Here is a growing list of ideas. Either you can apply them yourself, or you can share them with people who can apply them. Either way, it is something you can do about terrorism. Good ideas make a difference. When you think of a new idea or hear a good one, please send them our way so we can publish them here.

1. Support womens' rights. The possible ways of accomplishing this are very large, and over the long run this is probably the best course of action we could take. When women have basic human rights, they have greater influence on men and their influence tends toward calmer, more inclusive, less violent solutions. Besides, it is simply right that women have human rights. Read an article on this.

2. Incorporate your commitment to defeat terrorism into the work you do for a living. For example, Steve Penny is a corporate trainer and a consultant. He has blended his commitment to foil terrorism with his work, so he gives Citizen Warrior Basic Training to employees of businesses, to help them deal with their fears and eliminate any last trace of defeatism from their thinking. In his work, he is helping to make a strong and healthy population — the kind of population that is highly immune to terroristic bullying. Steve is helping to make the free world a poor medium for the growth of terrorism. How can you incorporate your commitment to defeating terrorism with your livelihood?

3. Write to your representatives and senators. Let them know what you think. When the government is doing something you support, let them know. If you have ideas about what ought to be done, let them know. This is an easy way to make your opinion known. You can also send these addresses to your friends and encourage them to make their opinions known to their representatives. Put the pressure on. Your message is more influential than you'd think. Very few people write to their representatives, so to the representatives, every message you send represents a large number of people.

4. Promote values. Some values are universal, believed in by anyone of any religion and appreciated by every nationality: Kindness toward others, determination, honesty, etc. This is a level at which all sane people can unite. By promoting the values themselves, you are helping people of different ethnic backgrounds and believers of different doctrines find an important common ground. Read more about that at Values In Action. Take the VIA Signature Strengths questionnaire and learn what your strengths are at

5. Participate in civil defense. The American Civil Defense Association is a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to providing strategic civil defense, disaster preparedness and disaster mitigation solutions to all sectors of American society and abroad, and to promoting reasonable disaster preparedness activities and sanctity of life for all.

6. Here is an extremely easy thing you can do to help the cause: Put a signature in your email program that points people to this site. We have several signatures to choose from that you can copy and paste. This is an easy way to get the word out.

7. Therapists, counselors, and advisors across the nation could begin a purpose campaign, helping their clients become purposeful and take actions that defeat terrorism. A sense of purpose is psychologically healthy. Responding to terrorism with purpose is a mentally healthy response.

We received a note from C.G., Certified Coach . She is taking actions that defeat terrorism. She wrote:

I found your website while searching for articles to share with my clients and newsletter subscribers regarding yesterday's news. I have never come across a more useful site in my years of doing research over the internet. I haven't yet read every word of your site, but I can start planning my strategy now.

As a Certified Coach (personal coach), I can (a) write about your articles in my newsletter; (b) urge them strongly to visit your site; (c) ask them to forward my newsletter to every person they know, and encourage the same of everyone who, in turn, receives it; (d) start a "Purpose Campaign" with my subscribers (who span many areas of the globe); and (e) encourage them to send their good ideas to your site.

Your site has inspired me and strengthened my sense of purpose. With my writing skills, BS in Psych, coach training, and a strong desire to serve others during these uncertain times, I have confidence I can carry forth your work.

She not only thought about it and planned it, she executed her plan. This result is the purpose of Motivated action that defeats terrorism.

8. If you are a promoter, and advertiser, or a salesperson, you can use your expertise, just as entertainers did to raise money for families of the victims of September 11th, and do something you are uniquely qualified to do: Come up with ways to help win the propaganda war, and in this way help defeat terrorism. Even if the U.S. is takes honorable actions, if the terrorists reach more people more effectively with their message, we can lose international support. The battlefield of the war on terror is the human mind. That is your field.

9. Help the Freedom House, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization working for democracy and freedom around the world. Through a vast array of international programs and publications, Freedom House is working to advance the remarkable worldwide expansion of political and economic freedom.

10. Just as we have national monuments people can visit, how about making Jerusalem an international monument. People from all over the world could come and visit, just as they do with the Lincoln Memorial or the Washington Monument. People of all kinds can visit monuments and enjoy them without having to agree on its value. By making Jerusalem an international monument, much of the dispute over that small piece of real estate could be settled and could be taken out of partisan hands and put into the hands of the world community. If you like this idea, promote it. Send the idea to your representatives. Send it out in emails. Send it to members of the U.N. Get it talked about on the radio.

11. Help Amnesty International stop the human rights abuses of Saudi Arabia. Start here. This organization is dedicated to helping specific people in specific places, and their successes are abundant. You can help. Read more about Saudi Arabia's human rights status here.

12. We received the following from Christopher Cross:

We no longer have the luxury to sit idly or silently by; relying upon others to protect our communities and the citizens. Citizen involvement is critical and we must collectively work together if we are to safeguard our homes and our nation. Coinciding with this, the Direct Intervention for Victims of Emergencies (D.I.V.E. TEAM ©) program was created to not only increase the viable pathway for citizen involvement during massive emergencies, but also to ensure effective utilization of resources and manpower. It is the first national response program of its kind and the first to have been written by a citizen for citizens. Unfortunately, getting governmental support for more in-depth and valued citizen involvement on a national level has not been easy and because of this, I need your help in letting our officials know that this program is an immensely valued tool in the overall responses to any given massive emergency. For a free copy of the program outline, please email me at and write to your city and state officials to request their proactive review of this program for trained citizen involvement beyond the limitation of city limits.

Christopher Cross
Program Founder and Developer

We encourage you to support Mr. Cross's efforts. Go here to learn more about the D.I.V.E. Team.

13. Jim Sanders just sent in an idea that is so far out of the box, it might work. Read his idea here and you can write to him and/or add your comments.


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