A Fundamental of Conflict


“To wage war, three things necessary:
money, money, and yet more money.”

– Gian-Jacopo Trivulzio,
Marshal of France, 1499


Anonymous 12:11 AM  

its about waging extrenal war..
you need money

Anonymous 5:02 PM  

I don't understand the connection of this quote to fighting Islam, which is an ideology.

Anonymous 12:27 AM  

Petro dollars ...

heroin from Afghanistan ...

ransoms from Somali pirates ...

Pakistani "lip service" taqiyya for US military aid ...

exploitation of the Western social welfare systems for Islamic immigrants ...

deceiving Nato into the bombing of Libya (more taqiyya) to pave the way for yet another Islamist state once the 'Arab Spring' manifests as the 'Islamic Summer' ...

anything to directly or indirectly use the Infidel's money ...

Anonymous 12:44 AM  

Legal warfare against the Infidels to waste their resources is also part of the money trail behind waging war.


Here Islamic natins are trying to muzzle the non-Islamic world by trying to make criticism of Islam equivalent to Holocaust Denial and punishable under international law.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is under threat by the Cairo Decalaration of Human Rights In Islam (CDHRI) which is subject to Sharia Law.

Once Islamic nations have been able to muzzle critics of Islam the proces of transforming more and more Western infidels into lemmings will be accelerated.

Then a few more mad sheep dogs like Breivik spawned out of utter frustration with the lunacy of Political Correctness and the Western Civilization will be like the sheep in the first chapters of Far From The Madding Crowd.

Ironically, inasmuch as Chomsky (a mathematical and computer genius) is a political fool, he did once say "I don't think a Jewish or Christian or Islamic state is a proper concept."

Hopefully he realises the imminence of the Islamic world wide state.

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