How Much Sense Does it Make to Tolerate a Repressive Religion?


Robandrews33304 left a comment on the article, "A Liberal With Zero Tolerance For Islam" and makes a good point:

No absolutist ideology can allow criticism and survive. Be it communism or some form of theistic belief; because there's really nothing there. That's why the enlightenment (1700s) happened after the scientific revolution (1600s), and not the other way around. But I think the internet will do what the printing press did in Europe.

As far as liberals are concerned, I'm a 1960 type of liberal. That is far left. We doubted any form of authoritarianism. So I can't understand today's watered-down version. Tolerance in our day never applied to things like any form of repressive religion.

Islam would have been thought of as some effort to "put us down" as we would have said. 


Walter Sieruk 10:21 AM  

On the subject of oppressive and repressive religion, a clear example of this is the brutal and repressive rogue state of the tyrannical Islamic regime of Iran. Of this Islamic tyranny two basic things need to be exposed . First, this Islamic dictatorship in the the Muslims clerics ,as the mullahs have such awful power ,reach and influence . Even into the Iranian parliament. Those ruling mullahs along with the ayatollahs come down very hard on the human rights of the Iranian people by use of their thugs who are the Islamic state "police." Those ruthless ruffians are called the "Revolutionary Guards." Therefore the Iranian people are forced to live in terrible fear of the ruling Muslims cleric and their Islamic "police" state stooges. About all tyrants in impose fearful oppress on people . Ally tyranny was explain ,in sum , in a periodical printed by Benjamin Franklin . For Mr. Franklin printed "Those who are feared are also hated."
Second, this twenty-first century nuclear arms "agreement and deal" made between the Western nation and the rogue state of Iran is folly. For the mullahs and others in power in this Islamic regime will never keep their side of the "deal." They will only engage in lying deception for the Islamic agenda. They will only keep token parts of the "deal" to look good the the foolish and naive politicians of the West. This may be best explained by the wisdom spoken by Franklin Roosevelt ,who had declared "There never has been - there never can be - successful compromise between good and evil."

Robandrews33304 4:27 AM  

That's true. I'm a member of Amnesty International, so I know you're right. And like Hitler they know the 'democracies' don't want a war. Democracies have become decadent.

Case in point: They're willing to let people die in suicidal attacks; and we're worried about football's long term brain damage.

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