The Ingenious Menace


I've read the Koran twice. In my opinion, it doesn't display much intelligence. My overall impression while reading was that the person who created those verses was slow-witted. It's too obviously and almost childishly self-serving. It is blatant. There doesn't seem to be a shred of cleverness in any of it.

And the results of the first 13 years of Muhammad's career as a prophet seem to bear this out. He only gained 150 followers by just reciting the verses of the Koran. It's possible that only very uneducated, naive people fell for it. That is, until he switched to violence.

But I see real brilliance in the ideology taken all together (the Koran, Hadith and Sira — the Islamic trilogy). Sinister, yes. But ingenious in its own way. You can read more about that here: The Terrifying Brilliance of Islam. Yesterday, as I looked at a Muslim I work with, a cold sensation ran through me when I realized he has 15 children, and in every way appears to be a nice man, and a hard worker. But because of Islam's tenets, he can live his whole life being nothing more than a kindly, industrious fellow, never raising any suspicion and never doing anything that should justify suspicion, and yet raise his kids as devout Muslims, which means they would believe in the Koran and the "sacred" example of Muhammad, which would mean, if they ever read the Islamic trilogy when they grow up, they will discover that they are obligated to wage jihad against the non-Muslim world until everyone on earth has been subjugated under Islamic rule. And if they don't commit themselves to this cause, they will spend eternity being tortured in horrifying ways.

And when a country establishes Islamic rule, the nature of Islamic law will slowly and relentlessly wear down resistance in anyone who hasn't already converted to Islam. It may take centuries, but the result is inevitable: Almost everyone in the country will eventually become a Muslim, and the previous culture will have been completely erased.

It's like a pernicious but very patient virus.

But we don't need to take it lying down. We're certainly not helpless. We can treat it like we would any other virus: Contain it, stop it from spreading, inoculate everyone against it, and if possible, eliminate it completely. We can start here: What's the Game Plan?

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Robandrews33304 7:14 AM  

Like all works of mythology it sounds poetic. Many people i think are captivated by the beautiful language. There's violent parts and peaceful parts-- take your pick.

I recomend the book: "Why I Am Not Muslim".
by Ibn Warraq. He uses a sledgehammer to total waste the Qu'ran and Hadith. Here's a short article about the book.

Unknown 12:32 PM  

Hi there, I was hoping for some advice, I have read the koran on line but am looking for a good koran that I can download to my smartphone kindle app, so that I have got a copy that I can easily refer to when talking to people out and about.
I don't want to pay out and find that it is not a good translation and whitewashes Islam I want one that is truthful.

Walter Sieruk 1:35 PM  

This above article reflects the information that I just heard today at a lecture held at a church on the topic about "Islam and Islam in the Light of the Bible." The speaker was ,in times past, a Muslim but now a Christian. So as for disaster as the article describes.This all this a horrible deadly brutal violence is the all the fault of ,if the Koran is true, on the god of Islam or likewise called,at times , the Koranic god or the Islamic god. Nevertheless,not the fault the God of the Bible. For as the speaker showed those at the lecture the words and teaching of the from the Koran. Which teaches ""No misfortune [disaster] can happen on earth or in your souls but is recorded in the [Koran ] before [in eternity] We [Allah] bring into existence: That is truly easy for Allah." Sura 57:22. So all the blame ,according to the Koran ,for all the vicious and murderous evils of Islamic terrorism that such a hideous plague on humankind is the fault of Allah, the god of Islam. In great contrast, the teaching of the God of the Bible are totally different . For the God the the Bible is Loving and Just and some of the essence of the Bible's God is that "Humans are made in God's image which means that acts of violence or abuse against humans is a sin against God."

Citizen Warrior 4:20 AM  

Keith Ellerby,

I make a recommendation for my favorite Koran in the sidebar here, and why I like it:

Anonymous 5:26 PM  

I have tried to read the Koran but it is stultifying. If I were on a desert island and it was the only book I had, I cannot imagine wanting to spend time reading it. I will reluctantly try again this summer.

Citizen Warrior 2:39 AM  

I didn't enjoy reading it at all. It was so boring and so dumb, I could only take a few pages of it at a time. But since then, I have been able to speak with authority to friends and family, and they listen with more respect because I have read the Koran and they haven't.

Anonymous 3:18 AM  

You can find the close to the true chronological order of the koran as it can be divided up with Meccan, where he first started, so was meek mild and peaceful.

Then he fled to Medina, where started his warlord attacks and eventually returned to Mecca at the head of an army to build more power and to take revenge.

It is sort of the reverse of the Bible, where the old testament is then viewed with a different view as the gospels and new testament ameriolates or reforms the old.

Mohammad changes, and that is where the abrogation verses turn things to bad, and considered to abrogate any thing that was said earlier.

A choice of 3 links that put the koran into chronological order, some with back ground tips of reading the koran.'an

When the abrogation verses come up, then you can see the changes that are important to understand the koran.

It is an epiphany, a comprehension of understanding of certain parts of history, to understand the spread of islam today, and why some of these problems keep on repeating.

And all thanks to all of those who help spread the knowledge of islam in the above links and here on this site.

Walter Sieruk 11:15 AM  

This above article is a very strong reminder that many times the jihadist members of different Islamic terror entities, as those of ISIS, have gathered together and chanted the words “We love death, they love life.” Likewise those jihadist/Muslims don’t stop with those awful words; they carry through with jihad suicide/homicide attacks. Any sane person would ask “Why do those jihad –minded Muslims have such a mindset of murderous madness?” The answer is that they obtain the way of thinking and believing from the “holy book” of Islam, the Koran. As some people call it the Qu ‘ran. For example the Koran in Sura 9:111 instructs “The believers fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain, they kill and are killed.” Therefore it may be conclude that Islam is actually a death cult.

In great and wonderful contrast to the death cult which is Islam there is Christianity which is centered on Jesus and His teachings. For Jesus did not teach killing and death but taught and gave life, a good peaceful well lived life and more. For example Jesus declared “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10. [K.J.V.]

Walter Sieruk 11:26 AM  

There is a rather old song that was written way before the murderous jihad affronts which occurred on September 11, 2001. That many apply to this current late decade of this twenty–first century.

The title of that song to “Try to remember…”

Some of the lyrics to well apply to now are “Try to remember the kind of September when life was slow and ho, so mellow… Try to remember the kind of September when you were a tender and callow fellow…Try to remember the kind of September when life was tender that no one wept expect the willow… Try to remember the kind of September when love was a ember about to billow…”

Yes, that was the past and the somewhat as it was pre- 9/11 Septembers before those Islamic terror murder attacks on that specific day.

Now viewing things as they are .Life is no longer slow of mellow. For all patriotic Americans need the be fast and keep up with news and information regarding Muslim terrorist activities. Now men can’t be so tender and callow. Men need to keep strong vigilance for things, items and individuals the appear suspicious and it’s no longer good be na├»ve. Likewise the lyrics of the song further went “Try to remember the kind of September when life was so tender that no one wept expect the willow…” Now many people have wept because of the heinously vicious murdering actions commit by Muslim terrorists. In addition, the old song lyrics further are “Try to remember the kind of September when love was an ember about to billow…” Now love instead of being and “ember about to billow” the sad and tragic reality is vicious hate by jihad-minded Muslims now pose a danger. Nevertheless, people of the West need to reject hate as to not be of the same mindset as the jihadists are

Therefore, don’t let them fool you, the many apologists for Islam is will endeavor to set up a smokescreen to hide the reality of the truth about the violence and deadly essence of Islam by making the bogus claim that the al Qaeda operatives mass murderer on 9/11 were not real Muslims and that they were breaking the laws of the Qu ‘ran by their violence and deadly actions.” The apologists for Islam will further make the totally false claim that “Those terrorists on 9/11 were only criminals who hijacked the peaceful religion of Islam for Politics.” Those outrageously false claims are weak attempt of damage control for the image of Islam to the West. For the “holy book” of Islam the Qu ‘ran. For the Qu ‘ran instruct in Sura 9:111. Muslims who are engaging the jihad that “The believer’s fight in Allah’s Cause, they slay and are slain ,they kill and are killed “ That’s just what happened on September 11, 2001 the jihadists of al Qaeda “killed and were killed” in those 9/11 jihad attacks against both humankind and America. The Quran also teaches in Sura 9:123 to that jihad –minded Muslims behavior towards non-Muslims “let them find harshness in you…” Those Islamic attacks on 9/11 were indeed very “harsh.” As Sura 2:191 instructs “kill the disbeliever wherever you find them.” That’s a very strange kind of “peaceful religion” if there ever was one. Just to site one more out on many from the Qu ‘ran about the instruction of deadly violence is Sura 47:4. Which instructs “Whenever you encounter unbelievers strike off their heads until you make a great slaughter among them …” Let’s face it, using jet planes a missiles as those jihadist/ Muslims did of September 11, sure made a greater “slaughter among them” then sword can. Wake up West to the actual nature of Islam before it’s too late.

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