Why the Peaceful Majority Might be Dangerous


The following is an article from Paul Marek (author of the outstanding piece, Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant). Reprinted with permission.

Mubarka is a Canadian born woman of Pakistani parents. She grew up in Toronto among other Canadian children and attended university where she received a degree in commerce. Today she holds a prominent position with a transportation company.

Mubarka used to be as mainstream as any Canadian young adult can be; in fact, those who met her for the first time may have been struck by her vivacious personality. Her effervescence went hand in hand with her distinct Asian beauty which she shamelessly displayed with stylish clothing including the occasional low cut top. Mubarka used to converse for hours over topics as varied as business practices in Canadian politics to contemporary music.

It comes, therefore, as a shock, when one learns what path Mubarka has recently chosen for herself. She will be wedding a Pakistani man...a devout Muslim, whom she has never met but who was chosen for her when she was an infant. Not only that, but she has donned the Hijab for the first time in her life and is strictly observing Muslim tenets. She has chosen subservience to a man and subservience to his religion over the gender freedom offered her by the Western democracy she grew up in, and she's done so without so much as a whimper of protest.

When asked why she has picked the life of Sharia, Mubarka simply states that it is as Muhammad would will, and that there is no greater prophet than Muhammad. When asked how she will raise her children, Mubarka makes it clear...they will be raised as Muslims first, and Canadians second.

Hardi is perhaps one of the most pleasant Canadian women anyone could ever meet. In her capacity as a caregiver of seniors, she is gentle, loving, and incredibly patient. She laughs deliciously at the kind of comical moments that only seniors can deliver and her mood seems to be permanently stuck on happy. Hardi is an angel.

Those who encounter Hardi for the first time will be struck not by her character, that comes later, but by the fact that she is virtually covered from head to toe by traditional Indonesian Muslim attire. She covers her entire body with colourful costume that leaves only her hands and face exposed. Hardi is devout, in fact, so devout that during Christmas any appreciation given her by way of gifting must be void of any reference to the season. Furthermore, during quiet moments when Hardi is free to discuss her Muslim faith, it becomes clear she believes wholeheartedly in the strict observance of Sharia. For her, Islam in its pure non-secular form, is truth.

Both Hardi and Mubarka present us with a perplexing conundrum because they are members of what has become known as the "peaceful" Muslim majority. They don't have a violent bone in their bodies, and are clearly law abiding and productive members of Canadian society. But, they are also both part of a very small minority within Canada where they and their fellow Muslims have very little effect on Canadian politics or on the evolution of Canadian cultural norms. What if though, Hardi and Mubarka were part of a Muslim majority where they and their co-religionists held the power?

Both women are Muslims first and Canadians second. No matter how much respect one may have for either woman's character, there is little doubt where either would place her loyalty if faced with choosing between the Canadian traditions of liberty for all, or Sharia. There is also little doubt that if they were part of a majority, they would acquiesce to the demands of the Muslim clerical class and choose Sharia for all Canadians.

It is therefore irrelevant in the grand scheme of things whether or not Hardi or Mubarka are "good" people; most people on the planet are, no matter their religion, race, or culture. What matters in the greater sense, is that as parts of the Muslim collective, neither woman would set aside her Muslim beliefs in order to safeguard and protect the full rights of non-Muslims to live as they choose. What's even more disturbing, is that both women have experienced the gender freedoms afforded them in Canada, yet both have voluntarily resigned themselves to the greater Muslim collective.

As long as each woman is part of a small minority within Canada, she offers Canada much; but once she becomes part of a significant minority, or heaven forbid, a majority, she becomes dangerous. Why? Because Muslims wherever they form a majority choose Islamic norms over the broader more tolerant standards of the West. If given a chance, as has been clearly demonstrated the world over, they would unravel hundreds of years of hard fought human rights gains and replace them with the medieval practices of their faith. As such, both Hardi and Mubarka are simply bit players in a monstrous and destructive Muslim vortex that would drag civilization backwards hundreds of years.


Anonymous 3:35 PM  

Fantastic article which explains so succinctly why the West needs to stop importing Islamists. When push comes to shove they are muslims first and foremost with Islamic values brainwashed into them. Poll after poll shows that 'peaceful' muslims sympathise with their terrorist muslim brothers. Mainstream media is very adept at covering all this up and shoving the mantra that they are just like us, down our throats. They are not.

Herman 6:21 AM  

Stop calling this barbaric cult a 'religion', and also do not put 'devout', 'muslim' and 'men' together, because devout gives one the idea this cult is peaceful!

Citizen Warrior 12:09 PM  

Someone emailed this comment:

This is a really interesting perspective on these Muslim women. Personally, I suspect these women are thinking only that the are happy to be getting married: the aim of most women the world over, even the lesbians amongst us, and I would suggest the wedding preparations and The day is as far as they see. They have their heads buried in the sand about the dreadful life of a muslim wife. They are getting married in this way to keep up family tradition. Given the truth and facts that we in the west understand and know about islam, it beggars belief that these so-called educated and westernized women would endorse in any way this hateful ideology and I would suspect they have never in fact read the Koran (it was reported in Kuwait in the late 1990s via a survey, that this was the case amongst muslim women and men, and few muslim women had ever been to a mosque: they are required to read the koran and say prayers at home away from male family members. A few years down the line, or even sooner, they will realize the full weight of what is expected of them. They will be trapped and hate the life they have had chosen for them: being married to men who have no feelings of love for them or anyone else for that matter, and will treat them as chattels. This is my belief. They will be for ever in the grip of the families they have married into and they will having no freedom in anyway ever again. It would be interesting to hear about them in future.

Walter Sieruk 12:28 PM  

Could this be some kind of Stealth Jihad ? Even though many Muslims may not have ever read THE ARE OF WAR by Sun Tzu in some ways stealth jihad is very similar to something written in this in the mentioned book. For THE ART OF WAR reads "At first then, exhibit the coyness of a maiden, until the enemy gives you an opening; afterwards emulate the rapidity of a running hare, and then it will be too late for the enemy to opposes you."

Unknown 1:24 AM  

"As long as each woman is part of a small minority within Canada, she offers Canada much..."

I disagree. The writer seems to believe that it is only when Muslims are a *significant* minority that they become dangerous.

My view is that *all* Muslims are dangerous - every single one of them. That is why I support a complete ban on Muslim immigration to the West (and the expulsion - forcefully if necessary - of those already here).

Walter Sieruk 10:48 AM  

The decks might need to be cleared. For as much as I deplore Islam because of it’s a false religion that it has many doctrinal errors and likewise false doctrines. It’s still a reality that Muslims are not Islam. So I don’t hate or dislike Muslims. With Muslims I feel comfortable. As the ancient Latin poet, Terence, wrote “I am a man, nothing human is alien to me.” For Muslims I feel sorry for because they have been thoroughly indoctrinated, trapped, and shackled by and in the false doctrines of Islam. This may be further explained by the following.
The Greek philosopher Plato is one of the contributors to Western Civilization. He may shed some light into the subject of those people who are shackled in the chains and darkness of Islamic thought. In Plato’s REPUBLIC he gave an allegory of a cave where “the condition of men living in a sort of cavernous chamber…Here they have been from childhood, chained by leg and also by the neck, so that they cannot move and see only what is in front of them.” This can fit into what the Imams do in the mosques and how they brainwash the young people in the madrassa’s by always programming Islamic doctrine into their victims and not exposing them to other worldviews. Furthermore, even in Islamic tradition when Muslims have their newborn child the father whispers words of the Quran into the infants ear so that that Quran verses are the first thing the newborn person hears. This programming process takes place all their lives. These are some of the chains that keep them bound in a mosque [cave]. The chains do not let them reach out for dialectic reasoning and let them examine the evidence both for as well as against, or even question whether Muhammad was a true prophet of God or not, and if the Quran is a hoax or not. As the chains and darkness of the cave blinds and holds the prisoners back from reality, so Islamic propaganda holds back the cognition to reason with the question if Islam is true or not. They are forbidden from even thinking to question Islam. Furthermore, if a Muslim by some miracle wakes up to the truth about Islam, it would be like the man in Plato’s cave allegory who was released from his chains and taken outside to the real world. At first direct light would be painful and disorienting, it would take some time for him to understand what the truth is all about, he even might cling to the shadows and still for a time believe some of the illusions to be real. But he would finally come to know “what he had formerly seen was meaningless illusion.” And that was “what passed for wisdom in his former dewelling-place.”And that the other cave prisoners also needed to see the light [the truth] for he “was sorry for them.” and he would re-enter the cave just to rescue them. Nevertheless, the cave prisoners wouldn’t understand and “if they could lay hand on the man who was trying to set them free.” And if they could “they would kill him.” Likewise, when someone escapes from the shackles of Islam, those still in the darkness of this religion would not understand and if possible kill him for leaving Islam, and even more so if he were to try to enlighten them about the truth about Islam. For these people in Islam are chained to an empty imitation of truth and godliness.

Natasa 10:18 PM  

I wholehartedly agree with the contents of this article.
I live in a country with population of 2M people, who, I am convinced, should be able to read the article. Unfortunately, for the majority, it is unaccesable since it is written in English. However, I would like to translate it into Slovene language and distribute it among the people. I understand I need author's permission. So I hope that someone who reads the comments, can put me touch with the author.


pointing out the obvious 6:11 AM  

All people should be welcome to Canada. The issue isnt the person, the issue is the ideology. Islam is a satanic cult NOT a religion. If you disagree please google shaira law and tell me this is not the OPPOSITE of what Canadian values are. Marrying little girls(illegal here in Canada), having sex with little girls (illegal in Canada for good reason), homosexuality is a death sentence in Islam (a right here in Canada), jihad (illegal in Canada) I can go on for much longer about how Islam promotes hatred and death to all those that oppose it (its all in the koran so dont call me a liar, read it for yourself). We need to ban islam and if they still want to live here without islam and sharia law they are welcome...

Anonymous 6:18 PM  

Of course it is Walter..and it's already too late.

Citizen Warrior 2:01 AM  

Natasa, write to the author, Paul Marek, at pmarek@myaccess.ca

KD Punshon 7:45 AM  

I am a Canadian that has been in the UK for nearly 5 years. I have now become educated about this evil "cult". I can never recognize this cult as a religion! Anyone who would become knowledgeable on it couldn't defend it that way.

What strikes me as odd is that in all my 40+ years in Canada I had never seen women with head rags. This is a recent move by Muslim women to take some kind of stand. Why this is I don't know. Since being here in the UK I of course see this all the time. It sends shivers up my spine (as a woman) what is happening to our treasured freedoms as these "cult followers" move into the West, begin breeding their armies and making their standard demands. Canada is now welcoming more and more....they will learn the hard way as the UK has and all over Europe where Islam has been allowed to flourish as a so called "faith". Only cults brainwash their followers to the degree Islam does.

I have now given up hope as there are more and more Muslims in political power. London even voted a Muslim Mayor and there are others with significantly more power. They stand together under the banner of Islam and too many of "us" stand with nothing but fear of being branded intolerant. I believe we have lost already thanks to our openness and tolerance in Western civilization but thank you to CW for doing what you can. I love you all. I am not religious myself but I can only say "God help us all in the West".

Dror Harari 3:25 PM  

The claim that "the Peaceful Majority Might be Dangerous" is a gigantic understatement. The more reasoned claim that "even a tiny minority (of intolerant people) is very dangerous".

Now that claim may seem harsh and intolerant but, sadly, it is true. I urge you to read the very deep and reasoned essay of Nassim Nicholas Taleb (of the Black Swan fame) titled "The Most Intolerant Wins: The Dictatorship of the Small Minority". The explains how Islam takes over all the other cultures in a very convincing (yet entertaining) way.


Michael 3:10 AM  

Our society distinguishes between church (religion) and state (politics), whereas the Arabs and their allies do not. The purpose of their 'Islam' is to uproot and defeat our system of self-governance, and to replace it with a murderous theocratic tyranny. We must understand that the Arab states fight against us, and that 'Islam' is merely their instrument of war. We cannot win - or lose - a battle of ideas. Cultures and civilizations only clash metaphorically. The actual war for hegemony is between sovereign states. 'Islam' is not a nation, nor is 'Muslim' a national identity. We can win the genocidal war the Arabs and their allies wage against us without so much as firing a shot: by simply outlawing Islam.

Komkommertje 2:38 PM  

so true, so sad

Anonymous 9:02 AM  

What people are forgetting. Moslems are people. For the most part husbands love their wives. Yes we have horror stories. For the most part fathers love their daughters. Yes we have horror stories. These are people as the article maintains.

These girls grew up in Islamic homes.

I'm not apologizing. It's clear if the west wants to maintain our cultures, freedoms, religions (or not,) and etc. we have no choice but to limit Islamic populations among us. This will be difficult due to our Freedom of religion.

The current migration are not asylum seekers, they are an invasion force. Back home they talk about how good the west's changing demographics are for us accepting Mohammad and Allah. On the way here they chant about conquering us. And once here they demonstrate they want to replace our laws with Sharia and make no attempt to assimilate. Yet our leaders and media are clueless or consciously involved in our cultural suicide.

When we start to send them back home, they will show their true stripes.

Anonymous 9:40 AM  

They must be removed a d sent back to the East asap !!!! My ancestor, Sir Robert Lawrence of Ashton Hall in England, fought to save you & I from the HORRORS OF ISLAM in the 3rd CRUSADES in 1150AD -- he was KNIGHTED for his BRAVERY & given the Title of Baron all g with the castle & lands of ASHTON HALL. The Hall still belonged to the family until the horrible taxations of the mid-1850s. It's now a Private Golf Course & Muslims run amuck in both England and the USA !!!!!!!! How ashamed of us he would be today !!! Everyone must stand up, be brave, and fight in every wzay there is to keep the WEST -- ours !!!!!!!!

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