably an Iranian Shiite Muslim.

There is high illiteracy rate in Muslim majority countries and also centuries of inbreeding (marriage among cousins sanctioned by Mohammad who they have to emulate) have depressed the populations I.Q...... oftentimes their ability to rationalize is warped since they are indoctrinated from childhood by the Gestapos of Islam ie. the alim ulemas, the religious clerics who themselves learn the elements of barbaric Shariah verbatim from prior generations of clerics. The clerics are like the vectors/carriers of this deadly islamic mental virus/meme infecting virgin populations of human beings, generation after generation, conditioning them to become mindless zombies obedient to the trilogy of Islam (Koran, Hadith and Sira/Sunna.

The indoctrination takes place in mosques (and schools/madrassahs) which we are allowing to mushroom all over infideldom so that those educated ones who migrate will transmit the mental virus further to virgin populations outside of the dar ul islam into dar ul harb. The irony of the whole situation is that immigrant Muslims who escape the harsh and draconian rule of Islam/Shariah oftentimes dream of introducing Islam and Shariah into this very haven that affords them all the freedoms and choice that only an infidel majority society can afford them. Additionally the children of immigrant or converted Muslims oftentimes are even more radical than their parents! Especially if they have been exposed to radicalization at the mosque (and that probably includes all the mosques in the US of A).

Truly Islam is a vicious mental virus/meme that distorts one's sense of reality and ability to rationalize. The million dollar question is what are we, uninfected human beings going to do about it?

Anonymous 3:06 PM  

Astonishing response from this muslim commenter, that shows clearly how orthodox Islam is a totalitarian and supremacist ideology and devout muslims sincerely believe that it is right, they do not realize how destructive and perverse are the principles of that system of beliefs, they seem to be brainwashed to the point to think that killing infidels, subjugate women and to stablish sharia law with its brutal punishments is constructive and virtuos behavior. I am a buddhist and as a disciple of the Buddha i have great compassion towards those beings maddened by an evil doctrine, but as a western citizen i think we must do something to stop fundamentalist(orthodox) muslims and to defend human rights and democratic freedoms for all, because if we do not take the proper measures to prevent hardline islamists to gain influence in the west, the consequences could be very severe.If muslim refomers(like the late sudanese pacifist muslim theologian Muhammad Taha) really want to promote human rights and democratic freedoms in the muslim world then they must transmute Islam and sharia law into something quite different from what it is understood to be today, i mean no more jihad to impose muslim rule, no more second class citizenship for people of the book(jews and christians),no more killing of infidels(like me),no more subjugation of women, no more brutal punishments and mutilations and so on. The first contact i had with islamic sources were the works of sufi meditators and contemplative teachers and i thought that Islam was a peaceful religion which preached love towards all beings, but then i found out that those sufi muslims are considered deviants and heretics by mainstream sunni Ulema, for example , Ibn Hajar(a highly respected orthodox sunni scholar) in his work Fath al-Bari
said: "Piety (birr), family links (sila) and excellent behavior (ihsan)do not presuppose mutual love and affection (al-tahabub wal-tawadud),which are both forbidden by the verse {You will not find a people believing in Allah and the Last Day who at the same time love (yuwaddun)those who defy Allah and the Prophet}, which includes both those who fight [against Muslims] and those who do not."... so that means that is kuffar(disbelief) to love non muslims as the sufi teachers do, therefore the sufis are considered non believers by orthodox sunni muslims. Sadly if we study the Quran, the Hadith and the Sira we found that the fanatic preachers are following the true teachings of Muhammad and the sufi muslims are not following the Prophet of Islam, rather sufism seems to be a contemplative tradition that arose despite Islam and no because of it, may be due to buddhist influences from Persia and India and pre islamic turkish shamanism.I would like to congratulate the author of this articles for its equanimity and mental clarity when dealing with this sensitive issue, we should consider muslims our fellow human beings and worthy of loving kindness and compassion and at the same time we should deal with the danger of political Islam and its destructive agenda in a wise and skillful way and take the measures, as i said, to stop it...but always avoiding hate and disturbing emotions, as the Buddha said in the Dhammapada:" For hatred does not cease by hatred at any time: hatred ceases by love, this is an old rule."

Babs 4:05 AM  

Citizen just how DO you straighten such people out, if their cognitions are so out of whack that they suffer from a sort of auditory dyslexia which twists everything you might say, however carefully you might phrase it?

I have had entirely non-confrontational conversations about Islam's exaggerated entitlement and belligerent self-pity, and its overinclination to threaten if it doesn't get its way with otherwise reasonable, intelligent human beings, who become overly and misguidedly politically correct once the topics are mentioned.

Islam's deeds and behavior are proof positive that it cannot be trusted to live peaceably alongside non-Muslims in the countries where it finds itself.

We know that thoughts influence language, but it is equally true that the reverse is the case as regards Islam. Our supine leaders hear again and again that Islam is peaceful and means us no harm and they swallow it whole and act accordingly. Islam has hijacked the political correctness discourse in the West to such an extent that our leaders are incapable of recognizing that they are being lied to constantly about its intentions.

Citizen Warrior 2:30 AM  

The key to "straightening" someone out is rapport, which requires skill and patience if it is created with techniques, but it can also be created genuinely by being a loving, forgiving person. You can deliberately cultivate this loving attitude in yourself, and as you do, all your communication will become more effective.

Anonymous 7:55 PM  

Citizen Warrior, great article as usual.

Islam will not stop because of Love. Islam will continue onwards until physical action is taken to destroy it. You might be able to chat kindly and lovingly with your Muslim neighbour (I hope you don't have one), but the entire system of Islam (the Ummah and Religion itself) will continue its quest in attempting to colonize the Globe with this Barbaric Mindset/Culture/Belief System.

The Crusaders who stopped Islam from Conquering Europe did not "love" the Muslims. They destroyed them to the best of their ability.

No one likes war except bankers. Unfortunately it will take a physical war to stop Islam. There is no other way, as it is them who are not willing to receive the love in the first place.

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