The Short Answer (to the question, "Why is there so much Islamic terrorism these days?")


THE NATION OF ISLAM is in the midst of a civil war. On one side are Muslims who want to keep the old ways. On the other side are Muslims who want to modernize — to change some customs that no longer seem compatible with the 21st century or with human rights.

The reason the West is involved in this civil war is because the old-way Muslims want to fulfill Mohammed's original goal: World domination. That is, the goal of getting all of the world to submit to Islam, by force if necessary.

The situation is similar to the American Civil War. The South wanted to keep the old way. They wanted to hang onto slavery. The North wanted to change the old way. And the two sides went to war with each other.

Now imagine what would have happened if during the war Southerners went on raids across the border into Mexico and captured Mexican citizens, and brought them back and made them slaves in Southern cotton fields. What would the Mexican government have done? They would have joined the Union's fight against the South.

For propaganda reasons, the South would have characterized this as "Mexico's war against America" but that wouldn't be right. They had only declared war against a faction within America that was attacking Mexican citizens.

The majority of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq want to live in a democracy. To do that, they have to discard some of the traditions in Islam, and they are willing to do that in order to enter the 21st century, in order to have greater freedom, and in order to have human rights and rights for women.

A faction within the Muslim community in those countries does not want democracy, does not want to modernize, and wants very much to bring back the old ways. That faction is at war with both America and the Muslims who want a free country.

Other old-way Muslims from other Muslim countries are sneaking into Iraq to fight this civil war.

If the old-way Muslims win the war, it will be dangerous for everyone (except old-way Muslims).

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