12 Strange Muslim Rules


The following is a list of twelve odd facts about Islam — a list I found at SIOTW.org:

1. It is a sin to pluck your eyebrows.

2. It is against Islamic doctrine to have pictures in your home.

3. If a Muslim wife refuses to wear a veil, others will see her as her husband's slave rather than his wife.

4. The punishment for having unmarried sex is whipping with a hundred lashes and then being exiled for a year.

5. Getting into Paradise is usually not a sure thing. Your good deeds must outweigh your bad deeds, but who knows for sure if they do? But there are three things you can do to
guarantee you'll make it to Paradise: a) killing a non-Muslim in battle, b) if two of your children were killed fighting for Allah, or c) memorizing the ninety-nine names of Allah.

6. Allah not just allows, but
encourages Muslims to deceive non-Muslims if it will further the goals of spreading Islam.

7. Women are not allowed to wear hair extensions or a wig.

8. Wearing the color yellow is forbidden.

9. A Muslim must avoid yawning. Mohammad said, "Yawning is from Satan."

10. Dogs should be killed. All dogs.

11. Mohammad recommended women breastfeed young men. Then the men are considered family and would be allowed to talk to the woman unveiled. However, once she breastfed him, he would not be allowed to marry her.

12. It is a sin to lie on your back and cross your feet.

Okay, so SIOTW.org chose some largely unimportant and quirky things to put on their list. It has certainly caused a lot of commenting, but mostly what people are commenting about are the silliest, most unimportant items on the list. Who cares if Muslims pluck their eyebrows? What IS important is what educated non-Muslims don't like about Islam. Read about that here.


River Fred 6:16 PM  

13. Mohammad believed the devil spends the night in the interior of the nose, and must be washed out each day. The practice is called wudu. I call it 'whatever.'
Remember, everything that Mohammad spoke and believed came from Allah.

Anonymous 6:42 AM  


for a moment i was going to give your website some credibility. Even i know that these are wrong.

WOW ... come on even i know this is not the correct Islam...

ahhhh the strange things one finds on internet.

Citizen Warrior 11:45 AM  

And how do you "know" this is not the "correct" Islam? Have you read "Reliance of the Traveller?" Have you even read the Koran?

Anonymous 6:44 PM  

This stuff is all a lie. Just a scam by Muslim haters to try and convince people of stupid things! Look up the real stuff people!!!!

Anonymous 6:52 PM  

Yes, yes I have.

Citizen Warrior 12:31 AM  

These are petty compared to the important principles of Islam. Obviously, I didn't write them. But I did write these:

Basic Principles of Islam

Whether a Muslim woman is allowed to pluck her eyebrows is unimportant. But whether a Muslim believes it is his sacred duty to enforce Islam's supremacy worldwide is quite important to those of us who do not wish to be Muslims.

Of course, if you've read the Koran and the Reliance of the Traveller, you are well aware of the danger that orthodox Islamic ideology poses to non-Muslims.

Noon 11:24 AM  

Hello. I know I will be attacked excessively but I am Muslim Liberal Female (still in college and fiercely advocating free-speech and women's rights). I've been involved in several political and environmental movements and I just want to clarify some of the things mentioned on the list and in the comment.
Off the bat, numbers 3, 6, 8 and 10 are completely incorrect and fabricated. They might be taken from some extremist renegade pseudo-Islamic group but they are not practiced.
Keep in mind as you read this, I am merely explaining the circumstances behind these laws so that Muslims and Islam cannot be framed as barbaric and Savage. There is no us vs. them here. This is a war between people that just happen to be of different religions. Ascribing hate to a person (enemy or not) using their most recognizable difference is xenophobic prejudice. If you want to find an enemy in this, it should be hate and ignorance.

Noon 11:25 AM  

I will try to explain the rest and put it in context because many religious decrees from all religions seem absurd if not reviewed in the right context.
1. This goes to a point in history where many women used to completely shave off their eyebrows (much like women of the Victorian era). The act was a clear sign of the willingness of women to mutilate their God-given beauty (and sometimes health) for vanity. I would equate it to if the FDA banned bleaching creams off the US markets today because of their damage.
2. The second law is a little strange when viewed from the eyes of today's world. It was put in to prevent idol worshiping because a lot of Muslims believe that many nations before us started off by innocently displaying pictures and statues of virtuous men for the sake of honoring them. This however evolved to beseeching or viewing them as a way to implore God. At the end, it was transformed completely from its original purpose to worship.
4. Number 4 is partially incorrect since exile is not permissible for women in Islam. However, if you look at Christianity or most other religions of the world at that time, having pre-marital sex was considered a sin. And to be honest, many people of different religions still consider it to be so.
5. a) In battle it is permissible to kill (not children/ women/ the elderly, also not allowed to loot/pillage/ defile holy places/ torture/ mistreat prisoners/ rape/ force anyone to do anything they do not wish to including convert to Islam). Why this is said to almost ensure entry into heaven is because of the mere fact that you were willing to put your life (and worse so, your children's lives) in danger for your beliefs. Part c is partially incorrect. If that was the case, I would be walking around feeling pretty secure.

Noon 11:25 AM  

7. This isn't a sin but it is not desired. This goes back to the same reason as number 1. It reflects excessive vanity and changing the way you were born. To be honest, I came across many women (particularly black women) who wish they didn't have to wear a weave or relax their hair to fit in. The stigma is stuck with them and their children, not to mention media. So many have opted to with their natural hair and re-learn how to deal with it after years of hiding behind wigs and weaves.
9. This is also partially wrong. Yawning is a human bodily function and anyone who says you can't yawn might as well tell you to not sneeze. It's human. What is not desirable, however, is yawning without covering your mouth. Same rule applied to sneezing, coughing and burping. These rules were decreed at a time where humans did not understand how disease was spread so it is pretty amazing to see rules like these that cared for hygiene.
11. This is also partially wrong. Young MEN shouldn't breastfeed. Any idiot knows that. This rule applies only to children. It dates back to a time where not many women survived child birth and even more had to leave their children behind when they went out for work. They would leave their children with a trustworthy woman with children of her own (which meant she was still lactating). This baby sitter would sometimes feed the children along with her own children. And if you were a child and feed from a lady, I don't think you would have any mind to marry her or her children because you were literally fed from the same tit. She would be considered an aunt. This particular point is interesting when looked at from a scientific point of view because many of the enzymes found in breast milk are known to contain antigens for diseases the feeder had. And recent discoveries in science and genetics,proved that we are attracted (through pheromones) to people who have different antigens than us. So scientifically, you shouldn't be attracted to the women who breast feed you, that is if common sense fails you at this point.
Again, I am just a girl, no different that most of you. All I'm saying is that Islam isn't the problem just like I want to tell atheists that Christianity isn't the problem. It's the way it's applied by its followers.

Noon 11:29 AM  

Just to clear out last doubts, I have read the Quran and Hadith (sayings and conversations of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)), in addition to taking multi-cultural multi-religious classes on Islamic studies.
Also, there is a version of the Quran (notice the Q) called Koran (with a K), which I assume is what you are referring.

Noon 11:36 AM  

Also, to Mr. River Fred. Wudu is ablution defined as: the act of washing one's self. This is done directly before prayers (along with changing one's clothes to a cleaner attire). This is done out of respect of course. So it has nothing to do with devils in noses (which is untrue). I would love to know your sources on this anecdote.
Best Regards.

Anonymous 11:37 AM  

In the koran, why does it say its ok for men to rape woman if they are showing their skin??

Citizen Warrior 12:07 PM  

It doesn't say in the Koran that it is okay for men to rape women, whether they are showing their skin or not.

You should, like every other non-Muslim, read the Koran yourself. It is the best way to understand Islam, and will give you a powerful authority when you talk to your fellow non-Muslims about Islam.

Some versions are easier to read than others. Here are my recommendations:


Anonymous 12:25 AM  

Not one of your 12 rules are from the Quran. I challenge anyone to show me a verse from Quran which authenticates any of these. These are all from Hadith or Saudi scholars maybe. Not God. Get your facts straight. I'm Muslim and I only follow Quran. Not this crap you listed.

Citizen Warrior 12:32 AM  

Do you realize our audience is non-Muslims? And you say you only follow the Koran? I assume that means you also follow the teachings in the Koran about intolerance toward non-Muslims:


ناتشيــــبا إسلام 9:17 AM  

ok, to clarify things, i'm a muslim and i'm studying MY faith from AUTHENTIC sources.
1- yes it's a sin to pluck your eyebrows.
for both man and women and that goes under changing the creation of God.
2- yes it's a sin to have pictures of "animated beings" in a muslim's house, such as human, animals.
3- from where did you get that?? you've got to be kidding. to be a WIFE you must be free therefor you can't be a slave. but if ANY woman refuses to wear the veil she have sinned.
4- yes you're right on that one. i'm impressed. but not so much though btw, because before all that happens you forgot that there must be four witnesses who are known of their righteous manners (e.i def not liars), and who's the idiot to have illegal sex with 4 righteous witnesses watching the "whole" process?? from snogging to you know what?? (-_-)Zz
5- what a collection you picked mister ROFL :D and you didn't mention obeying one's parents, and the good manners that weigh heavily on the day of judgent, or to guide someone to the truth "Islam", or for the woman (The Prophet said:“If a woman prays her five daily prayers, guards her honour and chastity, and obeys her husband, then she may enter Jannah through whichever one of its entrances she chooses.” [Sahih Ibn Hibban]) and SOOOOO many other things but i really don't mean to write an article on each point :D.
6- no way man !! please do well and give me your source :/
it is not from the Islamic manners to cheat and lie to muslims and non-muslims alike.
7- yup that's true.
same ruling as #1 .
8- dude i have yellow clothes!! are you serious?
we're allowed to wear anything as long as it doesn't resemble the non-muslims and if it wasn't for fame.
9- yup, but YOU can yawn as much as you like.
10- ok, to clarify this issue to muslims and non-muslims: that happend indeed but it was a ONE special case, and it did not happen directly, Sahlah the daughter of Suheil milked her breast's milk in a "CUP" and gave it to Salem the adopted son of Abu Hudheyfa (her husband) to drink from, and this issue has to do with when the Verse of unallowing adoption in Islam was revealed.
ps: Salem was raised by Sahlah the daughter of Suheail so he's like a son to her.
11- OMG i seriously laughed on this one, YO slick you should have a stand-up comedy show for muslims :D
it's a "sin" he said :D
it's stated that it's from the Sunnah to lay on the right side when a the person goes to bed to sleep.

ok now that i've ansewered you i wish you know that you're not the only thing trying to distroy Islam, and that job has been popular for 1400 years, and none of you succeeded (-_-) .

Anonymous 5:17 PM  

Satan sleeps in your nose overnight — Volume 4, Book 54, Number 516

Anonymous 5:25 PM  

Satan urinates in a sleeping man's ears when he does not get up for prayer...(Sahih Bukhari, 2.21.245)The devil urinates on the ears of a man who sleeps the whole night till dawn…(Sahih Muslim, 4.1700)The devil spends the night in the interior of your nose; so clean your nose aftersleep…(Sahih Muslim, 2.0462, 0468)When anyone of you goes to sleep, the devil ties three knots at the back of his neck…(Sahih Muslim, 4.1702)If you have more bed than required, except the bed kept for a guest, then that extra bed is for Satan…(Sahih Muslim, 24.5190)Satan is let loose with the sinking of the sun until the darkest part of the night is over…23.4998)During sleep Satan plays with your private parts…(Sunaan ibn Majah, 1.337)Satan plays with private parts of children…(Mishkat, 1.187)

Anonymous 10:14 AM  

Men are better than women:
“(Women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness, and men are a degree above them.” Sura 2:228

Women are worth half a man:
“To the male the equivalent of the portion of two females, and if there be women more than two, then theirs is two-thirds of the inheritance, and if there be one (only) then the half.” Sura 4:11

“Unto the male is the equivalent of the share of two females.” Sura 4:176

Selling a wife is perfectly ok:
“And if ye wish to exchange one wife for another and ye have given unto one of them a sum of money (however great), take nothing from it.” Sura 40:20

The sooner Islam is abolished the sooner we’ll have world peace and it won’t be abolished if we don’t recognise it as a problem that needs fixing. So pull your head out of your politically correct arse and reconnect with reality: Islam is a disease, it has no place in a civilised society and it isn’t racist to say such things.

madeline 5:15 PM  

You are a very hateful and scary person and so is everybody who shares your opinion and call terrorist true moslim. Like my brothers and sisters already explained there is a lot wrong with the so called rules you've written. Terrorist are people how purposely create fear and hate and (are willing to) kill. So in my eyes the creator of this site with the hate he/she creates is a (possible) terrorist. I wish god will help you with your struggles in life. Sincerely a moslim women

Anonymous 2:36 PM  

LOL are you smoking the hashish?

wow. you are most likely a lying muslimah or far and away the most deluded and ignorant woman I have ever come across on the internet.

Oh sure good lil muhammad never killed women or children or raped or did anything bad, right? LOL.
You disgust me.
however I shall use your ridiculously asinine and feeble attempt to whitewash your frothy mouthed crossdressing psychopathic child molester's page after page of repugnant shame, in order to show the world how truly blind you are. Guess your "veil" is a mental one eh?

Anonymous 10:59 PM  

True islam is a disgusting insult to our development as a species. All muslims seem to lack the concept of the rest of the world, thinking that "god" somehow created the entire universe and then chose to pinpoint the fucking desert 3 times to relay his message before vanishing into thin air. Im half chinese and half native american, both my cultures have been waiting for this allah to show up....nothing yet. Seriously, the korans been debunked so many times its not even funny. The lengths muslims have to go to to justify their disgusting and ridiculous beliefs is laughable. Fuck Islam

Anonymous 4:13 AM  

1.Plucking your eyebrows changes your face shape, thus making you more beautiful. So you aren't allowed.

2. Even Jewish religion forbids pictures in homes.

3.Not true at all.

4.Being lashed is better than being killed, as the bible says.

5.Murder is a crime, no matter who is murdered. Again, not true at all.

6. Deception is lying, which is a grave sin itself. So is backbiting, eavesdropping,

7.Obviously. See #1

8.Yellow is forbidden for MEN

9.No true. Yawning is rude, thus cover it is what we're asked to do.

10.Why kill dogs? Another big fat lie. We say,

11. What?! Where do you get this stuff?

12.Honestly, where do you get this stuff. You're sure to fail whatever test you're studying for, bud.

Anonymous 6:40 PM  


Anonymous 2:05 AM  

Mr river fred that is untrue, WUDU' is not only washing out the nose, But the matter to "wash out the nose" is not as you said "devel spends the night in the interior of the nose", Mohammed (pbuh)did not say so, when you make ablution inhale (wash out the nose), becouse you know that the nose is the only organ we use for respiration and it is opened so, the dust and all small particles in the air enter into the nose, and in the nose we have hair and sticky things that block dust and the smallest particles in the air. It is that what Moslims wash out when they make ablution. Mr Fred, your nose is full of dirty.

Anonymous 6:48 AM  

Pure ignorance

Anonymous 5:21 PM  

Most of these are lies from non-credible sources and half truths mixed with a lie and you know that. You may not approve my comment on your blog but read it still. :) I'm not mad, I know the true Islam. When the day of judgement comes, you will have to answer to Allah and that humiliation alone is enough to imagine. Look up all the "end of times signs" from credible sources and tell me how an illiterate man 1400 years ago could've predicted all these hadiths w/o being told from a supernatural source. Do not challenge Allah and His religion. Peace be with you inshAllah brother.

austin's 3:22 AM  

Most of these are made up. It's so obvious what you're trying to do, you're trying to make Islam look bad.and the other one which are not completely wrong are translated in a wrong way that you wouldn't understand them in literal translation. I know all of this for a fact because I'm a muslim and I've been studying Islam for the past 11 years in school since the second grade.I was born a muslim, I didn't convert to Islam, and so I know the religion as much as you know your own culture or religion or whatever. Islam came into the world when everything was different before people made up democracy and "freedom".

Citizen Warrior 1:17 PM  

The items on this list are unimportant. The reasons educated non-Muslims dislike Islam are much more profound:


Anonymous 4:35 AM  

This is bullshit. As a Muslim myself, I can tell you that Islam is a religeon of peace and chastity. Killing and lying are sins, and looking at any woman's breasts when you are grown, except for you wife's, is prohibited!
I pluck my eyebrows. I even have a dog, and pictures in my house. Although these things are not encouraged, they are not sins, and Allah has never said to kill any innocent living thing for any reason other than defense or nutrition.
I'm disgusted by your ignorance, and is really do hope you read up a bit more on Islam before you post anything else about it.

Anonymous 5:10 AM  

Tell me about these people tryna make islam look like a bad religion, who ever is doing this god will punish u dearly

Anonymous 1:39 AM  

This is so not true! Maybe a couple of them are, but some of them are outrageous!Covering your mouth while you yawn is just basic manners, plucking your eyebrows is just unimportant, and I wear yellow if it's part of a uniform or something. You should really comment on that site "MOST OF THIS IS UNTRUE".

Anonymous 10:52 AM  

Well fred since you call islam wudu whatever you are extremly rudeeeee. Whatever religion you are would you like it that something for u is so respectful then everyone should call it a piece of shit.

Anonymous 8:31 PM  

their stupid rules,idiot prophet and suicide bombers do that for them, and the jinns that infest your toilets dont help

VegFacts 12:04 AM  

These are all false. Lies by someone who clearly knows nothing about Islam.

Anonymous 10:56 PM  

The devil in the nose? Nobody get's whipped for any reason, sorry for the guy that just loved that job. Thank God I don't have a religion. Did that make sense? He he. I believe all religions are crazy and 9 out of 10 churches are unnecessary, money laundries, and take up too much space. Try looking up nonlocality, we can all connect here by way of the portal of imaginotes. Good luck everyone and stars to you.

Anonymous 4:48 PM  

No its pure truth.

Anonymous 12:33 PM  

I can't outrightly disprove all these the writer has said. But he failed by not citing references from the appropriate book to substantiate his points.

Citizen Warrior 3:35 PM  

Far more important than whether these 12 are true are the policies laid down in the Koran about how Muslims should treat non-Muslims:

What Educated Non-Muslims Don't Like About Islam in a Nutshell

Anonymous 12:02 PM  

I think some of your list needs to be reviewed, there are some errors. Please can i suggest you look at pure islam (aka sunni islam) when stating things like this? Some so called "islamic" teachings are from traditions in a community and are very corrupt. Sorry, its just i feel that some of the things you have stated may not be true.
In case someone is going to ask, yes i am a converted muslim myself. I find it very hard sometimes when people tell me something that is apparently islamic, and i double check all of my sources of info. I think it would be wise if you do the same; i mean this in the nicest way possible. Have a great life all :-)

Anonymous 12:34 AM  

islam is not a religion its a way of life...a life of peace...to the 1 who calls our nabie mohammed (s.a.w) an idiot...do you not realise it is that very same prophet that wil intercede for us on the day of judgement and god will accept only his interecession...and yes like every religion we have extremest..but do not blame islam for that there deeds won't go unpushible...to the native guy who's waiting for "allah" allah wil surely come 1 day (judgement day) and it wil surely be to late...may allah be pleased with u all inshalla...

Anonymous 11:57 AM  

Please don't make accusations about what the Qur'an does and does not say without confirming it with one who has undergone proper Qur'anic studies. Much of what the Qur'an says is misunderstood by Muslims and non-Muslims because they're not studying the idea in context, without bringing their own biases when approaching the verses. I recommend Nouman Ali Khan's 'Qur'an: cover-to-cover' video series for anyone who wants to get the shortest version of closest possible translation of the Qur'an. I misunderstood a lot of verses before watching his videos.

Anonymous 2:50 PM  

How's about you fucktards stop buying into bronze age bullshit, pull your heads out of your asses, and take a look at the world? If you do, you'll find that this spiritualist in nonsense is unnecessary and moreover, it keeps you from enjoying get the ONLY (and I do mean ONLY) life you are given. Fuck, I feel like I'm talking to children after taking a fistful of crazy pills!

Anonymous 2:51 PM  

No one cares about your Masters in Bullshit-ology.

Kaamilah Ismail 11:24 PM  

Shame this is really sad... how can people make up these things.... Just to turn people against Islam.

I mean we as muslims have nuthing against christian ppl or any religion. All we want is peace. Even though you clearly mad up these lies. I am not even angry at you.. I am just disappointed for the way that people can be so immature.

You know. besides this post which is really disturbing and so sad really because muslims are not at all how ppl make them out to be.

Yes there are people that call themselves muslims.... but they interepret the quraan wrong and they make up their own rules etc. THOSE ARE NOT TRUE MUSLIMS! A MUSLIM LIVES HIS LIFE ACCORDING TO THE QURAAN.

There is no such thing as killing of another human or disrespecting a other person. Islam is all about peace and respect, cleanliness and not living for this world and material gain. but living for the life here after and in believing Allah/God and not in worldly things such as idols etc...we do have respect for all religions.

I came across a image on the internet that i found very disturbing.
A muslim mother cutting her sons head with a knife... and at the bottom of the image says'A muslim mother causing pain to her son etc guarantees her into paradise'

THIS IS SICK!!!!!!!!! how can ppl make islam look so bad?? we should never cause anyone pain. Especially our children.

This is really sad.

All i can say ...Ppl please stop making islam look so bad just for your personal gain.

Remember you are not gpoing to live forever annd the day u die u will answer for all your lies etc

Then again Allah is most forgiving and Allah knows best.


Anonymous 4:48 AM  

The person above me is racist

Anonymous 6:57 PM  

No he's not. He said it pretty accurately

Sean Healey 8:27 PM  

Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs. I learned that in Parochial grade school. I realized that at 40.

Anonymous 5:12 AM  

I am a muslim, and I study islam, most of this is not true, and you do not have to kill dogs, and it is not a sin to wear yellow, and you can put pictures in your house.

Lona 8:20 AM  

I am proud to be a muslim, and many of the facts you have got here are not true about Islam. Islam is a peaceful religion, Our prophet Mohammed PBUH told us that we have to be merciful with animals. There isn't such a thing as killing dogs in our religion. Dogs are very loyal to their owners, the prophet Mohammed PBUH narrated a story: a man was traveling the desert, and was very thirsty, he found a water well, descended down the well and drank water. When he climbed out of the well, he found a thirsty panting dog, the man descended the well again filled his shoes with water and gave the dog a drink. The man was guaranteed to enter paradise because of his compassion to animals.
Many of the information you have got there is spread by untrue rumors.Please consider deleting the article

Muhd Ameen 6:29 AM  

Regarding the two links you sent, the 1st link i dont bother because im not willing to talk in behalf of the some people who do wrong by misinterpreting the religion

The second link
1. It is a sin because plucking of eyebrows affect your brain activity due to the shockwaves, scientifically proven

2. It is against to have pictures that depict animate life such as humans and animals, especially drawings. Its fine to have nature pics. Its forbidden because the Angels of mercy wont enter your home but angels of protection all will still enter

3. Ive never heard of this and btw how many muslims view it like that? How many muslims are not wearing hijab is anyone slashing them with a whip and forcing them ?

4. This is the law for having illegal sexual intercourse outside marriage.

5. All muslims will enter paradise by the will of Allah, some will have to enter after they receive their punishments for their sins how many religions in the world belief in life after death ? The last thing i remembered your religion believe in it too

6. Allah never ask anyone to be UnJust to anyone there is no saying or ruling in islam to behave with unjust or cheat or disrespect another muslim do you know how many people have converted after researching about the etiquette in islam ?

7. This is the Law. Dont do anything fake.

8. Never heard about it

9. A yawn is unavoidable if you yawn you must say O Lord forgive me. thats all. It is true that they belief when we yawn satan enters our body thats why we feel fatigue, lazy and sloppy after that and Prophets dont Yawn because they are protected from satan
10. there is a prophetic saying whrere a prostitute entered heaven because she fed a thirsty dog which was about to die by using her shoe to fetch water from the well because there was no other means available

11. This is pure nonsense.

12. It is is only a sin to lie on your tummy because that is how people of the hell will be lying dying when they receive the punishment

Amar Salam 5:04 PM  

Firstly, all the references you have mentioned are not from the Quran, they are hadiths. A person such as yourself who prides himself on his knowledge of the Quran should know this.

Secondly, do you understand the word "metaphor"? (A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable). You need to understand the meanings of these sayings and not take the literal words and base your beliefs on that. But obviously you have no intention of doing that but I hope your readers will check these references before they take your word

Amar Salam 5:19 PM  

Well, actually you should. Especially on blogs like this. Not caring if a man is educated in the Quran when talking about Islam is like not caring if your doctor understands medicine when your ill.

It makes complete sence to care. Unless you want to be arrogant and follow blindly and believe what people tell you before you educate yourself in that matter.

Amar Salam 5:25 PM  

I have taken a look at the world. All I see is "civilised" western countries starting wars. Children from "educated" western countered idolising the liked of Miley Cyrus. Etc etc

Maybe you should look at the world and work on tackling more pressing matters rather than "talking to children" on blogs.

Amar Salam 5:46 PM  

I just wanted to point out some irony here and a bit of contradiction. Your last coment "satan plays with private parts of children". I don't know where you got this from. But lets just say its true.

Im also making an assumption here and saying that your one of the people who holds the belief that Muslims are taught to be pedophiles (saw this in a coment above)

OK, now as you know satan is the bad guy, Everything he does is bad. So islam says (like all religions) that you should stay away from sinful acts and everything satan does is obviously a sin. So how can Islam promote pedophilia whilst saying satan does the same?

A bit off topic, I know. But thought you should use one incorrect reference or the other. Using both incorrect references may confuse the little following the blogger has here.

Maybe have a group meeting with the others where you can get all your thoughts in line.

Anonymous 8:06 AM  

If Islam was so wrong then why do we keep growing this islam haters are reading our Qur'an but I'm sure they don't read the bible that much cos 1st of all its man writen and another thing in cape town 1 friday a former priest accepted islam in the mosque infront of thousends of people .we go to any mosque in the world but some people that commented don't go to that church cos they are claping hands n all thais crap and thers 1 more thing that shuld b made clear ... When you go to church to pray for ur god you must b dressed in your best of clothes not the shortest you people are dressd like sluts ! And 1 more thing thers people in the UK! That's all coming to islam ! Somthing to think about in the Qur'an it states the smallest nation shall rise.. So please leave us muslims cos if its a holy war you wana start then our creator will deal with you haters and if yu wana find out wher I stay to try n kill me just ask and I'll give you sick ppl my address

Anonymous 12:27 PM  

3, 6, 8, 10 are totally wrong and misleading. 5 is partially wrong.

Anonymous 6:40 AM  

It is up to which Moslem you are talking with, there are also many different Islamic sects and orders also political Islamic groups as well. If it is sin to have any portrait or photo at your home, what about the portrait of Ali which you can commonly see at the homes of Shia people in Iran? Alevi people in Turkey are even putting portaits of Ali, Atatürk and Hadji Bekthash in their temples:


Killing dogs, wearing yellow stuff for women etc. are nonsense, I even never heard that in Islam. Some Kurdish women wears yellow:


Killing dogs is not existed in Islam, where did they get this information?

frasier.sha 7:35 PM  

Ever heard of the First Amendment? You know, freedom of religion?

Anonymous 12:57 PM  

Don't listen to Muslims saying these aren't true. They believe that God thinks it's ok to lie if it will make a person submit to Islam. The Ten Commandments say lying is a sin and God does not see this as good. The Bible itself says that there is no right religion. They condemn and think that other religions are inferior. They say that a women is not equal to a man and supposedly women "must" be obedient to her husband. Women are not here to be slaves and used. They are here to mans partner

Part1 5:53 PM  

I would like to clarify some of the misconception, and it is fine to hear you say that for you do not understand and know, so I would like to correct you as it is my duty as a Muslim.

1. Firstly the eyebrow plucking, you are not wrong about it, it is true but there is nothing strange about it. Because if you seek the recent studies it will tell you that plucking eyebrow damages your brain and causes 'shock' leading to loss of memory. Thus it is only for our benefit in terms of health.

3. 'If a Muslim wife refuses to wear a veil, others will see her as her husband's slave rather than his wife.' That's incorrect. In Islam the concept of slave has been demolished. And a wife if she doesn't want to wear the cloth that cover her face than there isn't anything wrong with that, and the husband nor anyone can force her to do it against her wish. A husband has equal right as Wife and vise-versa no one is above the other. No superiority, nor inferiority concept is there. But she should wear a head covering at least.

5."But there are three things you can do to guarantee you'll make it to Paradise: a) killing a non-Muslim in battle/"
We are forbidden to attack first unless it is very necessary to do so. In a narration by our prophet (saw) it is said: "If you kill a person it is as if you killed everyone in the world (meaning your sin times that much) If you save a person then it is as if you saved everyone on the earth." So you see we are forbidden to kill anyone unless it is very needed as in self-defense, we can not kill in the name of religion by attacking first we have really HAVE to go for peaceful method.

or c) memorizing the ninety-nine names of Allah.
It is by memorization of the book that the person's 7 members, Parents, grandparents, from both side and himself is for sure in paradise. Never heard of names. But there are many other ways as well to confirm paradise, like if you practice all the pillars and do not backbite or talk bad about a person then you are for sure going to enter paradise on Allah's wish.

As for children going for Jihad they must be of suitable age like an adult to fight to defend his country or family but should never attack anyone first to kill that's a major sin for a muslim. But there are many ways of Jihad that you can search if you want to learn more.

6)"Allah not just allows, but encourages Muslims to deceive non-Muslims if it will further the goals of spreading Islam."
Never are we encouraged to do so. Lying, backstabbing is considered one of the major sin regardless of religion difference to an extent that if one did so he or she is not one of the believers or mu slims.

part2 5:53 PM  

9) and 12) "A Muslim must avoid yawning. Mohammad said, "Yawning is from Satan." and "It is a sin to lie on your back and cross your feet."
There is a reason, health reason to be specific, there is study that if you yawn then all the germs, and bad substance enter your lungs and into your bloodstreams as nose can filter but your mouth can not do so.
And by sleeping straight you can have spinal cord problem, and by crossing your leg, you block the blood going to your legs, and cause circulation problem. And there is a difference between disliked, and sin.

10) "Dogs should be killed. All dogs."
We are not allowed to keep dogs inside the house due to hygiene reasons that you have to search. But we are not encouraged, or forced to kill an animal, harming an animal for pleasure or for no reason other than if it is harmful, is not allowed. There is a narration that there was a pious Muslim lady used to prayer every day, and fast every Ramadan, and never talked bad about a person. After her death, the companions of prophet (saw) asked if she was going to go to paradise, the prophet said no because the lady left her cat to starve and the cat died while she was alive. So you see we are not allowed to kill animals unless we have to eat if lawful, or if they are harming us.

All in all, Islam's act is never without a reason, you just have to research more to find why it is ordering us to do something. There is always scientific answer, if you find none then there is a lot more to discover. Hopeful this will clarify your misconception. And if an of my brothers or sisters have aggressively responded, so on behalf of them I sincerely apologize, although they are supposed to kindly correct you, so forgive them. I understand that you just were ill-informed, and did not know. So I would like to request you not to judge a book by its cover. Hopefully you will understand soon.
(If you spot any grammatical or spelling error, I apologize. I, rather hastily wrote this.)

Anonymous 3:17 PM  

My name is fatima,nd i am proudly a muslim. I am here to clarify som tins. I had my primary education at eucharistic heart of jesus model school. Dat should explain to u guys that i have christain frnds and also i finished without causing any troubles actually i am a med student at d moment bt i still communicate with my christian teachers after a decade or so. Dis also shows dat islam is a peaceful religion. Now islam doesnt teach us to lie nd it doesnt teach us to force ppl to convert to our religion. Why dont u guys go nd have a look at the life styles of true muslims nd stop saying craps u know nothing about!!!! I mean d beauty of islam, the modesty, oh masha Allah. Dis only shows the truth dat islam is progressing becos thousands nd millions of people accept islam every day. Oh Alhamdulillah.i am so blessed to have been born into a muslim family. Oh mashaa Allah islam is peace nd for u guys may Allah guide u to the right part nd i hope it wouldnt be too late. As for me wallahi my love for Allah nd our holy prophet muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam has just began. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!

Sheldon Cooper ROCKS 9:56 PM  

Okay from the start...EVERYTHING IS WRONG HERE!
1.I'm a Muslim girl and that crap is wrong
2.I'm wearing a yellow top with perfectly plucked eyebrows and we have more than 10 pictures of us in our home and the holy quran says nothing about "killing" dogs so it's nonsense to blog about shit this, however the prophet advised us not to keep them at home because of its drooling and so it would not carry contagious disease
3. About the thing with heaven; it's not even a tiny bit true basically everything in this list is insanely wrong! Killing anyone unless for self defense is a sin and you don't need two sons to go to heaven where did that come from?
Unmarried sex? It's a sin to beat a woman or a man however. In Islam you have to respect other people's choices in life whether it's religion or whatever you have to start checking things before you post. My family is religious and strict to all rules of Islam and there are odd things but this is insane wth do you think we are? Animals? In case I forgot something, this is all ridiculously wrong.

Anonymous 2:25 AM  

Nobody even knows how to spell the Qur'an

Anonymous 3:39 PM  

Firstly I have to say that Mohammed was obviously a dirty pervert who was looking for an excuse to rape beat and treat his women like shit as his own will and with no repercussions. A crank like this nowadays would be laughed at and locked up. Any man wishing to convert obviously has mental issues and /or is another perverted woman hater just like the so called prophet. Any woman who accepts islam deserves to be beaten by their husband as they are nothing but a lonely fool. Any self respecting modern woman should have more sence to know they deserve to be treated better. Religion, and not just islam, has all been made up by Man to instill fear into people to force them to behave in the way that the author of the religious books wanted them to. Anyone who believes that by doing wrong you get sent to hell, by doing good you get sent to heaven, that god works in mysterious ways or by blowing yourself up and killing innocent people you will get sent to nirvana is nothing but a brain washed fool. There no such thing as god,Allah,satan,angels,demons etc...only evolution!! The end of mankind will come only when the universe decides.

Anonymous 11:40 PM  

I find it ironic how the "peace" loving muslims all threaten with "allah" will judge you etc etc...instead of tossing facts back and forth about what's IN the Quran- why don't you start tossing out facts how your religion was STARTED- and WHY the Quran has been debunked so many times...That if your "allah" was an actual God, why is he only powerful enough to pick ONE prohet. Our bible has MANY different prophet to back up our God's words...and if Mohammad was SOOOO awesome- how come his body was actually disposed of- yet Jesus Christ was powerful enough to rise from the dead?? Every other religion has a burial spot for their prohets except Christianity- Jesus Christ has no burial spot. lol Sounds like what ever kind of god this "allah" is, he sure isn't that powerful. LOL

Anonymous 12:33 AM  

I am Catholic and the thing about my religion is that Bible cannot be interpreted to "fit your best convenience" as it is in Islam. Do not kill is do not kill. No excuses, exceptions, or extremisms. To love is to love any human regardless religion or rase. That is why I believe Islam is made up religion because God cannot be that contradicting. I was married to Muslim man and I saw how terrible life was.

Ben Greene 6:52 PM  

I would really love to hear your views on muhammad's wife, aisha whom he married when she was six and then had sex with when she was nine. Or the practice of "thighing" young girls. Being that you are a fierce advocate of women's rights and all.

Anonymous 3:27 PM  

Here we go with deceiving non muslims. So do you all fuck 8 year olds or is that just your prophet Muhammad

Anonymous 2:18 AM  

Fuck you crazy muslims. Crazy people punishing and killing people over stupid shit. Sub humans and worst religion next to mormons and catholics.

Anonymous 3:17 AM  

I just want to say some things to these Muslims when ever there is a debate they only say ISLAM, QURAN AND ISLAM IS A PEACEFUL RELIGION I just want to ask where is peace people are brutally killed forcefully coverted in the name of peace full islam

Jairmy 10:35 PM  

Thank God/Allah for the voices of REASON commenting the truth! This person writing these lies is just another ignorant fear monger getting his information from fox "news"!

Since what i had to say has been covered by the informed, intelligent commentors, i will add.....
More people have been slaughtered in the name of Christianity than all other religions combined! The crusades anyone?!? Jesus was a long haired, liberal, hippy who practiced unconditional LOVE, yet his name has been spat on by the "christian" desire for world domination! Jesus and The Prophet Mohammad would be beyond disgusted by how their prophecy and teachings have been bastardized and tarnished by the evil of men!


Equating all Muslims to terrorists is the same thing as saying ALL christians are like weatboro baptist, the inquisition, and catholicism! There have been so many more "christian" terrorists than all "muslim" terrorists combined! WAKE UP AND DRINK THE TRUTH!

Anonymous 5:43 PM  

Islam is not a peaceful religious belief, however it does offer 72 virgins,4 wives, and no minimum age for a wife. Islam is a third world religion focused on the earthly desires of men that will kill in the name of Ala to preserve their carnal desires.

Anonymous 11:00 PM  

why does koran says it's okay to beat a woman everyday if she's ugly or listens to nicky minaj?
or why does muslim ppl grow their beards like zz top?

Anonymous 3:33 PM  

Bismilah. Everything must must be traced back to Allah and his messenger muhammah (pbh) and his companions and it has to be they way the prophet tought it to them and how they understood it is the only way to take it .its obvious that who ever wrote this doesn't have any real knowledge of Islam or any religion anyone can get online and post crap about anyone and sound like their telling the truth but the truth is that u read something but didn't understand it and u made your own interpretation of it that isn't islam you are a lier and I'm sure u don't even know the fundamentals of your own religion smh.Inshallah may Allah protect the Muslims from the evil of you and your companions and let the people who are trying to find out the truth about Islam stay far away from people like u ameen.PS.u suck

Anonymous 7:11 AM  

The person above me is racist as well.
Listen all you racist bastards, including the one who created this bullshit about islam honestly need to get a life. That's a clichéd statement but it is true. You honestly cannot generalise like that. -Non-Muslim

Citizen Warrior 1:31 AM  

Islam is not a race.

Citizen Warrior 1:33 AM  

Religious criticism and political criticism is a legitimate activity in a free society. We criticize Christianity freely. We criticize political ideologies freely. No exception should be made for Islam.

Anonymous 3:50 AM  

Actually, despite the whole thing about the devil, that seems to make good health sense. How many times do people wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose full of nasty snott? I know I do! Just seems like good old nasal housecleaning to me.

Anonymous 9:34 PM  

i believe all your statement are redulous and has nothing to do with the Islam, if you can proof your claim support it by sorat from the holy Quran or hadeeth saheeh from sunnah. please do .Otherwise stop the fabrication about the Islam.

Mohammad Salman

Azim Uddin Mondal 3:09 AM  

As a Muslim and live in India I have been hearing so many comments on Islam. Some of them are too ridiculous which makes me think that whether we are even human being carrying grey matter. Anyway, I can not write too long. Have one small question to all who make comments. If Islam is ridiculous, violent then how come its the fastest growing religion in the World even though its new in compare of Christianity or Hinduism??? I don't think, in this tech era people are nonsense.

Citizen Warrior 12:55 PM  

Where women have human rights, the population goes down because women do not choose, when they are free to choose, to have an excessive amount of children. However, where Islamic standards are enforced on people, women have fewer rights and freedoms, so they do not have a choice over their own bodies. So the population grows faster. That's why Islam is growing faster than other religions: Its women have less freedom and choice over their own bodies.

Amina 9:49 AM  

The fact that you said "Koran" just disproved your knowledge of the religion. Please don't take take unverified content about the religion seriously. A lot of this is merely myths and nowhere near the truth. Please don't spread such false ideas.
May you be protected from the evils of wrong information. Thank you for reading this. I hope it helps you. :)

Zackery Martel 12:11 AM  

It is interesting that you said that about the spelling of Koran. I posted an article about that a few years ago:


Anonymous 10:17 AM  

please don't post anything online like this if you're not sure it's true. some might believe you and the others will point out all the wrong points here(most of them) i don't even know how you believed them

Mohamed 10:44 AM  

Some Muslims here are saying wearing yellow is a sin others are saying it is not. Others are saying you can't have pictures in your house others are saying you can. Doesn't this show confusion

Anonymous 6:56 PM  

What is this garbage. We don't kill dogs. We don't lie. we wear veils in order to keep ourselves secure. Whoever wrote this is ignorant. Get yo facts straight.

Anonymous 5:20 AM  


it hurts to see lies about Islam everywhere

rumors and stupid things are said and believed

Do you think that if that was true along with that Islam and Muslims are evil that 1.6 billion would be dum enough to be Muslims

they are Muslims for a reason and for a good reason

Anonymous 5:46 AM  

Why has he waited for her to be nine?! Because she became an adult

Anonymous 5:48 AM  

Are you arabic ?

Zackery Martel 2:15 PM  

No, I am not Arabic. Why do you ask?

Why U Mad Doe 8:17 AM  

The rules are retarded and don't make sense. If this is real then I feel sorry for you muslims..
Small things like wearing yellow and having sex before marriage is haraam but killing non-muslims isn't? Are you people this brain-washed? this religion is created by man just like the bible. There is no god, so just live your life as you want. You have it once, live it to the fullest and stop depending your soul on a holy book that couldn't prove it's prophets and gods for decades...

Johnnyp 2:44 AM  

What race is islam?

Anonymous 3:32 PM  

Any religion that has no respect for life is no religion worth looking upon

Anonymous 11:55 AM  

Thats the true islam it belongs to the devil the kill ppl after that they say they are fair but no never believe them they killed christians in middle east and turkey and isis is true islam . islam was spread by wars killing people same way isis are doing now

Anonymous 11:46 PM  

If you are so opposed to Islam then just leave the religion alone. The fact that you publish these articles and so extensively explore Islam indicate that you could be interested in the religion. Maybe you unwittingly find yourself attracted to the religion and are in denial about that. Also, there are so many beautiful things about the religion, why don't you delve into that? There are so very many peaceful Muslim societies that co-exist peacefully within the greater society the world over. Yes, you get Islamic extremists but that is not the way of Islam and most certainly not what Islam is about. I highly urge you to research Islam PROPERLY and to explore how a normal Muslim family lives day to day life. I guarantee that you will then surely be highly enlightened as to what Islam really is about. PS: It is not compulsory in Islam for a woman to be veiled, it is however compulsory for a woman to cover her head with hijab and to dress modestly. It is entirely a woman's prerogative as to whether she wishes to veil herself or not.

Zackery Martel 1:00 AM  

Why don't I leave Islam alone? This is why:


Anonymous 2:06 AM  

Zackery, I cannot click on the link and I cannot even be bothered to copy and paste it into my URL bar because I know that the link will once again lead to some more misinformation about Islam. Do you have a religious affiliation if I may ask? I'm almost certain that most religions if not all, preach tolerance and respect for others. I know that is what I was taught growing up in Islam and I therefore respect every other religion. Why do you victimise Islam in such a manner? There are tons of serial killings and mass shootings that go on in your very own country so why not raise awareness about that or a worthy cause? Plenty of infamous serial killers are not Muslim and I'm pretty sure that they were raised into a religion other than Islam. Violent ways and thoughts are not always religion specific. It has to do with the individual state of mind of a person or a collective group of people with the same mentality which unfortunately is not correct. I myself as a Muslim become absolutely infuriated when I see people pointlessly killing in the name of my religion and thus giving it a bad name. Just don't brand a whole religion for the wrongdoings of certain individuals.

Zackery Martel 3:14 AM  

What we do on this site is criticize the TEACHINGS. A non-Muslim who reads the Islamic texts sees the ideology as dangerous to non-Muslims, dangerous to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and women's rights.

We're talking about the IDEOLOGY. The written philosophy. Islamic law. Muhammad's egregious example. He ordered assassinations, he tortured people, he ordered beheadings, he took slaves, he raped slaves. And this is information from ISLAMIC sources. This is not stuff made up by anti-Islamic bigots. Until you know your own doctrines, it is foolish to try to defend the ideology. So far you are only defending the PEOPLE, but we are not criticizing the people, who may or may not be following the teachings in the written texts, regardless of their penchant for calling themselves Muslims. In other words, plenty of people call themselves Muslims who do not know what it says in the Islamic Trilogy, or if they know, they don't follow it. We are not criticizing those PEOPLE. We are criticizing the political ideology in the Islamic texts. In a free country, it is not just okay, it is necessary to criticize political ideologies. If you would like to start a blog that criticizes America's political ideology, you are free to do so.

Zackery Martel 3:17 AM  

Islam's political ideology annihilates all other civilizations. That's what I don't like about it:


Anonymous 8:33 AM  

This is all wrong i should know because i am a Muslim. Also if u ask me 'oh have you even read the quran?'-don't even bother because i have read the quran. You make Islam sound like its a bad religion when it's not, just because 'some people' say they are Muslims and do bad things doesn't mean you have to recognize them as true Muslims because they are not. True Muslims live a simple, good and honest life. They stay clean and would never hurt any living organism including us. We live a modest life, and pray to god 5 times a day just to show are respect. This my friends is my statement of Muslims, so i suggest you go look up the quran or find some true info on the the internet. By the way thanks for reading, don't think bad of me it's not like im shouting at you guys, im just telling you something useful.

Anonymous 12:49 PM  

This is totally disgusting for you to say all these lies about islam. Go get a life.

Anonymous 5:45 AM  

I am a muslim,yes, some of these "maybe" true, but i didn't sure about number 2,3,6,10,and 11. is that true? i never heard about them.


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