Austria Rejects Islam


The gates of Vienna are closing on orthodox Islam. The Austrian government has shut down seven mosques and is deporting 40 to 60 imams. The mosques are funded by a foreign government and the message being delivered in those mosques is not friendly to Austria. In other words, it's just Islam.

The Austrian Government has also banned immigrants from receiving any welfare for the first five years in the country.

Good for them. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is finally being heard. Let's hope this is just the beginning of sanity in the political halls of Europe. Check out some YouTube videos on this great news:

Austria Closes 7 Mosques and Reasserts National Sovereignty

New Austrian govt closes 7 mosques, expels 60 Imams, says "This is just the beginning"

Austria closes seven mosques & expels 40 imams

Crackdown on 'political Islam': Austrian chancellor receives death threats after closing mosques



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