What YOU Can Do To Defeat The Jihadis


Jihadi warriors are driven by a fanatical belief in the word of Muhammad. They take the Qur'an literally and try to follow it to the letter. This includes the command to threaten and kill any other Muslim who says some passages in the Qur'an ought to be edited, updated, or modernized. The Qur'an is perfect. It says so right there in the Qur'an. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an apostate who deserves execution (like it says in the Qur'an).

This seems so far removed from normal life in Western society it's hard to believe we're talking about real, present-day events. But literally millions of men and women in the world right now are true believers and they are successfully recruiting new young warriors into their ranks. They are also successfully intimidating hundreds of millions of their fellow Muslims into letting them get away with it.

The commands in the Qur'an are the source of the ongoing war against infidels being waged around the world right now. You can see the death toll in real time at thereligionofpeace.com. (Scroll down the page to see the daily worldwide onslaught that the Western mainstream media almost completely ignores.) These aren't really "terrorist attacks." The locations of those attacks are the front lines of a global war by a single, united power.

And the source of the violence is the Qur'an.

No, not all Muslims are violent. Most Muslims modify the teachings of the Qur'an to be more peaceful and modern and explain away the parts they don't want to follow. But those who follow it as strictly as Muhammad commanded are doing almost all the seemingly random acts of violence around the world.

What can you do about it? The best thing you could do would be to convert Islamic terrorists into a different religion or convert them to atheists. But let's scratch that off the list because it is nearly impossible. For one thing, how many Islamic terrorists do you know personally? And for another thing, once someone is a radical believer in anything, you are unlikely to convert them out of it.

So that means we're not going to stop the source of the violence directly. What else is there? The next best option is protecting ourselves.

That's what we do in our Western societies, isn't it? You can't get every violent thug off the street, so you do the next best thing: You protect yourself and your family. You do whatever you need to do, depending on where you live. Maybe you lock your car. Maybe you have a security system for your house. Maybe you have a dog. Maybe you own a gun. You protect yourself.

So how can you
a free, non-military citizen in a Western country protect yourself from Islamic terrorists? First, you can educate yourself about how to prepare for an attack, what to do in an actual terrorist attack, and how to thwart one in progress.

Then you can educate yourself about Islam and the Qur'an so you are no longer deceived by the deliberately-confusing statements of the Jihadis themselves. Start by learning about the terrifying brilliance of the Islamic memeplex.

And third, you can help your fellow citizens understand what's going on. Create conversations (like this one) where you can share what you know, and make it as easy to hear as you can. Certain things, like this one, need to become more widely known for these twelve reasons. Then we can vote wisely for policies and politicians. By listening to our representatives, we can determine whether or not they understand the cause and cure of Islamic violence. Voting wisely can help protect us in the long run.

Most of the people who will ever read this article are living in a fairly safe environment. That's true of you, isn't it?
Probably nobody you know has disappeared in the night. Probably none of your friends have been beheaded. Probably no bombs have gone off in your neighborhood lately. So this whole issue might seem distant and less-than-urgent. It doesn't have the immediacy and overriding significance it would have right after an event like 9-11.

If that's how you feel, please at least bookmark this page and remember it. And if something big happens, or should I say
when something big happens (it seems inevitable eventually), come back to this page and take up the cause in earnest. Maybe even join the Citizen Warrior Special Forces.

If you think, "little ol' me can't really make a difference," then you need to adjust your explanatory style. And inoculate yourself against the influence of negative news.

This is a long war. Militant Islam has been in an ongoing war with everyone else since Muhammad started the whole thing. That's another reason it might not seem urgent.

But every effort you make to prepare yourself, educate yourself, and educate your fellow Westerners adds strength to the side of freedom, and weakens the side of totalitarianism. Make no mistake, the ultimate expression of militant Islam is the total restriction of almost every freedom we take for granted. Especially for women. This is not as rabble-rousing or extreme as it might appear to many people. Militant Islam is on the rise (find out why here) and several democracies, like Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt, have recently lost freedoms to Islam (called jihad by subversion).

The spread of democracy and freedom is not inevitable. It is entirely possible for things to go the other way.

That's why I urge you, for all our sakes, to add your strength to the cause. Sooner is better than later.


howard albert 5:51 AM  

Replace " Koran" with " holy book" and you'll recognize other religious groups in your description of " fanatics".
Most recently, there are plenty of Christians who think the U.S. Should be a Christian Nation

Citizen Warrior 4:11 PM  

Howard, the differences are not subtle:


Read especially some of the comments on that article.

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